5 Fandom Friday: Holiday Recommendations

After a long and unsatisfying pre-winters’ nap, I have returned to the warm fuzzy embrace that is 5 Fandom Friday. Holiday cocktail in hand, writing a Christmas blog entry, and wanting to spray everything in sight with that decorative snow spray stuff has me feeling right with the season. Bring it on, Christmas-time!

1. Ain’t it Cool News Holiday Gift Guide

For real, this four part list of gift suggestions has helped me find the perfect things for family and friends that I had been drawing an idea blank on.

2. S’mores Vodka


This is a magic maker and problem solver:

Out of vanilla? Use S’mores Vodka.

Family coming over last minute or are driving you nuts? S’mores Vodka.

Ran unexpectedly out of chocolate chips for cookies/fudge/anything? Put that S’mores Vodka in.

Yes, I have actually done these, as well as put it in whipped cream, frosting, etc and it absolutely works.

3. Train Travel to your Holiday Destination


The Amtrak trains are a beacon of sanity for holiday travelers. Is it more crowded than normal at this time? Absolutely, but it still beats all other options to bits and pieces. Being able to bring my grandmother to visit the rest of our family and not have to deal with her backseat driving and/or random craziness while battling Christmas traffic: Priceless. Plus, there are observation cars to sit in comfort and silence at a nice seat while reading a book and drinking some wine. Plus plus, they have a dining car, where you can visit with fellow humans and a nice lady in all pink will pay for your whole table right before she gets off at her stop, expecting no thanks whatsoever, so every table member then decides to pass it forward by leaving a huge tip. True story! Love, love trains:)

4. Christmas Movie Marathon

In any shape or size, the Christmas Movie Marathons are the best. These three make up my favorite one, no big deal.

5. Gingerbread Cupcakes



This is a must make recipe every year, and is the best gingerbread anything that I have come across. Spoiler alert: there are a looot of disgusting gingerbread recipes out there.


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