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Judging Trailers and Picking Winners: Fall 2019 Network Shows

The following judgments are for the upcoming Network shows that have released trailers, which I found here. The shows will be listed by network, with my favorites in the winners circle at the end.


Emergence :

Is this girl child an alien or is she just super conductive? I do not care.

Mixed-ish :

You can not go wrong with the team and actors from Black-ish pairing with 1980s set nostalgia.

Stumptown :

This has possibilities:) Cobie Smulders is an ex-army PI and has serious yet fun shenanigans.


All Rise :

And this is my favorite. Judge Misty Knight from the Marvel Netflix world is joined by lawyer Bullseye from same and they dispense the best kind of justice: Legal. I love it.

Bob Hearts Abishola :

So creepy. I know Network TV ( especially Chuck Lorre ) thinks that stalking and following a woman that you are interested in is romantic. It is not. I’d like a show based on Abishola and her family without the creep please.

Broke :

Pauley Perrette is finally free from NCIS and now she’s in a comedy. I really liked her in NCIS and got frustrated, just like her, when they did not let her character evolve. Natasha Leggero and Jaime Camil make this a must watch for me.

Carol’s Second Act :

Kyle MacLachlan! I’m watching this. The other parts are cute enough and well done. Kyle!

Evil :

Some killers being possessed by demons is an interesting take. Another Marvel Netflixer ( Luke Cage ) joins an actress that I am not familiar with but she looks exactly like Julia Ormond in Smilla’s Sense of Snow. That is one of my favorite thrillers, so it’s making me like the show a little extra.

FBI: Most Wanted :

Could tell very little from the trailer. Julian McMahon leads a task force, police stuff happens. Might be good, might be bad.

Tommy :

She’s the woman chief of police. She does not quip. She does not sparkle. She does better than that: the grump. Edie Falco does a capable grump here, something men have been doing forever.

The Unicorn :

Walton Goggins from Justified is a widower with two kids getting back into the dating pool. The trailer is much better than the description. Walton is genuine and lovely, and the cast are comedy pros.


Batwoman :

Okay no, this is my favorite. Holy fuck. This show is a gift from the GODS. Perfection in every way.

Katy Keene :

This is a teaser and thus sparse on anything at all. I’m still going to watch it because I am here for that Riverdale style.

Nancy Drew :

I will watch anything Nancy Drew. Anything. ( Saying that, I don’t know if the added supernatural elements feel right with the Nancy universe. I want Adam Beach to be the male lead, I adore him. Not as in romantic lead for Nancy. Gross, she’s a baby. As in more screen time. )


Bless the Harts :

This is horrible. It’s from SNL creators and I always want those to be good, but nope.

Deputy :

A newly minted Sheriff going rampage on his town and having no respect for the rule of law is a story that is horrifying at this time. Not heroic, as the trailer seems to think.

Filthy Rich :

This is a mess. It looks like a fun mess at first glace, but it is just a trash fire. Will probably kill in the ratings though.

Next :

Have I become someone that doesn’t like anything? A lot of these shows are not winning me over. This is uninspired tech paranoia that has been done many times over much better. The only gem is John Slattery, but it’s not enough to save it.

Not Just Me :

Creepy. Excellent cast that does not win over the tone that a doctor impregnating women with his own sperm was a good thing. I am not overly cool with that tone, so I’m going to skip this one.

Outmatched :

Why Fox? Why? This is a wanna be tiny child Big Bang Theory. The parents are “normal”. The kids are super smart and thus have no social skills or actual understanding of the world. Ha ha. So funny. Ugh.

Prodigal Son :

Michael Sheen. Serial Killers. Lou Diamond Phillips. Cop drama Profiler style with a good soundtrack. Will try this one out.


Bluff City Law :

The father daughter lawyer drama with a twinkle featuring Jimmy Smits looks watchable.

Perfect Harmony :

This is charming as fuck. The cast, singing ( I am weak for musicals ), and sweetness have made we want to watch this. The genre is mostly white gospel show. Or old Glee.

Sunnyside :

This is the best it gets. The team behind Brooklyn 99 and The Good Place make a second chance comedy. Kal Penn falls from politician to teacher, helping immigrants become citizens while showing these people are really already Americans.

24 Trailers, 5 Winners:

1. Batwoman ( CW )

I have been waiting a long time for a show like this, and it looks like they got it RIGHT. First place by a mile.

2. All Rise ( CBS )

Legal drama can be interesting in the right hands, especially when the hands seem capable. This one appeals to me as a Marvel fan loving to see these actors work together again, and as someone who loves skillful arguments.

3. Broke ( CBS )

I need the balance to the more serious shows in my life. I need to cut that strong shit with a sitcom. This is the most promising sitcom of the bunch and I am a sucker for Natasha and her dog in anything.

4. Stumptown ( ABC )

The beginning sequence reminds me of Tulip kicking butt in Season One Preacher. It’s different enough to not feel like a ripoff, and the world needs more of that kind of scene anyway. I have not read the source material. It looks like a fun ride, and has the actor from Almost Human that I looove. Not Karl Urban. I love him too though.

5. Sunnyside ( NBC )

The trailer is beautiful and I really hope that they can pull this show off. Making an immigrant focused tale with comedy and humanity is a worthy and needed thing. With everything happening in this world, is the show going to feel tone death by ignoring the serious danger these people are in? Can you address that in a comedy? Here’s hoping.


top 10

Top 10: Favorite in TV/Film from 2018

1.  Schitt’s Creek

At the beginning of 2018, I was still ignorant of the bliss that is Schitt’s Creek. Simple, silly Stephanie that I was, it took many people with better taste than I chatting about the show on Twitter before I finally checked it out. Now that I am fully indoctrinated, no one better take this series from me. David is an angel, give him all of the awards.

2.  Second Season of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

As lovely and enjoyable as the first season was, the second was even more. More of everything. Sparkle, ambiance (Paris, the Catskills), Color, and Zachary Levi. I have watched the new season three times through, and it continues to be brilliant and bright. I need more, my life is incomplete without an abundance of Tony Shalhoub as Abe.

3.  To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

I had such low expectations for this Netflix release. The romance genre has been dealt blow after blow for such a long time that anything that sprouts in the hellscape of that environment is a beautiful surprise. This is a perfect movie, period, and I can not wait to see the sequel.

4.  She-Ra and the Princesses of Power

The animation is so preeettty. It is not the only reason the show is so good, but it for sure does not hurt. Story? Check. Character development? Check. A fantasy laden world where beings come together and have chemistry as well as conflict while wearing badass outfits? Check.

5.  Oh, Hello

Another thing I can not stop re-watching. Well written and Tony nominated, this play is charming in it’s grump.

6.  Second Season of Trial and Error

Kristin Chenoweth is on trial for murder. She sings. She gives hostess gifts. She hams with every frame, and it is glorious. The writers amp it up for season two, and Kristin wastes not a bit of it.

7.  Nailed It! Holiday

Nicole is goddess. Nicole is the glue that comedy and mayhem dream of. Her reactions, ensembles, and the words that come out of her mouth are priceless. May this show ever be renewed.

8.  Ocean’s 8

Fun was needed to deal with 2018. Oceans 8 is gleefully up to the task. The score and plan are besides the point, and not the reason to watch this. Watch for the cast, bringing it.

9.  Hannah Gadsby: Nanette

Gadsby redefines what you can do with a stand up set. She builds, she smashes, she builds again. There is artistry at work here, and it is sublime.

10.  Aquaman

The budget is huge, but the heart is pure. This is more The Mummy than Indiana Jones, but also a bit of both. It could have felt like a boring road that had been over-trodden, but there is enough weird bits to veer from that path. Jason and Amber make this weird big movie their own, and it’s perfect.


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Fandom 5: Classic Films 1936-1939

This era is way too full. I’ve gone ahead and made my top five of each era into the 1960s, and none of those had more favorites that I could not include than this one.

1.  My Man Godfrey


THE seminal New Years movie. Go ahead and look for a better one, but it’s not happening. It does not hurt that this is also one of the best movies of all time. Top tier lushness, writing, and comedy. Also, champagne pixies.

2. Bachelor Mother


David Niven is way too charming, and Ginger Rogers is like “, Shoo, I’m busy. Baby. Job. Crazy people not listening to me, including you. Fix this, rich boy. Damn this fat baby that is not actually mine but no one will believe me is so freaking cute. I wanna squish him and take care of him and take him to the freaking park.”

3. Bringing Up Baby


This movie is insane. It’s rare that such a nuts movie becomes so popular, but thank heavens it does. Sad? Watch this. Happy? Watch this. Seen it over thirty times, but now you have the chance to view it in a theater? Do it!

4. The Lady Vanishes


Also known as: The Spy Wore Tweed. One of the best Hitchcock films, and I will stand by that. I need there to be more mystery on the train movies with touches of comedy.

5. The Petrified Forest


This is basically a filmed play, so it gets extra points from me. The petrified forest setting is so weirdly pretty and a nice change up to the noir genre usuals. My adolescent self was deeply in love with this movie.


5 fandom friday

Fandom 5: Classic Films 1930-1935

With the Christmas season comes the Christmas classics. Thus opens the gateway to the Classic Movie Room. It tempts. It does not need to. I like it in there. Since I am now completely gone into this realm, I may as well share my favorites. Era by era, five years at a time. Here we go:

1. Bombshell

Jean Harlow is her lovely, natural self. The way she handles the sleaze of Hollywood intent on taking advantage of her at every turn is beyond capable. She has the will of a marathon runner, empathy and love for days, and is hilarious. You could remake this movie frame by frame today, and it would not feel aged at all.

2. Twentieth Century

Madcap insane comedy encapsulated on a train makes this film feel explosive. John Barrymore plays it big, and Carole Lombard more than meets him.

3. The Thin Man

Ever a delight, this is one of my most re-watched movies of all time. I would like their marriage and their impenetrable livers. Always witty and tipsy, never drunk. That’s the level that dreams are made of.

4. Ruggles of Red Gap

A movie made of equal parts strange and idealism. A British butler reminds the Americans surrounding him what this country is supposed to be about, but rarely is. The characters are refreshingly odd and the whole thing feels like a snapshot in time. It’s funny and sparkly and did I mention wonderfully odd?

5. It Happened One Night

This woman can wear a veil. She can run with a veil. It’s the longest veil I’ve ever seen, and when she books it from the wedding she is supposed to be having, she looks like a fairytale princess having none of it. This is a beautifully done, well written film which deserves every bit of its’ reputation.


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Top 5: Noir Movies



You can feel the lushness. Everything seems like it’s made of velvet, even the wood for the fire. Vincent Price is a sweet idiot. Dana Andrews is a detective prince. And Gene Tierney does what she damn well pleases. The most important lesson: Beware of grandfather clocks.



This movie is made for a certain portion of the population. A portion that is doomed to be obsessed with it. So. Many. Noir. References. The writing melds the most classic of the genre with the low budget set that is high school. It’s stripped down and beautiful.

The Glass Key


Brian Donlevy is a street tough with a comic gift. The only thing that feels off is that Veronica Lake chooses Alan Ladd over him, but that is probably because the two are so darn height compatible. Ladd and Lake line up like they could kiss forever.

Dark City


Rufus Sewell, Jennifer Connelly, William Hurt, Kiefer Sutherland, and the bad creepy guy from Ever After. His goatee is gone, but its’ intent remains. The sci fi mixes with the noir in a way that turns this into fantasy. In the best way possible.

On Dangerous Ground


Ida Lupino. Her chemistry with Robert Ryan is a thing of beauty, but the real power of this film is solely with her. It keeps her in frame so much you almost feel like a stalker. It’s an intimate, character connecting investment.