Lady Halloween Cosplay: Holland Taylor as Ann Richards


Suit Top, Skirt, Wig (Just needs a trim), Earrings, Glasses, Star Pin, Shoes

AnnĀ is a play written and acted by the marvel that is Holland Taylor. Since she was friends with her subject, Ann Richards, it is incredibly well done. You can watch it on BroadwayHD:)

Ann was the governor of Texas for my formative years, and I still miss her. The election coming up has me nostalgic for those days, and I can not wait to vote.


Lady Halloween Cosplay: Marion Ravenwood from Indiana Jones


Shirt 1, Shirt 2, Belt, Pants, Shoes, Rubber Prop Pan

New Marion Update, so all the links are in stock. A couple years ago I did a cosplay for her, but clothes sell out online eventually. Marion deserves a renewal, and a prop pan. You can wander around with that on Halloween smacking bad guys without worrying about actually hurting someone. Everyone wins, especially you:)