Room Cosplay: Wandavision 80s Living Room

Yellow Couch, Red Pillow, Blue Pillow, Red Octagon Rug, Blue and White Planters, Fig Plant, Croton Plant, Red Chairs, Side Table, Porcelain Lamp, Red Bench, Gold Umbrella Stand, Ruffle Curtains, Bird Picture Set, Stained Glass Art, Stained Glass Floor Lamp, Sailboat Painting, Gold Candlestick, Mantle Clock, Fireplace, Fireplace Screen

The more accurate Fireplace Screen that you have to get from Etsy (as a vintage item):

Search for Peacock Fireplace Screen, and you’re golden:)

45 Finds for Christmas

Christmas Outfit:

Tree Cardigan, Cary Grant Christmas Shirt, PJ Pants, Slippers


Gingerbread Man, Noir Noel, Clever Girl, Star Trek Tree Topper, Octopus, 101 Dalmatians, Jaws, Natalie Wood, Ginger Fred, Road Runner

Dolly Parton:

Dolly Songteller Book, Holly Dolly Shirt, Dolly Cookie


London in Bloom, Planetarium, Styling the Stars


Peggy Lee, High Fidelity, Batman the Animated Series Vol. 2, Hot Fuzz, Sean of the Dead, Emma

Puzzles and Games:

Cinema 3D Puzzle, Camelot 3D Puzzle, Die Hard Puzzle, Pan Am Game, Shadowed Kingdom, Axe Throwing, Mystery Date


Bumble Candle, Die Hard Candle, Frozen 2 Horse, Papa Riker Pizza Apron, Thor / Freya Hat, Chateau Picard Glass, Jurassic Park Hammond Cane


Solar System Poster, Simply Irresistible Poster, Drive-In Custom Print, Leia Art Print, General Leia Art Print

Halloween Cosplay: Snow White The Fairest of Them All

Red Cardigan, Satin Tank, Satin Skirt (Size 0-14) (Size XS-3X), Star Head Chain, Apple Ring, Shoes, Bear Snow Globe

I saw this movie as a young teen and it always stuck with me. It is not available anywhere except a region 2 DVD from Amazon, but I got it anyway. And then got the region free DVD player so I could watch it. Sigh. It was worth it, but this film really should be more available in this age.

Snow White: The Fairest of Them All is a spooky as heck take on the fairy tale that also has a bright sweetness added. It’s weird. The prince gets turned into a bear. Clancy Brown is a dark kind of wizard man. It’s perfect and strange and I love it.

Head Crown Alternate (Photo is in black and white, but this is available in Gold)

Halloween Cosplay: Amanda Shelton from Simply Irresistible

Blue Hair Comb, Antique Hair Combs, Crab Earrings, Pearl Necklace, Dress, Brocade Jacket, Shoes

This is a regular watch for me, it’s so good. Magic? Check. Sarah Michelle Gellar wearing amazing ensembles? Check. Patricia Clarkson sharing sexy eclairs from the cutest pink box? Yes. Cooking? All over it. There is a device that makes Martinis. People speak truths cause they’ve been magicked.

Bonus: if you are a scaredy cat like me, this is a perfect Halloween movie.

Halloween Cosplay: Eliza Dooley from Selfie

Zebra Shirt, Bike Shorts (Size XS-XXL) (Size 1X-4X), Black Converse

Karen Gillan singing Chandelier while a bit wine tipsy is here for everyone. Let’s celebrate the show Selfie in some cute comfies.

If you want the exact shirt, search for MNG Jeans black zebra tee shirt. It’s out of production, but you can find some on poshmark.