5 Fandom Friday – Favorite Halloween TV Episodes

1. Scream Queens : All of it

scream-queensYes, I know that this show is centered around mostly horrible people, but I just can not help but love it anyway. It feels like a sickness; a camp addiction that is only satisfied by more episodes!

2. Supernatural: “Monster Movie”

Monster-MovieThis episode is such a loving homage to everything horror and Halloween. Also, Dean wearing lederhosen is so cute it’s scary.

3. Home Movies: “Coffins and Cradles”

sddefaultHome Movies is the predecessor to Bob’s Burgers, and it contains so many magic moments therein:) In this episode, Jason gives in to his candy problem and Coach McGuirk has a heart attack in a dress.

4. Bob’s Burgers: “Full Bars” “Fort Night” “The Hauntening”

BobsBurgers3As with all holidays, the Belchers really know how to celebrate properly.

5. Brooklyn Nine-Nine: “Halloween I-III”

Brooklyn-Nine-Nine-season-2-episode-4-Halloween-II-Jake-Boyle-The contest of who is the genius of the 99 continues! Terry Crews needs to win next year, he is too awesome to be left out.


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