5 Fandom Friday – Holiday Traditions

1. Piggy Bank Stocking Stuffers


My husband and I are still basically newlyweds, so all of our traditions are fairly new. This Christmas will be our second time taking our literal piggy bank to the nearest Coinstar and then buying each others stocking stuffers with half the piggy proceeds each. It was like a fun treasure hunt to have a random amount to stick to while trying to keep our respective baskets out of each others sight.

2. Chilling at the Ski Lodge Fireplace


Skiing is one of the sillier winter activities ever, or at least the one that I least understand. I’m with comedian Dylan Moran on this, which makes it the right side of the issue! However, the ski lodge is a place that I absolutely get. Wine, hot chocolate, and comfy chairs in front of the fireplace make up paradise. Yeah, go ahead and ski, I’m going to sit right here with my sav blanc and watch the snow fall through the well placed windows.

3. Nick Offerman’s Yule Log

Double meaning in that! A meaning that I am just going to let speak for itself and not contradict, cause any curiosity about Offerman’s yule log is completely understandable.

4. Doctor Who Christmas Special


River is totes going to throw down with 13, and it will be glorious! This one may even dethrone The Snowmen as my favorite Whoville Christmas special so far. Adorably grumpy Matt Smith has a lot to fear from Capaldi’s cute grump powers, and you just know that he’s going to sizzle with Kingston. The lush back and forth intellectual sizzle of Nick and Nora Charles hopped up on Doctor Who. *Rubs hands together* *Evil happy cackle*

5. Crackers


These have been available in America for at least the past three years ( when I first noticed them in a Safeway market ), and I have been seeing them more and more lately everywhere. This is another tradition that I have happily stolen from Britain, and I have no shame whatsoever about it.

Merry Christmas Y’all !


3 thoughts on “5 Fandom Friday – Holiday Traditions

  1. Even though I have kinda fallen out of love with Dr Who, I can’t wait for the Christmas special. River! I found some christmas crackers at pier one the last few years. Really expensive but I couldn’t past up a British tradition like that : )
    Also love the piggy bank tradition!

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