Halloween Cosplay: Snow White The Fairest of Them All

Red Cardigan, Satin Tank, Satin Skirt (Size 0-14) (Size XS-3X), Star Head Chain, Apple Ring, Shoes, Bear Snow Globe

I saw this movie as a young teen and it always stuck with me. It is not available anywhere except a region 2 DVD from Amazon, but I got it anyway. And then got the region free DVD player so I could watch it. Sigh. It was worth it, but this film really should be more available in this age.

Snow White: The Fairest of Them All is a spooky as heck take on the fairy tale that also has a bright sweetness added. It’s weird. The prince gets turned into a bear. Clancy Brown is a dark kind of wizard man. It’s perfect and strange and I love it.

Head Crown Alternate (Photo is in black and white, but this is available in Gold)

Halloween Cosplay: Amanda Shelton from Simply Irresistible

Blue Hair Comb, Antique Hair Combs, Crab Earrings, Pearl Necklace, Dress, Brocade Jacket, Shoes

This is a regular watch for me, it’s so good. Magic? Check. Sarah Michelle Gellar wearing amazing ensembles? Check. Patricia Clarkson sharing sexy eclairs from the cutest pink box? Yes. Cooking? All over it. There is a device that makes Martinis. People speak truths cause they’ve been magicked.

Bonus: if you are a scaredy cat like me, this is a perfect Halloween movie.

Halloween Cosplay: Vampire Evie from Stan Against Evil

Cape, Dress, Vampire Teeth, Wedges

She’s the sheriff of Willard’s Mill that has to deal with the grumpy former sheriff as well as demons on a day to day basis. Stan Against Evil is a made for Halloween time show that embraces its’ weird more and more each season. This version of Evie is from the third when she gets sucked into a teen vamp show dimension and bitten into a vamp herself.

Halloween Cosplay: Leilani from The Lovebirds

Issa Rae is a glowing hilarious force of nature in The Lovebirds. I love this movie, and the main reason is Issa as Leilani. Her line delivery alone would be enough to make this role a classic. Her outfits put it over into an entirely different realm. The plan for this post was to put together one ensemble and it ended up being three. I could not help myself, and if I had the time there would be more. There would be all of them.

Earrings, Unicorn Shirt, Unicorn Hoodie, Leggings, Shoes

Purple Dress (Size 14W-24W), Purple Jacket (Size 12W-32W), Wine Jacket (Size XS-XXL), Red and Black Dress (Size S-XL), Earrings, Shoes

Left Dress (Size 1X-3X), Mock Neck Dress (Size XS-L), Earrings, Shoes

Lady Halloween Cosplay: Agatha Raisin

Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Sally Owens.png

Sun Hat, Bee Necklace, Purse, Sandals, Jumpsuit (Sizes 4-16), Jumpsuit (Sizes 14-24)

Jumpsuit Alternatives:

Jumpsuit, Jumpsuit with Cutouts

Agatha Raisin is a bright and lovely mystery comedy. There are so many grimy crime shows out there, and Agatha is a welcome change. The third season has finally dropped with a new episode on Acorn TV today so I am celebrating with the best of double features: Season 2 Episode 1 Wizard of Evesham (My absolute favorite and the inspiration for this cosplay) and the new Agatha Raisin and the Haunted House.