Halloween Cosplay: Rose Tyler from The Parting of the Ways


Highlighter, Sweater, Tank Top, Pants, Fabric Pen, Shoes

As the first glimpse of Rose Tyler becoming the awesome of Bad Wolf, this is one of my favorites. The fabric pen can customize the sweater to make it like Rose’s. The highlighter is for around your eyes to simulate the TARDIS energy giving you unlimited cell dividing power. Do it.


Halloween Cosplay: Tulip O’Hare from Preacher


Headband, Jacket, Tank, Jeggings, Boots


This weekend has turned into “watching all of the Preacher episodes” time. After finally catching the pilot, it has me completely hooked with it’s insane mixture supernatural forces and messed up yet hilarious moments. One of the characters that have made me fall in mad love is Tulip. Played by Ruth Negga from Agents of SHIELD, she knows all and kicks all of the ass.



Lady Halloween Cosplay: Buckaroo Banzai


Jacket, Shirt, Pants, Belt, Belt Buckle, Glasses, Bow-tie, Lapel Pin, Lightning Temp Tattoo for Right Hand, Loafers, Iron-on Patch 1, Iron-on Patch 2

The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension is simply one of the best sci-fi movies ever made. I thought about doing a Penny Priddy cosplay, but Buckaroo is the coolest. I am very happy with the amount of accessories and patches still available for this film. These pieces can make the jacket and pants look more custom and character correct. The temporary tattoo is a play on his ability to communicate the alien formula by touching people with his right hand.