Halloween Finds : 2020


Galaxy Unicorn, She-Hulk, Sherlock, Black Canary, Bride of Frankenstein, Maleficent, Abominable Snowman, Anne Wheeler, Huntress

Home Stuffs

Glitter Bats, Nightmare Garland, Tree Ornaments, Gravestones, Spooky Renaissance, Poppies, Moon Cat Towel, Purple Lights, Book Figure, Sally Canisters, Entrance Mat, Test Tubes, Moon Cat Mat, Moon Towel, Skull Waffle Maker, Halloween Towels, Web Placemat


Mummy Bowling, Witch Hat Toss, Edward Gorey Board Game

Fandom 5: Favorite Halloween Movie Fashion

Practical Magic

The clothes in this movie are the perfect cross section of witchy and 90s. All of the layers and textures and colors add up to a to die for wardrobe.


Nora Ephron’s Bewitched movie was actually pretty cute, and fun to watch. It’s lighter fare of a bygone era, but oh so charming.


Every episode of the tv series has envious style choices, and not just on Buffy. Every character possesses the awesome. The movie I can not leave out because I looove those clothes too.

Rear Window

Alfred Hitchcock movies are well known for the fashion, and if I had to choose just one to represent the best, it is this. Grace’s outfit changes just get better and better.


As the most glamorous of noir, Laura is a velvety Halloween treat. More of a suspense plot, but still a spooky and deadly one.


Halloween: New Finds

I have been getting into the Halloween spirit, and doing tons of research to prep for the holiday. Since I spent way too much time doing this, I thought that I would share some of my finds with others. You’re welcome:)


Pink Panther, Tauntaun, Poison Ivy, Ivy’s Tights, Zatanna, Mera, Ariel, David Bowie, Mabel, Garnet, Leeloo, Snow White, Jughead Beanie


Creature, Skull Candles, Bat Light

and lastly,

Ecto-Cooler Recipe with Cocktail Suggestion:

Recipe here.

Happy Halloweentimes, people.


5 Fandom Friday: Halloween Movies

1. Cabin in the Woods

All of the tropes of the usual Halloween movies amped up and tossed with some high class humor Whedon style.

2. Young Frankenstein

The classic that does not age and just gets better with time. I love Madeline Khan so much in all that she does, and this is her ultimate swagger role.

3. The Burbs

I spent years not knowing about the bliss that is The Burbs. Ever since I first saw this on Netflix, it has been my new Halloween corn and cheese delight.

4. What We Do in the Shadows

The brilliant New Zealanders behind this pull off a perfectly seasoned Halloween parody. All that crazy vampire lore built up over the years is the base on which these guys float and party.

5. Tremors

Tremors is ridiculous and I love it. It’s a Horror/Western/Comedy and we need more of those. Hopefully with Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward as well.


5 Fandom Friday: Favorite Halloween TV Episodes

1. Scream Queens : All of it

scream-queensYes, I know that this show is centered around mostly horrible people, but I just can not help but love it anyway. It feels like a sickness; a camp addiction that is only satisfied by more episodes.

2. Supernatural: “Monster Movie”

Monster-MovieThis episode is such a loving homage to everything horror and Halloween. Also, Dean wearing lederhosen is so cute it’s scary.

3. Home Movies: “Coffins and Cradles”

sddefaultHome Movies is the predecessor to Bob’s Burgers, and it contains so many magic moments therein:) In this episode, Jason gives in to his candy problem and Coach McGuirk has a heart attack in a dress.

4. Bob’s Burgers: “Full Bars” “Fort Night” “The Hauntening”

BobsBurgers3As with all holidays, the Belchers really know how to celebrate properly.

5. Brooklyn Nine-Nine: “Halloween I-III”

Brooklyn-Nine-Nine-season-2-episode-4-Halloween-II-Jake-Boyle-The contest of who is the genius of the 99 continues! Terry Crews needs to win next year, he is too awesome to be left out.


5 Fandom Friday: My Favorite Alfred Hitchcock Films for Halloween

I am not so big on scary Hitchcock ( or really scary anything ), so for Halloween I count any of his films as appropriate to watch in honor of the holiday.

5. Rear Window

Thelma Ritter steals every scene she is in, and is one of my favorite character actors.

4. Notorious

Claude Rains is a Nazi ruled by his mother, and this makes him so much more creepy.

3. The Lady Vanishes

Michael Redgrave proves here that he would have been an excellent choice to be one of the faces of The Doctor on Doctor Who.

2. The Trouble with Harry

This is an odd one, even for Hitchcock, and I love it.

1. North by Northwest

Cary Grant and James Mason have a battle to determine who has the most charm.

Store-bought Holloween Costumes for Women are a Total Downer

Halloween happens to be my favorite time of the year, and one which I tend to draw out as long as possible. One issue that I have with the best holiday ever, however, is the shall we say….incredibly crappy costumes made available for women. Now, I admit that this is not exactly a problem that affects me since I have not purchased a store bought costume for a good many years now. I just wish that ladies had better options for when we do not have time to put something custom together. Looking at the Halloween Costume websites every year is something that fires my inspiration to beat the new costumes with a quality stick of my own creation that rips their ridiculous, shoddy, yet somehow expensive choices into bitty little pieces. Teeeeny tiny pieces of party hooker-ware. Spirit is the one store that is at least trying to put out stuff that is not basically street lingerie versions of popular characters. They also have the best Guardians of the Galaxy Gamora option that I have seen so far, so I still have an amount of respect for them. Winding down to the end of my rant now. If these sellers would just stop listing lingerie as full on costumes, that would be awesome. We are even charged more than men for a slutted up costume of the same character. Why would we pay more for that bullcrap?

A visual example of why I am annoyed:

Really? This is Bumblebee? Really? And $79.99? No.

Yup, Bumblebee. And $49.99.

Some Exceptions to this Disturbing Trend:


Orange is the New Black

Carmen Sandiego!