Halloween Cosplay: Rose Tyler from The Parting of the Ways

Highlighter, Sweater, Tank Top, Pants, Fabric Pen, Shoes

As the first glimpse of Rose Tyler becoming the awesome of Bad Wolf, this is one of my favorites. The fabric pen can customize the sweater to make it like Rose’s. The highlighter is for around your eyes to simulate the TARDIS energy giving you unlimited cell dividing power. Do it.


The 31 Gifs of Octoberween

1. How far do you go with decorating?

2. Favorite Halloween trio?

3. Pushing Daisies first premiered on this date 10 years ago. Favorite Dead Jewish Person?

4. What are you dressing your dog/pet as?

5. How would you kill a vampire?

6. The Departed came out 11 years ago. Favorite Mark Wahlberg quote?

7. Most loved Castiel gif?

8. You have all of the powers of The Crow, but you can pick your face makeup?

9. Columbus Day. Favorite gif of an mass murdering asshole?

10. Arrow premiered 5 years ago. Fav ab gif?

11. 30 Rock first aired 11 years ago. Gif me a grilled cheese.

12. Argo hit 5 years previous. Gif of who will turn out to be Ben Affleck’s soulmate.

13. Children of the Corn have a cornfield. What is your field made of?

14. Keeping up with the Kardashians is 10 years old. Favorite Hobbit/Aquaman gif.

15. What would your coven look like?

16. Smallville is 16 on the 16th. Gif of your Kryptonite.

17. 20th anniversary of I Know What You Did Last Summer. Favorite fisherman gif?

18. The Ring turns 15. Best movie proposal?

19. Which Halloween creature would be the best chef?

20. What movie would you like to see be remade with all roles played by cats?

21. Best Thelma Ritter gif in honor of Rear Window.

22. What’s your poison?

23. 25th year of Reservior Dogs. Steve Buscemi gif.

24. Gattaca’s 20th. Favorite idiot inspector?

25. Who would be your igor?

26. British horror reaction.

27. Which Halloween house do you most covet?

28. Monster’s Inc. 15th anniversary. Do you prefer funny or scary?

29. You’re in a 90s horror movie and you have to pick up your corded landline phone. What does it look like?

30. Preferred Zombie fighting implement?

31. Halloween. What are you dressed up as?


Halloween: New Finds

I have been getting into the Halloween spirit, and doing tons of research to prep for the holiday. Since I spent way too much time doing this, I thought that I would share some of my finds with others. You’re welcome:)


Pink Panther, Tauntaun, Poison Ivy, Ivy’s Tights, Zatanna, Mera, Ariel, David Bowie, Mabel, Garnet, Leeloo, Snow White, Jughead Beanie


Creature, Skull Candles, Bat Light

and lastly,

Ecto-Cooler Recipe with Cocktail Suggestion:

Recipe here.

Happy Halloweentimes, people.


Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Tina Belcher

Easy enough to find the simple pieces in the back of your closet, and then all you need to add is the swagger.

Jen Barber

Many ladies already have work clothes like Jen, and the vest is nice but not absolutely necessary since she does not always wear it.

Max Black

Max has a very awesome and easy to put together wardrobe. The main things are including a stretch belt, cat eyeliner, and red lipstick.

Clara Oswald

Another awesome everygirl character, Clara wears a lot of dresses, tights, and a cross-body bag.

Peggy Carter

This is basically nice work clothes and styling your hair and makeup for the 1940s.

Mackenzie McHale

Classic well made pieces, blazers, and express things with your hands while trying on your British accent.

Gwen Stacy

Simple, elegant, with a little bit of 60s thrown in. Pull out the darkest widest headband in your stash and you are mostly there.

Jemma Simmons

Collars, sweaters, ponytail, and an enthusiasm for science.

Garfunkel and Oates

Cute best friends costume, bonus points if you can get your hands on a Ukulele.

Pitch Perfect

Each of these ladies is amazing, and this would also be a fun group costume.

Once Upon a Time

So many fairy tale characters to choose from, this show provides inspiration to shop our closets and come up with something fun for Halloween:)