Halloween Cosplay: Rose Tyler from The Parting of the Ways

Highlighter, Sweater, Tank Top, Pants, Fabric Pen, Shoes

As the first glimpse of Rose Tyler becoming the awesome of Bad Wolf, this is one of my favorites. The fabric pen can customize the sweater to make it like Rose’s. The highlighter is for around your eyes to simulate the TARDIS energy giving you unlimited cell dividing power. Do it.


Halloween Cosplay: Taylor Sloane from Ingrid Goes West


Cognac Boots, Blush Boots, Dress, Top, Shorts


There is nothing better than this new wave of Neon Noir hitting movie and tv screens. I feel spoiled, and my appetite for this genre is only growing. We saw this brand of film show up in the 80s of course, but it has evolved into a fresh kind of techno/millennial commentary that is messed up and gorgeous.

List of What I Consider New Neon Noir:

Ingrid Goes West, Claws, Riverdale, Search Party, Baby Driver