Top 10: SNL Hosts Seasons 43 & 44

Looking over the last couple of seasons has made me realize the strength of a great host. Well, I knew that before, but never have hosts been so key to SNL. The writing at Saturday Night Live has become an unhelpful bowl of spaghetti. Limp and swirling all over the darn place. This dish becomes stronger the more it embraces the odd noddles within (Julio Torres), which gives me hope for the future. The following hosts are the ones that inspired and danced with beautiful oddity:

1. Donald Glover

The Barbie skit. The entirety of this episode is brilliant, but the Barbie skit kills me. Donald as a writer and performer brought out the very best that the show is capable of.

2. John Mulaney

John’s second hosting did not quite reach his first, which was a masterclass. That is not to say that there is no skill here, because I believe Mulaney could become the next Steve Martin of hosts. Once again, as a writer, you have a host that shores up the weak parts of the show.

3. Tiffany Haddish

Omg, Tiffany was pure joy. Joy and talent and the very rare skill of making every sketch better by her mere presence. She knows how to sell comedy. If any writing was wobbly, she cut through it. She better be back, Lorne.

4. Adam Sandler

Adam came out of the past and ran me over. He just kept killing it. Killed the monologue, killed every skit, killed Update, and made people cry with real emotion in a beautiful moment. This was very unexpected, and I had no choice but to rewatch the hell out of this episode. Truly one of the greats.

5. Chance the Rapper

I was prepared for a musician host job: Charismatic but fumbly. Maybe in three skits at most. This is not what happened, and I love that SNL can still surprise. First of all, Chance was all over this episode. They let him talk. They let him be weird. They let Donald Glover come write some stuff ( even so, Chance owns this hosting job ) Yes, he was charming, but also funny in a most natural way. He smiled throughout as if he could not quite help himself, and yet still nailed every mark.

6. Sterling K. Brown

Sterling can put on a SHOW. It’s like a 1950s song and dance man got bit by a radioactive Cary Grant, so he can do comedy and drama too. He is a gift from the Gods of old. His total commitment elevate everything around him. The ‘Dying Mrs. Gomez’ and ‘Love Advice Doctor’ skits will make me forever happy.

7. Bill Hader

Everything lined up nicely in this episode, but I could not help feeling like Hader was coasting along. A lot of great moments, and I adore him, but that brought it down a bit for me.

8. Emma Stone

Emma is a pro at this, and her next episode will garner a five timers jacket. Her first two hostings were incredible, the second more so because the writers knew now what she could do. Her third was a bit stiff but fine, excepting the perfection of the Well skit. I missed her up for anything fearlessness of catching a laugh. This one was back to the best of Emma. When she gets into it, I can see that she is only going to get better and better.

9. James McAvoy

Another out of nowhere success that delights me about the last couple of seasons. Although aware of James, I had not seen him in a live comedy kind of situation. This is a top to bottom strong episode, and that is down to James. The writers were obviously fans of his and gave him no end of fun and strange things to do. Charmin is a gorgeous piece. He dived right in, picked them all up his capable Scottish hands, and took care of business.

10. Adam Driver

Sweet Adam. Talented Adam. Strong as it gets host Adam burdened with a not quite there yet writing team and a bummer of a musical guest. He still makes the top ten because of what he can do, and how much he brings to the SNL stage. This episode was dampened, and Adam deserves a redo. I hope he comes back.


Judging Trailers and Picking Winners: Fall 2019 Network Shows

The following judgments are for the upcoming Network shows that have released trailers, which I found here. The shows will be listed by network, with my favorites in the winners circle at the end.


Emergence :

Is this girl child an alien or is she just super conductive? I do not care.

Mixed-ish :

You can not go wrong with the team and actors from Black-ish pairing with 1980s set nostalgia.

Stumptown :

This has possibilities:) Cobie Smulders is an ex-army PI and has serious yet fun shenanigans.


All Rise :

And this is my favorite. Judge Misty Knight from the Marvel Netflix world is joined by lawyer Bullseye from same and they dispense the best kind of justice: Legal. I love it.

Bob Hearts Abishola :

So creepy. I know Network TV ( especially Chuck Lorre ) thinks that stalking and following a woman that you are interested in is romantic. It is not. I’d like a show based on Abishola and her family without the creep please.

Broke :

Pauley Perrette is finally free from NCIS and now she’s in a comedy. I really liked her in NCIS and got frustrated, just like her, when they did not let her character evolve. Natasha Leggero and Jaime Camil make this a must watch for me.

Carol’s Second Act :

Kyle MacLachlan! I’m watching this. The other parts are cute enough and well done. Kyle!

Evil :

Some killers being possessed by demons is an interesting take. Another Marvel Netflixer ( Luke Cage ) joins an actress that I am not familiar with but she looks exactly like Julia Ormond in Smilla’s Sense of Snow. That is one of my favorite thrillers, so it’s making me like the show a little extra.

FBI: Most Wanted :

Could tell very little from the trailer. Julian McMahon leads a task force, police stuff happens. Might be good, might be bad.

Tommy :

She’s the woman chief of police. She does not quip. She does not sparkle. She does better than that: the grump. Edie Falco does a capable grump here, something men have been doing forever.

The Unicorn :

Walton Goggins from Justified is a widower with two kids getting back into the dating pool. The trailer is much better than the description. Walton is genuine and lovely, and the cast are comedy pros.


Batwoman :

Okay no, this is my favorite. Holy fuck. This show is a gift from the GODS. Perfection in every way.

Katy Keene :

This is a teaser and thus sparse on anything at all. I’m still going to watch it because I am here for that Riverdale style.

Nancy Drew :

I will watch anything Nancy Drew. Anything. ( Saying that, I don’t know if the added supernatural elements feel right with the Nancy universe. I want Adam Beach to be the male lead, I adore him. Not as in romantic lead for Nancy. Gross, she’s a baby. As in more screen time. )


Bless the Harts :

This is horrible. It’s from SNL creators and I always want those to be good, but nope.

Deputy :

A newly minted Sheriff going rampage on his town and having no respect for the rule of law is a story that is horrifying at this time. Not heroic, as the trailer seems to think.

Filthy Rich :

This is a mess. It looks like a fun mess at first glace, but it is just a trash fire. Will probably kill in the ratings though.

Next :

Have I become someone that doesn’t like anything? A lot of these shows are not winning me over. This is uninspired tech paranoia that has been done many times over much better. The only gem is John Slattery, but it’s not enough to save it.

Not Just Me :

Creepy. Excellent cast that does not win over the tone that a doctor impregnating women with his own sperm was a good thing. I am not overly cool with that tone, so I’m going to skip this one.

Outmatched :

Why Fox? Why? This is a wanna be tiny child Big Bang Theory. The parents are “normal”. The kids are super smart and thus have no social skills or actual understanding of the world. Ha ha. So funny. Ugh.

Prodigal Son :

Michael Sheen. Serial Killers. Lou Diamond Phillips. Cop drama Profiler style with a good soundtrack. Will try this one out.


Bluff City Law :

The father daughter lawyer drama with a twinkle featuring Jimmy Smits looks watchable.

Perfect Harmony :

This is charming as fuck. The cast, singing ( I am weak for musicals ), and sweetness have made we want to watch this. The genre is mostly white gospel show. Or old Glee.

Sunnyside :

This is the best it gets. The team behind Brooklyn 99 and The Good Place make a second chance comedy. Kal Penn falls from politician to teacher, helping immigrants become citizens while showing these people are really already Americans.

24 Trailers, 5 Winners:

1. Batwoman ( CW )

I have been waiting a long time for a show like this, and it looks like they got it RIGHT. First place by a mile.

2. All Rise ( CBS )

Legal drama can be interesting in the right hands, especially when the hands seem capable. This one appeals to me as a Marvel fan loving to see these actors work together again, and as someone who loves skillful arguments.

3. Broke ( CBS )

I need the balance to the more serious shows in my life. I need to cut that strong shit with a sitcom. This is the most promising sitcom of the bunch and I am a sucker for Natasha and her dog in anything.

4. Stumptown ( ABC )

The beginning sequence reminds me of Tulip kicking butt in Season One Preacher. It’s different enough to not feel like a ripoff, and the world needs more of that kind of scene anyway. I have not read the source material. It looks like a fun ride, and has the actor from Almost Human that I looove. Not Karl Urban. I love him too though.

5. Sunnyside ( NBC )

The trailer is beautiful and I really hope that they can pull this show off. Making an immigrant focused tale with comedy and humanity is a worthy and needed thing. With everything happening in this world, is the show going to feel tone death by ignoring the serious danger these people are in? Can you address that in a comedy? Here’s hoping.


Top 10: Favorite in TV/Film from 2018

1.  Schitt’s Creek

At the beginning of 2018, I was still ignorant of the bliss that is Schitt’s Creek. Simple, silly Stephanie that I was, it took many people with better taste than I chatting about the show on Twitter before I finally checked it out. Now that I am fully indoctrinated, no one better take this series from me. David is an angel, give him all of the awards.

2.  Second Season of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

As lovely and enjoyable as the first season was, the second was even more. More of everything. Sparkle, ambiance (Paris, the Catskills), Color, and Zachary Levi. I have watched the new season three times through, and it continues to be brilliant and bright. I need more, my life is incomplete without an abundance of Tony Shalhoub as Abe.

3.  To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

I had such low expectations for this Netflix release. The romance genre has been dealt blow after blow for such a long time that anything that sprouts in the hellscape of that environment is a beautiful surprise. This is a perfect movie, period, and I can not wait to see the sequel.

4.  She-Ra and the Princesses of Power

The animation is so preeettty. It is not the only reason the show is so good, but it for sure does not hurt. Story? Check. Character development? Check. A fantasy laden world where beings come together and have chemistry as well as conflict while wearing badass outfits? Check.

5.  Oh, Hello

Another thing I can not stop re-watching. Well written and Tony nominated, this play is charming in it’s grump.

6.  Second Season of Trial and Error

Kristin Chenoweth is on trial for murder. She sings. She gives hostess gifts. She hams with every frame, and it is glorious. The writers amp it up for season two, and Kristin wastes not a bit of it.

7.  Nailed It! Holiday

Nicole is goddess. Nicole is the glue that comedy and mayhem dream of. Her reactions, ensembles, and the words that come out of her mouth are priceless. May this show ever be renewed.

8.  Ocean’s 8

Fun was needed to deal with 2018. Oceans 8 is gleefully up to the task. The score and plan are besides the point, and not the reason to watch this. Watch for the cast, bringing it.

9.  Hannah Gadsby: Nanette

Gadsby redefines what you can do with a stand up set. She builds, she smashes, she builds again. There is artistry at work here, and it is sublime.

10.  Aquaman

The budget is huge, but the heart is pure. This is more The Mummy than Indiana Jones, but also a bit of both. It could have felt like a boring road that had been over-trodden, but there is enough weird bits to veer from that path. Jason and Amber make this weird big movie their own, and it’s perfect.


Top 5: Noir Movies


You can feel the lushness. Everything seems like it’s made of velvet, even the wood for the fire. Vincent Price is a sweet idiot. Dana Andrews is a detective prince. And Gene Tierney does what she damn well pleases. The most important lesson: Beware of grandfather clocks.


This movie is made for a certain portion of the population. A portion that is doomed to be obsessed with it. So. Many. Noir. References. The writing melds the most classic of the genre with the low budget set that is high school. It’s stripped down and beautiful.

The Glass Key

Brian Donlevy is a street tough with a comic gift. The only thing that feels off is that Veronica Lake chooses Alan Ladd over him, but that is probably because the two are so darn height compatible. Ladd and Lake line up like they could kiss forever.

Dark City

Rufus Sewell, Jennifer Connelly, William Hurt, Kiefer Sutherland, and the bad creepy guy from Ever After. His goatee is gone, but its’ intent remains. The sci fi mixes with the noir in a way that turns this into fantasy. In the best way possible.

On Dangerous Ground

Ida Lupino. Her chemistry with Robert Ryan is a thing of beauty, but the real power of this film is solely with her. It keeps her in frame so much you almost feel like a stalker. It’s an intimate, character connecting investment.


Top 5: Future SNL Host Picks

I. Love. Saturday Night Live. There is nothing that they can do that will ever kill it. It is forever. I am compelled. I shove my nose into every episode, wanting the fix of the skit that lands. This season can not deter me. It does baffle me. It does make me wonder which spokes in the wheel are off. Is the gleam coming off the Emmys shining too bright into the eyes of Colin and Che? What is happening over there, guys? Don’t get me wrong, that any episode of SNL has ever come together given the mayhem of its’ DNA is a win. But it feels like the writing has gone a bit haywire. I say that with love, and with the understanding that no matter how talented a host can be, they need the writing to back them up.

Here are my picks for five hosts so perfect for Saturday Night Live that their exclusion physically hurts me:

Tituss Burgess

How has this not happened? Tituss is Tina Fey royalty, that should count for an automatic invitation.

John Cho

th (1)

He is sunlight. He is rapture. He is the Cho.

Mindy Kaling


For a time she was an snl writer, and now she has evolved to show momma. The writer and overseer of a tale well told and cast is the gift that she brings. Plus she’s funny as hell.



Parks and Rec Alum, Stand Up Comedian, and shining bright on Good Girls. Her visits to Seth Meyers’ Late Night are basically SNL host auditions and she nails them.

Rachel Bloom

The energy and skill that she brings to Crazy Ex Girlfriend is a full resume that should allow this lady to do whatever she wants in her career going forward. Like, anything. Just go with it world, and enjoy.


Top 7: The Next James Bond

I recently listened to the George Lazenby episode of The Dollop Podcast, and it was insane. The hoops that a potential Bond has to go though, how the producers make their decisions, and how long they want them on the hook is too much. I’d like to say that since George was almost 50 years ago that things have progressed, but it looks like not. Release poor Daniel Craig, you monster producers, and chill on your crazy contracts. Focus on things like quality stories and fun casting. Yes, Fun. Because without that crucial element, what is the point?

Idris Elba


Idris is the most obvious match for the role which should have been made reality years ago. Years.

Ruth Negga


Ruth is everything. Her Tulip on Preacher shows that Bond is well within her talents. She has so much brutal charm. So perfect.

Ming-Na Wen


In. Her. Sleep. Her Bond would enter the room and command it. Her martini order would be delivered just by looking at her.

Tariji P. Henson


Class. Presence. Intense as shit Eyes. Tariji would twinkle while handling any situation.

Oscar Isaac


This man can smile with the most amount of charming subtext. Picture him as Bond, it’s very easy.

Krysten Ritter


Jessica Jones is probably ending soon along with all the Disney owned Marvel content on Netflix. Something about the new Disney streaming service, but I have heard rumors about that for years. So this badass actress needs and deserves a new role.

Jemaine Clement


He would just be so much fun to watch. Jemaine is my I’m Kidding/But Actually I’m Serious He Would be so Good Pick.


Top 20 Eighties Comedies

The Eighties were a time of strange mixes in the land of movies. Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Romance, Action, Horror, and Comedy were being smashed together in new and psychedelic ways. Everything felt like it was being reinvented, and there were a shit ton of talented writers and directors to amp it all up to the level that this era so deserved.

1. Working Girl

Mike Nichols does my favorite 80s smartly bawdy adult comedy. I love Working Girl more and more as I get older, especially the concept of fake it til you make it.

2. Broadcast News

God, the writing here is freaking gorgeous, and the romance is so beside the point of this film. Holly Hunter rules.

3. Big Trouble in Little China

Balls to the wall crazy 80s energy with this one, and I love it. John Carpenter really knew how to embrace the era.

4. The Burbs

This was a recent watch on Netflix, and I have viewed it so many times over to make up for lost time. How did I go so long without you, you perfect horror comedy?

5. Clue

As ensemble comedy casts go, you can not beat this one. Tim Curry buttles his glorious heart out.

6. Victor Victoria

I have always wondered what an alternate reality version with Leslie Ann Warren and Robert Preston teaming up for a while would have been like.

7. The Lost Boys

A creepy new town complete with  Dianne Wiest, taxidermy loving grandpa, comic book shop, and a never ending carnival. Love it.

8. Trading Places

Here’s the thing: I have seen this movie soooo many times on so many channels through the years, and I am still not sick of it.

9. Romancing the Stone

They really don’t make movies like this anymore, such a classic romance adventure. Does anyone else see a resemblance between Kathleen Turner here and Amy Schumer? Cause I’m not huge on advocating for more re-makes (even though a number of them are awesome), but I’d love to see Schumer and Paul Rudd do one.

10. The Sure Thing

This is It Happened One Night eighties style with John Cusack, and it is one of the best things ever.

11. A Fish Called Wanda

John Cleese is so adorably polite and British, even when in his altogether. Madcap caper brilliance with a well paired cast, and they meet up again in the nineties with Fierce Creatures.

12. When Harry Met Sally

My favorite Nora Ephron, Meg Ryan, and Billy Crystal film. Ephron can really write a great rant, and Billy can deliver the hell out of them.

13. Raising Arizona

The Coen brothers sweetness with a dash of sweet sad. Just cause some people are a little crazy does not mean that they would not be great parents.

14. Evil Dead II

What is needed for comedy magic? Bruce Campbell’s face.

15. Three Amigos

I have so much nostalgic love wrapped up in this film. The corn is at a lovely level, and this trio just makes me happy.

16. Troop Beverly Hills

Craig T. Nelson stupidly divorces Shelly Long, which makes her find new purpose teaching young girls life lessons that are actually useful.

17. My Favorite Year

Satire, Peter O’Toole, and a hearkening to the glory days of cinema.

18. This is Spinal Tap

Arguably Christopher Guest’s greatest creation, and what will forever be a King of the Cult Classics.

19. After Hours

So, Martin Scorsese did this weird comedy about a guy whose money literally flew out of a window of a cab and has to find his own trek home. It’s full of what they used to term “adult humour” and it pairs well with An American Werewolf in London.

20. Honey I Shrunk the Kids

 Why can’t we have this sort of family sci-fi comedy any more? I really miss this kind of movie; time to check Netflix. What? They have Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves but for some reason not the original? But I needs to start at the beginning ya’ll. This is the “we only have Escape from LA” fiasco all over again!


My Top 20 Spy Movies

Compiling this list has made me realize how many excellent spy films are out there, and that I vastly prefer the ones with a comedic bent. Cause being honest with myself, there are thrillers that are so well done that watching them again is a bummer. A sad, depressing, too realistic view of our society and the horrible people in it. So, while a few of these more serious selections made it into my list, the rest may only have serious bits. Bits filled with clever and funny observations that make viewing them more than once a joy.

1. Spy

It does not often happen that I become so attached and deep in love with a newer film so quickly. Usually I need some time until they even have a chance of unseating my old favorites, but Spy is already my covert affairs one true love.

2. Kingsman: The Secret Service

Kingsman impressed me with how funny it was, while updating the old school style of the british spy movie. I mean, they may have classic style, but the attitude and outlook of this film is refreshingly modern.

3. North by Northwest

Cary Grant is perfect for this Alfred Hitchcock spy kinda comedy. Beware James Mason, even when intoxicated Cary is a wily foe.

4. Despicable Me 2

Gru Goes Undercover should really be the caption for this film, as he tries his hand at being one of the good guys. I love the playout of his immediate suspicion of El Macho, with his handsy son, and evil chicken.

5. Skyfall

Best. Bond. Film. Ever. I grew up on Bond, and my favorites were On Her Majesty’s Secret Service and Goldfinger. There are a lot of issues with the classic Bonds and how they treated their women though. The first two in the newer crop of movies were underwhelming for me, but Skyfall is the shit. Well written, with badass ladies, and beautifully acted, it is far and away my favorite 007 film as a grown lady.

6. The Manchurian Candidate

Chock full of conspiracies and send ups of the McCarthy era, this is classic political thriller. The material here is so dense and real that even the remake in 2004 was really good. (Liev Schreiber does a scary good Laurence Harvey, but then again he can do anything.)

7. Haywire

It is super cool that Steven Soderbergh built an action spy thriller around the awesome that is Gina Carano, except that not many people seem to know about it. Gina is Mallory Kane, a former military mercenary whom the guys in charge foolishly think is perfect to take the fall for their mistakes. She magnificently does not take that shit at all.

8. Archer

Of course I had to include Archer in here! Yeah, it’s a tv show, but damn does it parody the heck out of everything remotely spy.

9. Penguins of Madagascar

Everyone’s favorite penguin spy group come up against the perfect villain for their solo film. Dave the octopus, voiced by John Malkovich, and maniacal lover of film actor based puns. Do I need a sequel? Yes. Yes, I do.

10. The Three Musketeers (1973)

I did a re-watch of this recently, and I forgot how much I looove this movie. Richard Lester does what is the ultimate version of Dumas, faithful to the books and full of humour.

11. Get Smart

Steve Carell and Anne Hathaway have such cute chemistry together, and Steve’s talent for physical comedy has power over me.

12. This Means War

I can’t help it, cause this movie never fails to make me happy. It features two top agents falling for Reese Witherspoon in a very competitive manner. Reese’s character totally reminds me of how it is to navigate building your life while single, and eventually relearning how the heck to date. My favorite moment is when Chris Pine takes her to the club on a first date, all schmoozy and showing off, and then he turns around and she’s gone. Cause yeah, she’s too mature for that bullcrap, and I adore that she had the honest balls to do what I have wanted to on a number of occasions.

13. The Interview

I swear that I have a sensitive humour palate, but it seems to like to balance itself out with the less than refined let’s say. This movie made me laugh way too hard, and I have to give it props for some beautiful ridiculousness.

14. Red

Helen Mirren is a goddess.

15. Charade

Hepbern and Grant make some lovely covert investigations together.

16. The Lady Vanishes

There is something about a mystery on a train that gives me joy. I must say, there were more comic moments in this film than reviews make it seem, and it has held up well. As I did not see this Hitchcock til it was on Netflix, there was a thought distracting me the entire film. Does anyone else think that Michael Redgrave would have made a fabulous Doctor on Doctor Who?

17. The Man Who Knew Too Little

Who knew that a clueless Bill Murray would make one of the best spys that the world has ever known? A fun live experience while visiting his brother turns very real, and Murray really sells how dense this dolt character can be with his trademark charm.

17. Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

There are way too many actors of renown here to note, and they all kill it. They kill it so dead and so good that this has become my favorite John le Carre.

19. Our Man Flint

Our Man Flint is from whence Austin Powers’ came. It is the granddaddy of spy parody, in all its’ 1960s glory.

20. Notorious

Ingrid Bergman is Nazi bait, and Cary Grant only allows her to be partially eaten before he rescues her. The noir is deep here.


Top 5 St. Patrick’s Day Movies and Shows

1. The Guard – Amazon Instant Video, iTunes

Brendan Gleeson teams up with writer/director John Michael McDonagh for my absolute favorite Irish Black Comedy genre film. The setup is that there are a bunch of big bad criminals, among them Mark Strong, who stupidly set up shop in the small Irish town where Brendon is The Guard. Underestimate him only at your peril, criminals. Somehow Don Cheadle as the American specialist who comes to investigate the odd goings on completes a fabulously competent duo. Cheadle is the foil to which Brendon pokes and dances around and then backs up with a fierce will.

2. Black Books – Netflix, Hulu, Everywhere:)

Dylan Moran is my go to Irish Comedian, and his series Black Books displays his wine loving and impatient insides for everyone to enjoy at their leisure. He obligingly also comes out with stand up specials on a regular basis, and they just keep getting more hilarious. Yeah, Yeah is his most recent, but he should be releasing a new one soon.

3. Matchmaker – DVD

Janene Garofalo has this magical ability to transform a potentially silly romantic comedy into a sharp character arc of an intelligent woman who happens to find a nice guy. Another important gift of the Garofalo is that she does not in any way need to end up with this guy to make her life complete, and if he was not nice she would simply smash him in the face and walk away. I bow to your powers and thank you for your efforts darling. And yes, that is Mrs. S from Orphan Black as a pub/B&B owner.

4. In Bruges – Netflix, Amazon Instant, iTunes

Set in Bruges, yet Irish to the core. Colin Farrell is hiding out with Brendan Gleeson after a job goes a bit badly. Ralph Fiennes is the boss and everything has a dark, delicious sheen of funny.

5. Grabbers – Amazon Instant, iTunes

Some genius made an Irish Horror Comedy film where the alien squid invaders are repelled by drunk people. The creatures can even smell the poisonous to them alcohol inside of a towns-person which makes them screech and run away. Richard Coyle and the entire cast plays it all off perfectly and with a good deal of giggling.sign

Top Valentines Day Movies: The Comprehensive List

When it comes to choosing a Valentines Day movie, there are many different moods and states to accommodate. Single, not single, happy, unhappy, never wanting to see a male again, etc. Another issue is that there are a vast number of romantic movies out there, available in every shade of quality and puke factor (the maximum syrup level in a film that a lady can take before she feels like gagging) imaginable. This is my attempt to at least slightly organize the chaos of this genre for the hope of hanging on to a bit of sanity during the season of love.

Top 10 Pure Romance

1. Penelope
2. Much Ado About Nothing (2012)
3. Father of the Bride (1991)
4. Pride and Prejudice
5. Amelie
6. The American President
7. Sabrina (Both Versions)
8. Ever After
9. Only You
10. The Long Hot Summer


Top 25 Romantic Comedies

1. The Baxter
2. Ghost Town
3. Legally Blonde
4. Bringing Up Baby
5. State and Main
6. Some Like it Hot
7. The Decoy Bride
8. New in Town
9. Baby Mama
10. Wimbledon
11. How to Steal a Million
12. How to Marry a Millionaire
13. Down with Love
14. Populaire
15. Strictly Ballroom
16. Princess Diaries 2
17. Bewitched
18. Easy A
19. Simply Irresistible
20. The Invention of Lying
21. Josie and the Pussycats
22. Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
23. The Wedding Singer
24. The Devil Wears Prada
25. 10 Things I Hate About You


Top 25 Darker/More Mature Romantic Comedies

1. The Lady Eve
2. All About Eve
3. Forgetting Sarah Marshall
4. Working Girl
5. Victor Victoria
6. Broadcast News
7. The Trouble with Harry
8. Moonrise Kingdom
9. What’s Your Number?
10. Run Fatboy Run
11. Bad Teacher
12. Wanderlust
13. The Other Woman
14. It’s Complicated
15. Hot Tub Time Machine
16. Bridesmaids
17. Bedazzled (1967)
18. Stranger than Fiction
19. So I Married an Axe Murderer
20. The 40 Year Old Virgin
21. What Planet are you From?
22. Gross Pointe Blank
23. Don Jon
24. They Came Together
25. Harold and Maude


Top 20 Action/Adventure Romance

1. Megamind
2. Stardust
3. Wall-E
4. Dark City
5. The Jungle Book (1994)
6. On Her Majesty’s Secret Service
7. True Romance
8. Ladyhawke
9. The Princess Bride
10. This Means War
11. Romancing the Stone
12. The Killer
13. George of the Jungle
14. Enchanted
15. Out of Sight
16. True Lies
17. The African Queen
18. Get Smart
19. Lucky Number Slevin
20. Date Night