SNL Dream Host List 2018

Here we go again:) It’s a rainy as hell spring here in Texas, so Stephanie is stuck inside and full of feelings.

This year there are no rules. I opened the list to all possibilities and people that have hosted before. Here is my pure I dreamed a dream host list for season 44:


Tiffany Haddish


My favorite host of the 43rd season so far, Tiffany is the brightest star in my possibility sky.

Margot Robbie


She opened season 42 with one of the best episodes in recent memory. She commits to the mayhem and I would like to see her become a new regular.

John Boyega


SNL needs some British humour every now and then, and so do I.


Kerry Washington


Please come back. It’s been so long.

Aubrey Plaza


Hey weirdo, wanna host the pre-Halloween episode?

Taika Waititi


Have you seen What We Do in the Shadows? He has to do Halloween.


Leslie Mann


She’s so cute and sweet and the right kind of crazy.

Donald Glover


Come on, man. Let’s do this.



Retta doing the Thanksgiving episode? Do it.




Lorne! Lorne! *poke* Lorne!!

Chadwick Boseman


This is a pretty sure thing. He’s talented and riding the high of Black Panther. If Chadwick hasn’t hosted by the end of the next season I will be very surprised and disappointed. (Bad Lorne!)

Jack Black


The Jumanji sequel was freaking hilarious and Jack Black was a big part of that. Christmas needs a showman, and I think that he is up for it.


Rachel Bloom


Sometimes I need to sing, dance, and watch something crazy.

Jay Chandrasekhar


Super Troopers 2 is finally going to be coming out. Finally. It’s going to have a heck of a publicity tour, and that should include SNL.

Oscar Issac


Along with the comedic actors, writers, and stand ups, there is a place for the dramatic and charming. It’s all about balance.


Angela Bassett


One of the most talented actresses of our time, and she has never hosted before. Let’s fix this.

Idris Elba


For Valentines week, is there anyone better suited?

John Cho


I wish to throw Cho at as many things as possible. I love him in everything.


John Early


Young. Weird. Writer.

Marisa Tomei


She’s Aunt May and she deserved that Oscar.

Trevor Noah


Is there anything that he can’t do? I’m thinking not.


Lupita Nyong’o


Luminous talent that just keeps shining brighter.

Billy Eichner


Difficult People had a lot of well-deserved goes at SNL over two seasons. What would be more perfect than giving Billy a host slot after that?

Michelle Williams


Who would go to the movies just to see Michelle Williams? That would be me, bitches.


Mindy Kaling


The Mindy Project has ended, and I miss her. Mother’s Day episode.

Alia Shawkat


Has everyone seen Search Party yet?

Keanu Reeves


Will never give up on this. The last of the John Wick trilogy will be coming out soon and he needs to SNL when it does.


Top 10: Kickass Women Movies

Mad Max: Fury Road

Furiosa is an angel made of skill and dead on aim. This movie won so many well-deserved oscars, and is as cool as it is beautiful.


The script and actors in this movie merge into a thing of comic perfection. It is rare, it is dry, and has just the right amount of naughty on top.


Her name is Mallory Kane. She has Bill Paxton as her father, and Ewan McGregor foolishly betrays her. Bad Ewan!

Wonder Woman

I mean, of course. So good:)

Agent Carter

Technically a TV show, but has all the aspects of the best action heroines. Carter gots character development with style. And sass.

The Fifth Element

Leeloo Dallas Multipass! Also, Luc Besson was the madman behind my formative lady killers/kick butters and I will always adore him for that.

Kill Bill 1&2

Do I still go up to people that I am upset with and pretend I know the five point exploding heart move? And tell them to go ahead, walk five steps? Yes. Yes, I do.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Girl can tumble and tell off her catty friends with class. I will always love you along with tv Buffy, movie Buffy.


Ming-Na Wen has been a glorious role model for decades now. Hopefully, her turn as May on Agents of Shield will go on for a while.


Lady power that improves every time I watch it. I just need some Ecto-Coolers to be sold again, and I am set for some ghosts.


Top 10: Crazy Ex Girlfriend Songs

As a new to Netflix show, I binged my heart out on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Rachel Bloom is a ridiculous talent, with the singing, dancing, writing, etc.

1. This was a Shit Show

The Greg farewell is my number one favorite in the show so far. West Covina was nice, but he knew it was time to move on. It was heartbreaking, funny, and perfect.

2. Sexy Getting Ready Song

From the very first episode, and into every viewers obsession bank. This ranks among the best lady songs of all time.

3. After Everything I Have Done for You

Paula gets to belt out her frustrations, and it is as impressive as it is terrifying.

4. Love Kernels

Josh’s love is what Rebecca wants most in the world, and watching her try to force it is sad yet relatable.

5. Sex with a Stranger

Anyone can be a murderer these days, but the Becks is especially worried about her Tinder date.

6. The Villain in my Own Story

Self-reflection can be a bitch sometimes, and Rebecca does it full on Musical Theater. Glorious.

7. Research Me Obsessively

So. Real. Facebook etc stalking of an ex’s new flame can be addictive ya’ll.

8. Wheres the Bathroom?

The most amazing character entrance, and lays out how her mother might be behind a lot of her issues.

9. Sexy French Depression

There’s nothing like a black and white depression fantasy parody sequence.

10. Ping Pong Girl

This was super 90s pop rock nostalgia, and lovingly “sporty”.


Saturday Night Live Dream Host List 2017

It was fun coming up with another bunch of suggestions for Lorne Michaels to hopefully take into consideration. Again, for the sake of simplification, I chose three hosts for every month that SNL tends to air.

New rule this time: There is no one on this list that has hosted before. For a few, it was very surprising, but here are my picks for crazy talented people and first time Saturday Night Live Hosts:


Rachel Bloom


Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is amazing, and this girl even auditioned for SNL. Rachel can sing, dance, and write some funny truths, making her the perfect premiere host.

John Boyega


How has this sweet baby angel of a man not hosted yet? Is his glee not infectious? Is he not of the Star Wars clan? And British?! Do it.

Chelsea Peretti


Chelsea has worked with Andy Sandberg on Brooklyn Nine Nine for four years, and in doing so, built her character Gina into the Goddess of all. Gina is the MVP glue of the magic that is the Nine Nine.




Donna from Parks and Recreation is my everything. That Woman can get it. I saw Retta on a recent Late Night with Seth Meyers episode and it reminded me how damn hilarious she is.

John Slattery


This man is a hot mess. After seeing him in different states of ruffled, I wish to see him take on SNL. Badly.

John Mulaney


Oh, the bridesmaid that was never a bride. Mulaney was a writer on SNL for years until he moved on, never making it to featured player. This was a shame, and I would like to see it rectified.


Miranda Hart


The BBC series Miranda is the perfect showcase for her awkward brilliance, and she killed it as Melissa McCarthys backup in Spy.

Keanu Reeves


Can you believe he’s never hosted? After the John Wick movies, you know you want this.

Terry Crews


The talented papa bear that is Terry Crews hosting the Thanksgiving episode? Yes.


Clark Gregg


Clark is one of those improv and classically trained actors. So strange, and so good at delivering.

Tituss Burgess


If you do not see why he belongs here, out with you!

Rachel Dratch


Dratch Christmas? You’re welcome.


Michaela Coel


After Hulu’s The Aliens and Netflix’s Chewing Gum, I am so onboard with more Michaela.

Krysten Ritter


She is lit with some serious fire, and so knows how to aim it.

Liev Schreiber


Liev is the personification of naughty humor wearing a monocle.


John Cho


I could list Star Trek, but the main reason Cho earned his place on my list is Selfie. It was a show that died too young, and it made me fall so in love with him.

Christina Hendricks


Valentines Day episode? Bring in the badass redhead.

Rashida Jones


Need. This.


Donald Glover


I mean, right?

Allison Dunbar


Allison is very intimidating. She is a Groundlings trained improv that also Burlesque dances. The awesome of that baffles and amazes me.

Dev Patel


Again, I am curious as to how Dev would play with the SNL crew. I feel that they would gel together beautifully.


Andre Braugher


How has this man not won an Emmy for his Brooklyn Nine Nine role?!

Ruth Negga


I’m just plain obsessed with Ruth:)

Glen Powell


My sugar angel sunshine. Everybody Wants Some and Scream Queens are full of funny actors, but Glen stands out. So much, it’s almost creepy.


Katy Mixon


So perfect for the Mothers Day episode. Katy was boss in Mike and Molly, and she rules in American Housewife.

Vanessa Hudgens


Fresh off playing Gigi on broadway, this girl is taking her role in Powerless and having so much fun with it.

Larry Wilmore


Larry so deserves the finale spot after his Nightly show got cancelled. This man can write a skit like nobodys business and deliver the hell out of it.

Bonus Want:

Please just make Leslie Jones and Cecily Strong the co-hosts of Weekend Update already.



Top 10: Shows I Wish Were Streaming

So, the entire premise of this blog entry is super whiny, but I am going to go there anyway. In this day and age where every show seemingly possible is available at our fingertips, there are still a few choice entries that for whatever reason have remained in the desolate wasteland beyond the reach of Netflix and Hulu. As time goes on, the distance between these shows and my fingertips becomes more and more an exercise of “but why??!!” Here are my top 10 shows that I wish were streaming already:

1. Boston Legal

If I were to count up all the ways in which I love James Spader, it would be really embarrassing because a good portion of my Spader feels are super inappropriate.

2. Murphy Brown

Candace Bergen as Murphy was the perfect lady role model in a show I deeply miss. Am I the only one that misses having this in their Hulu repertoire in a lady power binge along with Cybil, Another Period, Difficult People, Parks and Rec and homemade margaritas?

3. The Adventures of Brisco County Jr

One of those rare shows that are so good that their one and only season is more than enough to fuel cult status and forever love. As a western/sci-fi/comedy series with Bruce Campbell, there are few shows that offer a more satisfying binge.

4. Pushing Daises

I do remember when this was available on Netflix, but it has been a very long dry spell ever since. People need to be able to watch this show at will, it is a basic human right.

5. Roseanne

Granted, there are some episodes available on Netflix in a kind of “collection”, but Roseanne is something that deserves to be watched in it’s entirety. It’s super weird that it is not.

6. Looney Tunes

Yeah, I want to watch the full episodes of Looney Tunes, not just the YouTube clips. Chuck Jones created something of crazy hilarious beauty, and I wish to have access to all of it.

7. Golden Girls

Even though I barely remember this show, I still love it. As someone who does not have cable/access to TV Land, I look forward to watching this from the beginning some day.

8. Designing Women

Another awesome eighties show centered around strong women, with a badass sense of humor. Again, I remember a bit and have watched YouTube clips, but I really want to delve in completely.

9. Will and Grace

My first experience with Megan Mullally, and it has remained a favorite. The amount of quotes and moments in this series make Friends look like so much useless garbage in comparison, and I can never have too much Karen and Jack.

10. Hogans Heroes

 I used to watch this every day after school after Power Rangers and Animaniacs. It is absolutely a nostalgic staple, and I needs it.

P.S. I was going to add Taxi to this list, but found that they have it on Hulu now:) Oh, and Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman is on Amazon Prime.


Top 20 Eighties Comedies

The Eighties were a time of strange mixes in the land of movies. Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Romance, Action, Horror, and Comedy were being smashed together in new and psychedelic ways. Everything felt like it was being reinvented, and there were a shit ton of talented writers and directors to amp it all up to the level that this era so deserved.

1. Working Girl

Mike Nichols does my favorite 80s smartly bawdy adult comedy. I love Working Girl more and more as I get older, especially the concept of fake it til you make it.

2. Broadcast News

God, the writing here is freaking gorgeous, and the romance is so beside the point of this film. Holly Hunter rules.

3. Big Trouble in Little China

Balls to the wall crazy 80s energy with this one, and I love it. John Carpenter really knew how to embrace the era.

4. The Burbs

This was a recent watch on Netflix, and I have viewed it so many times over to make up for lost time. How did I go so long without you, you perfect horror comedy?

5. Clue

As ensemble comedy casts go, you can not beat this one. Tim Curry buttles his glorious heart out.

6. Victor Victoria

I have always wondered what an alternate reality version with Leslie Ann Warren and Robert Preston teaming up for a while would have been like.

7. The Lost Boys

A creepy new town complete with  Dianne Wiest, taxidermy loving grandpa, comic book shop, and a never ending carnival. Love it.

8. Trading Places

Here’s the thing: I have seen this movie soooo many times on so many channels through the years, and I am still not sick of it.

9. Romancing the Stone

They really don’t make movies like this anymore, such a classic romance adventure. Does anyone else see a resemblance between Kathleen Turner here and Amy Schumer? Cause I’m not huge on advocating for more re-makes (even though a number of them are awesome), but I’d love to see Schumer and Paul Rudd do one.

10. The Sure Thing

This is It Happened One Night eighties style with John Cusack, and it is one of the best things ever.

11. A Fish Called Wanda

John Cleese is so adorably polite and British, even when in his altogether. Madcap caper brilliance with a well paired cast, and they meet up again in the nineties with Fierce Creatures.

12. When Harry Met Sally

My favorite Nora Ephron, Meg Ryan, and Billy Crystal film. Ephron can really write a great rant, and Billy can deliver the hell out of them.

13. Raising Arizona

The Coen brothers sweetness with a dash of sweet sad. Just cause some people are a little crazy does not mean that they would not be great parents.

14. Evil Dead II

What is needed for comedy magic? Bruce Campbell’s face.

15. Three Amigos

I have so much nostalgic love wrapped up in this film. The corn is at a lovely level, and this trio just makes me happy.

16. Troop Beverly Hills

Craig T. Nelson stupidly divorces Shelly Long, which makes her find new purpose teaching young girls life lessons that are actually useful.

17. My Favorite Year

Satire, Peter O’Toole, and a hearkening to the glory days of cinema.

18. This is Spinal Tap

Arguably Christopher Guest’s greatest creation, and what will forever be a King of the Cult Classics.

19. After Hours

So, Martin Scorsese did this weird comedy about a guy whose money literally flew out of a window of a cab and has to find his own trek home. It’s full of what they used to term “adult humour” and it pairs well with An American Werewolf in London.

20. Honey I Shrunk the Kids

 Why can’t we have this sort of family sci-fi comedy any more? I really miss this kind of movie; time to check Netflix. What? They have Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves but for some reason not the original? But I needs to start at the beginning ya’ll. This is the “we only have Escape from LA” fiasco all over again!


My Top 20 Spy Movies

Compiling this list has made me realize how many excellent spy films are out there, and that I vastly prefer the ones with a comedic bent. Cause being honest with myself, there are thrillers that are so well done that watching them again is a bummer. A sad, depressing, too realistic view of our society and the horrible people in it. So, while a few of these more serious selections made it into my list, the rest may only have serious bits. Bits filled with clever and funny observations that make viewing them more than once a joy.

1. Spy

It does not often happen that I become so attached and deep in love with a newer film so quickly. Usually I need some time until they even have a chance of unseating my old favorites, but Spy is already my covert affairs one true love.

2. Kingsman: The Secret Service

Kingsman impressed me with how funny it was, while updating the old school style of the british spy movie. I mean, they may have classic style, but the attitude and outlook of this film is refreshingly modern.

3. North by Northwest

Cary Grant is perfect for this Alfred Hitchcock spy kinda comedy. Beware James Mason, even when intoxicated Cary is a wily foe.

4. Despicable Me 2

Gru Goes Undercover should really be the caption for this film, as he tries his hand at being one of the good guys. I love the playout of his immediate suspicion of El Macho, with his handsy son, and evil chicken.

5. Skyfall

Best. Bond. Film. Ever. I grew up on Bond, and my favorites were On Her Majesty’s Secret Service and Goldfinger. There are a lot of issues with the classic Bonds and how they treated their women though. The first two in the newer crop of movies were underwhelming for me, but Skyfall is the shit. Well written, with badass ladies, and beautifully acted, it is far and away my favorite 007 film as a grown lady.

6. The Manchurian Candidate

Chock full of conspiracies and send ups of the McCarthy era, this is classic political thriller. The material here is so dense and real that even the remake in 2004 was really good. (Liev Schreiber does a scary good Laurence Harvey, but then again he can do anything.)

7. Haywire

It is super cool that Steven Soderbergh built an action spy thriller around the awesome that is Gina Carano, except that not many people seem to know about it. Gina is Mallory Kane, a former military mercenary whom the guys in charge foolishly think is perfect to take the fall for their mistakes. She magnificently does not take that shit at all.

8. Archer

Of course I had to include Archer in here! Yeah, it’s a tv show, but damn does it parody the heck out of everything remotely spy.

9. Penguins of Madagascar


Everyone’s favorite penguin spy group come up against the perfect villain for their solo film. Dave the octopus, voiced by John Malkovich, and maniacal lover of film actor based puns. Do I need a sequel? Yes. Yes, I do.

10. The Three Musketeers (1973)

I did a re-watch of this recently, and I forgot how much I looove this movie. Richard Lester does what is the ultimate version of Dumas, faithful to the books and full of humour.

11. Get Smart

Steve Carell and Anne Hathaway have such cute chemistry together, and Steve’s talent for physical comedy has power over me.

12. This Means War

I can’t help it, cause this movie never fails to make me happy. It features two top agents falling for Reese Witherspoon in a very competitive manner. Reese’s character totally reminds me of how it is to navigate building your life while single, and eventually relearning how the heck to date. My favorite moment is when Chris Pine takes her to the club on a first date, all schmoozy and showing off, and then he turns around and she’s gone. Cause yeah, she’s too mature for that bullcrap, and I adore that she had the honest balls to do what I have wanted to on a number of occasions.

13. The Interview

I swear that I have a sensitive humour palate, but it seems to like to balance itself out with the less than refined let’s say. This movie made me laugh way too hard, and I have to give it props for some beautiful ridiculousness.

14. Red

Helen Mirren is a goddess.

15. Charade

Hepbern and Grant make some lovely covert investigations together.

16. The Lady Vanishes

There is something about a mystery on a train that gives me joy. I must say, there were more comic moments in this film than reviews make it seem, and it has held up well. As I did not see this Hitchcock til it was on Netflix, there was a thought distracting me the entire film. Does anyone else think that Michael Redgrave would have made a fabulous Doctor on Doctor Who?

17. The Man Who Knew Too Little

Who knew that a clueless Bill Murray would make one of the best spys that the world has ever known? A fun live experience while visiting his brother turns very real, and Murray really sells how dense this dolt character can be with his trademark charm.

17. Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

There are way too many actors of renown here to note, and they all kill it. They kill it so dead and so good that this has become my favorite John le Carre.

19. Our Man Flint

Our Man Flint is from whence Austin Powers’ came. It is the granddaddy of spy parody, in all its’ 1960s glory.

20. Notorious

Ingrid Bergman is Nazi bait, and Cary Grant only allows her to be partially eaten before he rescues her. The noir is deep here.