45 Finds for Christmas

Christmas Outfit:

Tree Cardigan, Cary Grant Christmas Shirt, PJ Pants, Slippers


Gingerbread Man, Noir Noel, Clever Girl, Star Trek Tree Topper, Octopus, 101 Dalmatians, Jaws, Natalie Wood, Ginger Fred, Road Runner

Dolly Parton:

Dolly Songteller Book, Holly Dolly Shirt, Dolly Cookie


London in Bloom, Planetarium, Styling the Stars


Peggy Lee, High Fidelity, Batman the Animated Series Vol. 2, Hot Fuzz, Sean of the Dead, Emma

Puzzles and Games:

Cinema 3D Puzzle, Camelot 3D Puzzle, Die Hard Puzzle, Pan Am Game, Shadowed Kingdom, Axe Throwing, Mystery Date


Bumble Candle, Die Hard Candle, Frozen 2 Horse, Papa Riker Pizza Apron, Thor / Freya Hat, Chateau Picard Glass, Jurassic Park Hammond Cane


Solar System Poster, Simply Irresistible Poster, Drive-In Custom Print, Leia Art Print, General Leia Art Print

20 Christmas Gift Ideas for Mystery Lovers


Die Hard: The Nakatomi Heist Board Game, Stack The Bones Wood Block Game, Murder Mystery Party Game


Whodunit Puzzle Book, Cheddar Gorge: A Book of English Cheeses

Pins / Magnets

Laura Magnet Set, Cinema Marquee Brooch, Bear in Sherpa Pin


Edward Gorey’s Dracula Puzzle, Mars Puzzle, Captain Marvel Puzzle


The Fatal Intermission Print



Symphony Frogs Shower Curtain, Mystery Cutting Board, Let it Snow Globe Cup, Day at the Beach Towel, Otter Ornament, Christmas in Connecticut Ornament


Flip’em the Bird Fingerless Gloves

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5 Fandom Friday: Christmas Movies

My Christmas Movie favorites have been pretty solidified over the years, with a new one sneaking in rarely. These are my top 5, and they are laden with nostalgia that pairs well with a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon and holiday treats.

1. Desk Set

Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy star in my Reference Library Christmas Heaven. This is my favorite for so many reasons, but mostly for how much I want to be Katharine in this movie. #goals

2. Bachelor Mother

Ginger Rogers is a department store holiday worker who comes across a random baby on a doorstep and can convince no one that she is not actually the mother. Since she is unmarried in the 1930s, their reactions of being helpful and doing everything they can to support her with the baby add even more heart to this Christmas Romantic Comedy pick.

3. The Muppet Christmas Carol

This is my favorite Muppet movie, bar none. Gonzo and Rizzo the Rat are the perfect narrators and Michael Caine is THE ultimate scrooge. It’s adorable and scary and is even a freaking musical. Love. It.

P.S. The When Love is Gone song has been removed from newer American versions of this movie, and that is totally unacceptable.

4. Die Hard

It’s funny when every year articles come out defending Die Hard’s status as a Christmas film. I have never seen anyone argue that it is not one, so ya’ll are just arguing with something non-existent. Unless a lot of people have a stuffy grandma that’s like “No, we can’t be having that kind of 80s badass naughtiness as a holiday classic!” If so, please tape that conversation and share cause that would be super adorable. However, I feel that most grandmas are like mine, totally up for wine and Die Hard. Old ladies are awesome.

5. The Night Before

A newer addition to my must list of the season, and almost too hilarious. Like, I tried to re-watch this on a plane and had to stop cause I could not control my laugh volume. The tale is relatively simple, but the characters and their bond are super freaking sweet. My absolute favorite bits are with Seth Rogan and Jillian Bell as husband and pregnant wife. They play them very real and loving, and I would love to see more with those two.



5 Fandom Friday: Holiday Traditions

1. Piggy Bank Stocking Stuffers


My husband and I are still basically newlyweds, so all of our traditions are fairly new. This Christmas will be our second time taking our literal piggy bank to the nearest Coinstar and then buying each others stocking stuffers with half the piggy proceeds each. It was like a fun treasure hunt to have a random amount to stick to while trying to keep our respective baskets out of each others sight.

2. Chilling at the Ski Lodge Fireplace


Skiing is one of the sillier winter activities ever, or at least the one that I least understand. I’m with comedian Dylan Moran on this, which makes it the right side of the issue! However, the ski lodge is a place that I absolutely get. Wine, hot chocolate, and comfy chairs in front of the fireplace make up paradise. Yeah, go ahead and ski, I’m going to sit right here with my sav blanc and watch the snow fall through the well placed windows.

3. Nick Offerman’s Yule Log

Double meaning in that. A meaning that I am just going to let speak for itself and not contradict, cause any curiosity about Offerman’s yule log is completely understandable.

4. Doctor Who Christmas Special


River is totes going to throw down with 13, and it will be glorious. This one may even dethrone The Snowmen as my favorite Whoville Christmas special so far. Adorably grumpy Matt Smith has a lot to fear from Capaldi’s cute grump powers, and you just know that he’s going to sizzle with Kingston. The lush back and forth intellectual sizzle of Nick and Nora Charles hopped up on Doctor Who. *Rubs hands together* *Evil happy cackle*

5. Crackers


These have been available in America for at least the past three years ( when I first noticed them in a Safeway market ), and I have been seeing them more and more lately everywhere. This is another tradition that I have happily stolen from Britain, and I have no shame whatsoever about it.

Merry Christmas Y’all


5 Fandom Friday: Holiday Recommendations

After a long and unsatisfying pre-winters’ nap, I have returned to the warm fuzzy embrace that is 5 Fandom Friday. Holiday cocktail in hand, writing a Christmas blog entry, and wanting to spray everything in sight with that decorative snow spray stuff has me feeling right with the season. Bring it on, Christmas-time.

1. Ain’t it Cool News Holiday Gift Guide

For real, this four part list of gift suggestions has helped me find the perfect things for family and friends that I had been drawing an idea blank on.

2. S’mores Vodka


This is a magic maker and problem solver:

Out of vanilla? Use S’mores Vodka.

Family coming over last minute or are driving you nuts? S’mores Vodka.

Ran unexpectedly out of chocolate chips for cookies/fudge/anything? Put that S’mores Vodka in.

Yes, I have actually done these, as well as put it in whipped cream, frosting, etc and it absolutely works.

3. Train Travel to your Holiday Destination


The Amtrak trains are a beacon of sanity for holiday travelers. Is it more crowded than normal at this time? Absolutely, but it still beats all other options to bits and pieces. Being able to bring my grandmother to visit the rest of our family and not have to deal with her backseat driving and/or random craziness while battling Christmas traffic: Priceless. Plus, there are observation cars to sit in comfort and silence at a nice seat while reading a book and drinking some wine. Plus plus, they have a dining car, where you can visit with fellow humans and a nice lady in all pink will pay for your whole table right before she gets off at her stop, expecting no thanks whatsoever, so every table member then decides to pass it forward by leaving a huge tip. True story. Love, love trains:)

4. Christmas Movie Marathon

In any shape or size, the Christmas Movie Marathons are the best. These three make up my favorite one, no big deal.

5. Gingerbread Cupcakes


This is a must make recipe every year, and is the best gingerbread anything that I have come across. Spoiler alert: there are a looot of disgusting gingerbread recipes out there.


5 Fandom Friday: Presents I Want Santa To Bring Me

1. Digital Theatre Gift Certificate

Digital Theatre Gift Certificate
Digital Theatre Gift Certificate
Digital Theatre Gift Certificate
Digital Theatre Gift Certificate
Finding this site, which enables those that live in the United States to watch certain UK play productions, has made me very happy. My first purchase was the David Tennant and Catherine Tate version of Much Ado About Nothing, which is still my favorite. I am hoping that the Danny Boyle and Benedict Cumberbatch Frankenstein will be added soon, but there are plenty of others to tide me over until then.


2. Thomas Edison’s Nightmare Print

The Oatmeal can always be counted on to deliver delicious cheeky goodness. I love Thomas Edison’s face on this print as he is chased by Tesla riding his kitty steed.


3. Record Player

Since the resurgence of the vinyl era, there have been more record player options made available. At some point, I would love to set myself up with one.


4. Sandman Full Collection

Neil Gaiman’s full Sandman collection would be the perfect choice to curl up and read through the Christmas season.


5. TARDIS Christmas Sleepwear

So comfortable and cool looking. I can picture myself eating so many s’mores while watching the Doctor Who Christmas Special in these.

Top 25 Christmas Movies

 1. Desk Set

Katherine Hepburn is the head of the research librarian department and plays the woman that I wish to become some day.

2. Bachelor Mother

Another Christmas classic, David Niven and Ginger Rogers go slightly screwball with a touch of social satire.

3. The Miracle of Morgan’s Creek

This is only technically a Christmas film because of the end sequence, but it counts. Preston Sturges at his best, and one of the funniest films ever made.

4. The Apartment

Billy Wilder takes us through Christmas and New Years using the experiences of C.C. Baxter, a regular guy just trying to get ahead.

5. The Thin Man

Nick and Nora are always wonderful and welcome for the holidays.

6. The Shop Around The Corner

This was remade as You’ve Got Mail, which is cute but does not get close to the pure sweetness and humanity of the original.

7. The Muppet Christmas Carol

A musical version of The Christmas Carol with The Muppets and Michael Caine. The only problem I have that for some reason the lovely song When Love is Gone is missing from the U.S. release of the film.

8. Just Friends

Ryan Reynolds is perfect for this mix of high school issues, family, and winning the girl he loves.

9. Miracle on 34th Street

Natalie Woods has the cutest skeptical face as adults around her try to convince her that Santa is real.

10. Christmas in Connecticut

Barbara Stanwyck pretends to have Martha Stewart powers and a husband for her paying column, unfortunately the magazine editor wishes to attend the holidays at her pretend cabin along with a soldier recently returned home.

11. Elf

Will Ferrell proved with this film that he is far from a one trick pony. This is a beautiful love letter to the Christmas season with the perfect amount of nostalgia and humor.

12. The Nightmare Before Christmas

Jack Skellington and Sally are always in season in this inspired film that is still unique as ever.

13. The Sure Thing

A very young John Cusack is in this It Happened One Night semi-remake and I love it.

14. When Harry Met Sally

Nora Ephron writes a relationship that builds throughout the ages with some of the best dialog ever between two human beings.

15. The Ref

Denis Leary just wants to get his getaway boat working so he can escape the crazy dysfunctional family that is only slightly useful as cover from the police.

16. While You Were Sleeping

Sandra Bullock and Bill Pullman have a refreshing amount of chemistry in this holiday romantic comedy.

17. Die Hard

Hans Gruber just makes me happy.

18. We’re No Angels


I grew up watching this Humphrey Bogart dark comedy classic, which is an awesome take on the Three Wise Men tale.

19. 12 Monkeys

Terry Gilliam has a very interesting and incredible view of how to put together a Christmas movie.

20. One Hundred and One Dalmatians

This was the first movie I ever saw in the theater, and it remains a favorite.

21. Meet John Doe

Gary Cooper shows off his earnest face and good intentions which get taken out of context by some real scrooges.

22. The Long Kiss Goodnight

The definition of a badass Christmas movie.

23. Trapped in Paradise

Three crooks take advantage of what turns out to be the most helpful and innocent small town possible. This makes for a huge dose of holiday guilt.

 24. The Family Stone

Getting along with potential in-laws is always a prickly situation, and this showcases the worst case scenario working out in the best way.

 25. Three Days of the Condor

Do you want some stylish gorgeousness in your Christmas thriller?