Fandom 5: Favorite Speaking Voices

As much as I love movies and this golden age of television, there has been a lack on the part of the internet to give a nod to literal voices. Yes, it is a fairly superficial thing, since it a born with kind of quality. However, it can be one of the most mesmerizing traits an actor can have. At least for me as a viewer. Here are the five people that reel me in not only with their talent, but their way of speaking:

Shohreh Aghdashloo

She is a goddess, and her voice is so textured. I remember seeing her for the first time on 24, and falling in love with her voice.

Irene Roseen

She has this strangely beautiful way of speaking. It’s like a fairy tale gravel well.

Glynis Johns

If Tinkerbell could speak, she would sound like Glynis.

Idris Elba

Among all of his many talents, his voice is able to match his eye intensity perfectly.

Beth Broderick

The voice that I most wish to emulate. The aunts were always the best part of Sabrina the Teenage Witch to me, and Zelda was my virtual mentor.

Bonus Picks:

Kathleen Turner, Eartha Kitt, Kelly Bishop, Linda Lavin, Jeanne Moreau



5 Fandom Friday: Favorite Animated Movies

I like my animated movies sweet with a side of grown up humor. These are the corny well-written winners of my heart:


Megamind is an adorable professional evil doer, with a total subconscious at first crush on reporter Roxanne Richie (Tina Fey). Fab cast here, and I loves me a brilliant superhero parody.


Beautiful silent film comedy in animated form. Basically. So, so, hopeful and loving.

Penguins of Madagascar

Pengins’ is cute. Pengins’ is accidentally on purpose the best at covert affairs. Pengins’ is fuzzy and wiggly and witty.


Disney just keeps proving it is still in the game. Perfect everything.

Wallace and Gromit: Curse of the Were Rabbit

This is one of my favorite Halloween movies to this day. With the recent passing of Peter Sallis (Wallace), I need to do a full re-watch of the series to remember and respect the awesome.


5 Fandom Friday: Shows I Love, But….

This weeks topic ” Season/Episode I would delete from a show ” submitted to Female Geek Bloggers by Epicfied, is something that I have given so many fangirl hours to over the years. We all have shows that are deeply loved, but which contain episodes and even seasons that make us crazy. There are such things as shows that I would not change one single thing about, and those are easy to love. The harder, deeper love can however be given to the imperfect show. The show that can be so good, and get us perfectly, only to make us furious later. It can be a complicated relationship with my top 5 Problematic Shows, but I love them despite their faults.

(I chose to not list the eps I would take out, cause that would be an all over the place list, sniping episodes all over the seasons etc. Basically, too complicated to do, and I’m lazy. Lazy, and doing this my way would mean re-watching everything and making sure I still feel the same way about the picks. Yeah, I may be the one that makes these things too complicated.)

Here are five episodes from each pick that I believe can suck in a new fan, and give them the best that these sometimes troubled shows have to offer:

1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Buffy will always be a favorite, even with all of the soap opera drama, Zanderness, and Giles leaving like a British betrayer. Why? Because no matter how upset a storyline can make me in the moment, all it takes is a brilliantly funny/tragic episode for me to fall in love all over again.

Episode that’ll make you addicted: Beer Bad

This selection has everything that makes Buffyverse the best. It’s unique as heck; takes a trope (Buff sleeps with seemingly sweet guy, guy ignores her after and becomes a total skeez) and upends it beautifully. It’s human, relateable, and funny. Plus, cavegirl Buff is fabulous.

2. Supernatural

Ugh, the ways in which this show has broken my heart are countless. But, then I come across one of the many episodes that make me bliss out, and I forget my anger. If there is one strength that this show has, it is making love to it’s fans through the power of meta.

Ep to Convert a Newbie: The Real Ghostbusters

It has the meta. It has the parody of a fan convention, but in a sweet way. It has well written human people. It has a “murder mystery” turned real. Love. This. So. Much.

3. Battlestar Galactica

I’ll say it: Gaius Baltar makes me crazy. Over the course of the seasons, I so wanted one of the other characters to just throw him out an airlock already. And, the Apollo/Starbuck stuff. I ship them super hard, and they kept keeping them apart, and adding soap opera drama. Booo. Sigh. But, this series is so well done. It’s just pure sci-fi, and the writers are some talented SOBs.

Episode that Flies Pure and True: 33

So good. So real. So perfectly crafted.

4. The Mindy Project

Again, the drama bits can get on my nerves. I’m glad a number of the relationship issues have been resolved so that the show can concentrate more on the power of Mindy being Mindy. Cause when that is the focus, it shines.

Episode to Cry Laugh To: Mindy Lahiri is a White Man

Let me just say, Ryan Hansen is seemless as the white man version of Mindy. I mean, I want him to have a spinoff or something, because it is too perfect.

5. Scream Queens

Okay, I have spoken so many times of my love for this show that I even annoy myself. But, there are some problems. Such as continuity issues, certain Chanels not growing a backbone already, and not giving Taylor Lautner near enough to do. Do most of my issues with this series serve to add to it’s cheesy nature though? Yup. It’s a trainwreck sometimes, but it sure is a fun one:)

 Ep That Fully Seizes Power: Beware of Young Girls

God, the vicious awesome of this episode. It lines up everything, and then has the time of it’s life raining it all down. Jaime Lee is life, and the magic of sparkly horror cheese becomes completely realized.


5 Fandom Friday: TV Shows I Would Un-Cancel

Yea, let’s get right back into this Fandom 5 goodness! I can’t wait to see the picks the other ladies in this group have chosen:)

1. Pushing Daisies

Chuck and Ned Foreva and always. Brian Fuller gave us this magic mix of bright color, comedy, and mystery that has been gone for too many years.

2. Agent Carter

Hayley Atwell is Agent Carter. Just completely embodies this character, and no other role can utilize all that is Hayley so perfectly. There are so many stories for this Marvel character to get up to, and this show was at just the beginning of handling them.

3. Dollhouse

Dollhouse is near and dear to me, and I still miss it. Alan Tudyk had so much more to do as alpha, and the show was at once rawly human and a bit hilarious. So, so, beautifully felt and realized through one of the best casts ever.

4. Selfie

Karen Gillan was fresh from Doctor Who when she landed a spot on the Emily Kapnek (Suburgatory) My Fair Lady update with John Cho. This turned out to be an amazing combination which has become a cult classic with new people regularly discovering it on Hulu and loving it.

5. Quick Draw

One of the first Hulu produced shows, Quick Draw went largely unnoticed until being cancelled after the second season. It is an outline only script show riffed off of by a team of comedic improvisers set in an Old West town. There has never been anything else like it, and I adore it with every fiber of my being.


5 Fandom Friday: Fictional TV Spouses I’d Totally Marry

Happy weekend after Valentines Day! I feel that I need at least a week around Valentines to really start getting in the mood for the holiday. I burn slow, what can I say? With all of the well done tv shows out right now, there are some husbands that make me go awwww every week. It is nice to see men on television that treat their wives well, especially after an era where tv husbands were awful to the wife for comedic value.

Here are some spouses that I would so marry:

1. Greg Otto- American Housewife

This show is about as sweet as it gets. Diedrich Bader as Greg is a professor husband married to Katy Mixon, and they have the best chemistry. The Valentines episode had him as the one who goes all out and gets excited. The man gets into the zone for writing papers by drinking port and standing like Wonder Woman, because he’s awesome. And when his family interrupts his writing, he does not get mad. He redoes his ritual, and continues on.

2. Arthur Tack- Difficult People

Artur works for PBS, and his bowties kill me. He is a supportive, cooking, classic movie loving sweet baby angel. Bonus points for being James Urbaniak.

3. Ben Wyatt- Parks and Recreation

I mean, Adam Scott is the cutest in everything, but Ben Wyatt is his peak form. It is helped by how perfectly he complements Leslie’s personality, and they become one beautiful beast.

4. Terry Jeffords- Brooklyn 99

Terry Crews is my everything. On Brooklyn, his husband and father skills are showcased perfectly. Does he lose it sometimes trying to make his babies a princess castle? Yes. But, this just makes him more perfect.

5. Burt Chance- Raising Hope

Burt is a strange and wonderful husband in one unique and badass marriage. Growing up is fine, but being able to be childish and play with your spouse is freaking magical.


5 Fandom Friday- Galentines Gifts

Happy almost Galentines Day, my ladies of fandom! I love that this weeks prompt celebrates the fact that Parks and Recreation made a legitimately awesome new holiday for us to enjoy.

1. Bling Sting Alarm

Super cute and loud as hell if need be, this is perfect to clip on a purse or belt loop.

2. Hark A Vagrant Print

For $16, you can get a print of any Hark a Vagrant comic. Kate Beaton is hilarious and I can find a print for any of my friends here.

3. My Favorite Murder Pillow

Yes, I am obsessed with this podcast. Yes, I have been drawing as many other people into it with me as possible. Why? Because I must. Karen Killgariff and Georgia Hardstark talk about murders and whatever else catches their fancy. And they happen to be funny as hell, just a couple of straight talking ladies trying as best they can to avoid being killed. “Stay sexy, and Don’t Get Murdered” is their tagline after all. Their merch is adorable, and all profits go to charity.

4. Bee and Puppycat Sword

This totally looks like it belongs in a She-Ra cartoon, and I love it. Puppycat power!

5. Lisa Frank Stationery Set

I know, I’m in a very pink friendly place in my head right now, and it seems I’m not the only one with the Frank resurgence and all. It’s funny because I grew up when Lisa Frank was first popular, and I had zero interest. Now I see it and go “Ohhh the colors and the prettty, give it.”


5 Fandom Friday: Upcoming TV Shows I Can’t Wait to See!

I am so loving getting back into the 5 Fandom Friday spirit:) There are definitely plenty of tv shows to come that look interesting, but few that truly call to me. Here are my fave picks this year:

1. Great News

Tina Fey is involved, and that is all that I really need to know. That lady rules over my sense of humor. Her Netflix show Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt had a second season even better than the first; how does she do that?? Featuring Briga Heelan, Andrea Martin, John Michael Higgins, and Horatio Sands, Great News is premiering on NBC April 25th and I can not wait.

2. Riverdale

I am watching the premiere tonight, and I am fangirling hard. Archie comics were staples throughout my girlhood, and the Twin Peaks supernatural vibe added to the Riverdale universe just feels right. So, so right.

3. Legion

This looks insane and amazing. I expect to have no idea what is real and what is not, and to have a lot of dry Aubrey Plaza moments. Killer.

4. American Gods

The cast for this already makes it a winner, so I am very hopeful. If anyone has a chance of successfully adapting and bringing American Gods to the screen, it is these people.

5. Santa Clarita Diet

So this was a surprise. One day the promo popped up on my Facebook feed, featuring Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant in a funny literal zombie suburbia. Love it.

Honorable Mention:

Golden Girls

All of the seasons will be on Hulu Feb. 13th! Yes. Finally, my Golden Girls needs will be fulfilled, and I will emerge all the classier for it.