Review: Bojack Horseman Season 4


Season four of Bojack has the unenviable task of coming after season three. There is no being better than season three, let’s just be real. One and two were solid and built up this crazy cartoon world, but three played fully in all of the glory and mess of that Bojack place to the point that it is not a television season. It is a fraking composition. Watching it, you can almost feel a conductor playing you through a perfectly formed story. One of the best seasons of a show ever.

But we must move on, I suppose. To Season Four:

Well, I get now why Bojack is how he is. There is a long line of dysfunction in the Horseman/Sugarman tree and next to it Bojack seems the picture of even keeled respectability. Sure he drinks to excess and is self-involved, but at least he’s never had someone lobotomized for showing emotion or poisoned someone for the sake of thinness. It’s ugly, and it’s hard to choose a winner for “most horrible”, but I’ll try. Hrmm, my vote goes to Bojack’s mother Beatrice (voiced by the fabulous Wendie Malik). She has moments, sure, where she seems like a relatable character who is forged by bad situations. But then she soaks them up. She thrives on her misery and handing it out to those around her. Her father does these sorts of things without comprehending the consequences, but she is very aware. It takes a dedicated horror of a human to do the things that she does while having dementia. The one thing that is unclear to me is why she was so upset about the babydoll? Does it tell of a nurturing instinct in her as long as the thing to be nurtured is silent and obedient? Is it her own childhood innocence that she is so desperate to save? The last seems more likely.

Unknowingly walking into this disaster is the possible daughter/definite sister of Bojack. Hollyhock is a cute and sweet 17 year old girl who just wants to know who her biological parents are. She possesses a dry sense of humor that makes for lovely moments between her and her father/brother. They bond over the season, and I truly hope that that will continue into the next, because they are funny and cute and I want more. Having grown up adopted by eight loving and supportive dads, Hollyhock has a heck of a good chance of breaking the Horseman/Sugarman curse and becoming a well rounded and whole woman/person.

Oh yeah, there is a thru line with Mr. Peanutbutter and some bits of political satire. Does this last long enough to be a real parody of the most recent presidential election or is it more of a blip that is kinda cute and a setup for jokes that really have little to do with anything political? And some Diane and Mr. Peanutbutter fights? I’m just saying, don’t go in expecting much in the way of Trump takedowns etc. A little bit. Not much.

The workmanship was gorgeous as always, and the rendering of emotion in animated form is impressive. Wanna feel depressed and concerned, while being periodically tickled? This is the season for you. This is not so much of a story as the fleshing out of it’s main character. It’s a flashback, and compelling as hell. Just be in the right mood to watch it.


My heart hurts and my sides are not even slightly weak from laughter. I feel like I watched something that was very good that I did not love as a whole but I did in moments.

Episode 2 and 7 and 9 have the most of these moments.



Top 10: Kickass Women Movies

Mad Max: Fury Road

Furiosa is an angel made of skill and dead on aim. This movie won so many well-deserved oscars, and is as cool as it is beautiful.


The script and actors in this movie merge into a thing of comic perfection. It is rare, it is dry, and has just the right amount of naughty on top.


Her name is Mallory Kane. She has Bill Paxton as her father, and Ewan McGregor foolishly betrays her. Bad Ewan!

Wonder Woman

I mean, of course. So good:)

Agent Carter

Technically a TV show, but has all the aspects of the best action heroines. Carter gots character development with style. And sass.

The Fifth Element

Leeloo Dallas Multipass! Also, Luc Besson was the madman behind my formative lady killers/kick butters and I will always adore him for that.

Kill Bill 1&2

Do I still go up to people that I am upset with and pretend I know the five point exploding heart move? And tell them to go ahead, walk five steps? Yes. Yes, I do.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Girl can tumble and tell off her catty friends with class. I will always love you along with tv Buffy, movie Buffy.


Ming-Na Wen has been a glorious role model for decades now. Hopefully, her turn as May on Agents of Shield will go on for a while.


Lady power that improves every time I watch it. I just need some Ecto-Coolers to be sold again, and I am set for some ghosts.


5 Fandom Friday: Favorite Animated Movies

I like my animated movies sweet with a side of grown up humor. These are the corny well-written winners of my heart:


Megamind is an adorable professional evil doer, with a total subconscious at first crush on reporter Roxanne Richie (Tina Fey). Fab cast here, and I loves me a brilliant superhero parody.


Beautiful silent film comedy in animated form. Basically. So, so, hopeful and loving.

Penguins of Madagascar

Pengins’ is cute. Pengins’ is accidentally on purpose the best at covert affairs. Pengins’ is fuzzy and wiggly and witty.


Disney just keeps proving it is still in the game. Perfect everything.

Wallace and Gromit: Curse of the Were Rabbit

This is one of my favorite Halloween movies to this day. With the recent passing of Peter Sallis (Wallace), I need to do a full re-watch of the series to remember and respect the awesome.


Casting a Remake: The Miracle of Morgan’s Creek

This movie storyline would definitely not work in modern times. Maybe. Kinda. We still seem to be a bit behind when it comes to unplanned pregnancies as a culture. The idea of recasting this classic, and finding current actors to play in this Preston Sturges made world is at first impossible. That is, until you realize how many dorkfish are still out there, that can still do a pratfall and nail 1930s fast-talk humor. Bless you, you amazing weirdos.

Norval Jones: John Gallagher Jr

John is a master of all comic acting, and he can sing like an angel. The role of a sweet and nervous late bloomer would be easy for him to get into.

Trudy Kockenlocker: Krysten Ritter

Trudy talks like a bullet train without breathing, and is sweet as she is weird.

Emmy Kockenlocker: Kiernan Shipka

Emmy is my favorite part. She is the little sister, but is the wisest of the bunch. And damn, can she deliver a put down. After watching her grow up in Mad Men, and seeing her in Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Kiernan’s got this.

Constable Edmund Kockenlocker: John Pyper-Ferguson

The father of the girls has been raising them on his own for an undetermined period of time. He’s a former soldier, current constable. He is gruff, ornery, and washes the dishes in a frilly apron. Most of all, he loves and protects his daughters.

Mr. Rafferty : Bill Irwin

Rafferty has some great lines, and is a loyal sweetie. After watching Legion, I had to add in Irwin, he belongs.

Mr. Tuerck: Jason Segel

Is Norval’s boss an asshole? Yes.

Mr. Johnson: Jemaine Clement

The lawyer that rents a room to Norval is sharp as a tack and wry as hell.

“Psychology” Military Police Sergeant:  Jaime Camil

This precious darling of an actor is perfect for disciplining soldiers with kindness and “psychology”.

Justice of the Peace: David Cross

Could he be considered the evil villain of this tale? Yes. Mind your business, Mr. Nosy.

Governor McGinty : Melissa McCarthy

Brian Donlevy is one of the more underrated comic actors, mostly stereotyped into gangster roles because of his tough exterior. And he has mad dimples. Melissa is perfect for modern McGinty.

The Boss: Leslie Jones

The McGinty puppet master turned co-pilot, Leslie is perfect for The Boss.


5 Fandom Friday: Shows I Love, But….

This weeks topic ” Season/Episode I would delete from a show ” submitted to Female Geek Bloggers by Epicfied, is something that I have given so many fangirl hours to over the years. We all have shows that are deeply loved, but which contain episodes and even seasons that make us crazy. There are such things as shows that I would not change one single thing about, and those are easy to love. The harder, deeper love can however be given to the imperfect show. The show that can be so good, and get us perfectly, only to make us furious later. It can be a complicated relationship with my top 5 Problematic Shows, but I love them despite their faults.

(I chose to not list the eps I would take out, cause that would be an all over the place list, sniping episodes all over the seasons etc. Basically, too complicated to do, and I’m lazy. Lazy, and doing this my way would mean re-watching everything and making sure I still feel the same way about the picks. Yeah, I may be the one that makes these things too complicated.)

Here are five episodes from each pick that I believe can suck in a new fan, and give them the best that these sometimes troubled shows have to offer:

1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Buffy will always be a favorite, even with all of the soap opera drama, Zanderness, and Giles leaving like a British betrayer. Why? Because no matter how upset a storyline can make me in the moment, all it takes is a brilliantly funny/tragic episode for me to fall in love all over again.

Episode that’ll make you addicted: Beer Bad

This selection has everything that makes Buffyverse the best. It’s unique as heck; takes a trope (Buff sleeps with seemingly sweet guy, guy ignores her after and becomes a total skeez) and upends it beautifully. It’s human, relateable, and funny. Plus, cavegirl Buff is fabulous.

2. Supernatural

Ugh, the ways in which this show has broken my heart are countless. But, then I come across one of the many episodes that make me bliss out, and I forget my anger. If there is one strength that this show has, it is making love to it’s fans through the power of meta.

Ep to Convert a Newbie: The Real Ghostbusters

It has the meta. It has the parody of a fan convention, but in a sweet way. It has well written human people. It has a “murder mystery” turned real. Love. This. So. Much.

3. Battlestar Galactica

I’ll say it: Gaius Baltar makes me crazy. Over the course of the seasons, I so wanted one of the other characters to just throw him out an airlock already. And, the Apollo/Starbuck stuff. I ship them super hard, and they kept keeping them apart, and adding soap opera drama. Booo. Sigh. But, this series is so well done. It’s just pure sci-fi, and the writers are some talented SOBs.

Episode that Flies Pure and True: 33

So good. So real. So perfectly crafted.

4. The Mindy Project

Again, the drama bits can get on my nerves. I’m glad a number of the relationship issues have been resolved so that the show can concentrate more on the power of Mindy being Mindy. Cause when that is the focus, it shines.

Episode to Cry Laugh To: Mindy Lahiri is a White Man

Let me just say, Ryan Hansen is seemless as the white man version of Mindy. I mean, I want him to have a spinoff or something, because it is too perfect.

5. Scream Queens

Okay, I have spoken so many times of my love for this show that I even annoy myself. But, there are some problems. Such as continuity issues, certain Chanels not growing a backbone already, and not giving Taylor Lautner near enough to do. Do most of my issues with this series serve to add to it’s cheesy nature though? Yup. It’s a trainwreck sometimes, but it sure is a fun one:)

 Ep That Fully Seizes Power: Beware of Young Girls

God, the vicious awesome of this episode. It lines up everything, and then has the time of it’s life raining it all down. Jaime Lee is life, and the magic of sparkly horror cheese becomes completely realized.


5 Fandom Friday: TV Shows I Would Un-Cancel

Yea, let’s get right back into this Fandom 5 goodness! I can’t wait to see the picks the other ladies in this group have chosen:)

1. Pushing Daisies

Chuck and Ned Foreva and always. Brian Fuller gave us this magic mix of bright color, comedy, and mystery that has been gone for too many years.

2. Agent Carter

Hayley Atwell is Agent Carter. Just completely embodies this character, and no other role can utilize all that is Hayley so perfectly. There are so many stories for this Marvel character to get up to, and this show was at just the beginning of handling them.

3. Dollhouse

Dollhouse is near and dear to me, and I still miss it. Alan Tudyk had so much more to do as alpha, and the show was at once rawly human and a bit hilarious. So, so, beautifully felt and realized through one of the best casts ever.

4. Selfie

Karen Gillan was fresh from Doctor Who when she landed a spot on the Emily Kapnek (Suburgatory) My Fair Lady update with John Cho. This turned out to be an amazing combination which has become a cult classic with new people regularly discovering it on Hulu and loving it.

5. Quick Draw

One of the first Hulu produced shows, Quick Draw went largely unnoticed until being cancelled after the second season. It is an outline only script show riffed off of by a team of comedic improvisers set in an Old West town. There has never been anything else like it, and I adore it with every fiber of my being.