The 31 Gifs of Octoberween

1. How far do you go with decorating?

2. Favorite Halloween trio?

3. Pushing Daisies first premiered on this date 10 years ago. Favorite Dead Jewish Person?

4. What are you dressing your dog/pet as?

5. How would you kill a vampire?

6. The Departed came out 11 years ago. Favorite Mark Wahlberg quote?

7. Most loved Castiel gif?

8. You have all of the powers of The Crow, but you can pick your face makeup?

9. Columbus Day. Favorite gif of an mass murdering asshole?

10. Arrow premiered 5 years ago. Fav ab gif?

11. 30 Rock first aired 11 years ago. Gif me a grilled cheese.

12. Argo hit 5 years previous. Gif of who will turn out to be Ben Affleck’s soulmate.

13. Children of the Corn have a cornfield. What is your field made of?

14. Keeping up with the Kardashians is 10 years old. Favorite Hobbit/Aquaman gif.

15. What would your coven look like?

16. Smallville is 16 on the 16th. Gif of your Kryptonite.

17. 20th anniversary of I Know What You Did Last Summer. Favorite fisherman gif?

18. The Ring turns 15. Best movie proposal?

19. Which Halloween creature would be the best chef?

20. What movie would you like to see be remade with all roles played by cats?

21. Best Thelma Ritter gif in honor of Rear Window.

22. What’s your poison?

23. 25th year of Reservior Dogs. Steve Buscemi gif.

24. Gattaca’s 20th. Favorite idiot inspector?

25. Who would be your igor?

26. British horror reaction.

27. Which Halloween house do you most covet?

28. Monster’s Inc. 15th anniversary. Do you prefer funny or scary?

29. You’re in a 90s horror movie and you have to pick up your corded landline phone. What does it look like?

30. Preferred Zombie fighting implement?

31. Halloween. What are you dressed up as?


Halloween Cosplay: Taylor Sloane from Ingrid Goes West


Cognac Boots, Blush Boots, Dress, Top, Shorts


There is nothing better than this new wave of Neon Noir hitting movie and tv screens. I feel spoiled, and my appetite for this genre is only growing. We saw this brand of film show up in the 80s of course, but it has evolved into a fresh kind of techno/millennial commentary that is messed up and gorgeous.

List of What I Consider New Neon Noir:

Ingrid Goes West, Claws, Riverdale, Search Party, Baby Driver


Halloween: New Finds

I have been getting into the Halloween spirit, and doing tons of research to prep for the holiday. Since I spent way too much time doing this, I thought that I would share some of my finds with others. You’re welcome:)


Pink Panther, Tauntaun, Poison Ivy, Ivy’s Tights, Zatanna, Mera, Ariel, David Bowie, Mabel, Garnet, Leeloo, Snow White, Jughead Beanie


Creature, Skull Candles, Bat Light

and lastly,

Ecto-Cooler Recipe with Cocktail Suggestion:

Recipe here.

Happy Halloweentimes, people.


Remake for Fun: The Thin Man (1934)

One of my favorite murder mysteries/Halloween movies is the Thin Man series. This is partly because of the writing, but mostly the chemistry between William Powell and Myra Loy. They are such a joy to watch as they sparkle dialog at each other while tripping over dead bodies/clues. That Nora is such an equal partner to Nick is a wonderful thing coming from the 1930s, and gives life to hope.

This is my Recast for Purely Fun Purposes:

Nick Charles: John Cho

Could you get any more dapper than John Cho?

Nora Charles: Karen Gillan

Karen is so good at messing with John Cho in Selfie, in that Nick and Nora fashion. Plus, she’s hilarious and ridiculously talented.

Dorothy Wynant:  Vanessa Hudgens

As the ingenue of the story, Vanessa fits this bill. She was so good in Powerless, and she does sweet better than anyone.

Guild: Dave Bautista

Okay, so they also look alike to the point it is weird, but that is not why I chose him. I love Drax, and his clueless works for the role of main cop trying to back up the Charles team.

Mimi: Amy Poehler

Mimi be crazy. She is a desperate 1930s woman amped to the edge of comedy, so naturally I thought of Poehler. She would have fun skipping on that edge:)

MacCaulay: Jon Hamm

Evil lawyer man? Bring the Hammer.

Tommy: Sam Riley

Steadfast fiance to Dorothy, Tommy is leading man bland.

Gilbert: Dylan Minnette

I am not familiar with many young young actors, but the youngest and creepiest I am aware of is Dylan.

Chris Jorgenson: Skeet Ulrich

Has everyone seen Riverdale yet? Cause that level of Noir be bangin’. Skeet rocks in it, and could so play Mimi’s kind-of husband.

Julia Wolf: Natasha Leggero

The classic secretary stole Mimi’s rich husband away character. She a tricky dame, and so is Natasha.

Wynant: John Slattery

Wynant is a brilliant scientist that is also kind of a scary dick to people. He redeems himself by how much he cares for his daughter, though. This is the plumest of the non-Nick and Nora roles, and Slattery so deserves it.


Review: Bojack Horseman Season 4


Season four of Bojack has the unenviable task of coming after season three. There is no being better than season three, let’s just be real. One and two were solid and built up this crazy cartoon world, but three played fully in all of the glory and mess of that Bojack place to the point that it is not a television season. It is a fraking composition. Watching it, you can almost feel a conductor playing you through a perfectly formed story. One of the best seasons of a show ever.

But we must move on, I suppose. To Season Four:

Well, I get now why Bojack is how he is. There is a long line of dysfunction in the Horseman/Sugarman tree and next to it Bojack seems the picture of even keeled respectability. Sure he drinks to excess and is self-involved, but at least he’s never had someone lobotomized for showing emotion or poisoned someone for the sake of thinness. It’s ugly, and it’s hard to choose a winner for “most horrible”, but I’ll try. Hrmm, my vote goes to Bojack’s mother Beatrice (voiced by the fabulous Wendie Malik). She has moments, sure, where she seems like a relatable character who is forged by bad situations. But then she soaks them up. She thrives on her misery and handing it out to those around her. Her father does these sorts of things without comprehending the consequences, but she is very aware. It takes a dedicated horror of a human to do the things that she does while having dementia. The one thing that is unclear to me is why she was so upset about the babydoll? Does it tell of a nurturing instinct in her as long as the thing to be nurtured is silent and obedient? Is it her own childhood innocence that she is so desperate to save? The last seems more likely.

Unknowingly walking into this disaster is the possible daughter/definite sister of Bojack. Hollyhock is a cute and sweet 17 year old girl who just wants to know who her biological parents are. She possesses a dry sense of humor that makes for lovely moments between her and her father/brother. They bond over the season, and I truly hope that that will continue into the next, because they are funny and cute and I want more. Having grown up adopted by eight loving and supportive dads, Hollyhock has a heck of a good chance of breaking the Horseman/Sugarman curse and becoming a well rounded and whole woman/person.

Oh yeah, there is a thru line with Mr. Peanutbutter and some bits of political satire. Does this last long enough to be a real parody of the most recent presidential election or is it more of a blip that is kinda cute and a setup for jokes that really have little to do with anything political? And some Diane and Mr. Peanutbutter fights? I’m just saying, don’t go in expecting much in the way of Trump takedowns etc. A little bit. Not much.

The workmanship was gorgeous as always, and the rendering of emotion in animated form is impressive. Wanna feel depressed and concerned, while being periodically tickled? This is the season for you. This is not so much of a story as the fleshing out of it’s main character. It’s a flashback, and compelling as hell. Just be in the right mood to watch it.


My heart hurts and my sides are not even slightly weak from laughter. I feel like I watched something that was very good that I did not love as a whole but I did in moments.

Episode 2 and 7 and 9 have the most of these moments.