5 Fandom Friday: Characters I Would Invite To My Thanksgiving Feast

I tried to keep this down to five character selections, but I just could not. Besides, Thanksgiving is the perfect excuse for needing extra servings!

1. The Belcher Family

┬áThe Bob’s Burgers Thanksgiving episodes are epic, and they would be ideal guests for the holiday.

2. Coach McGuirk

I can not get enough “McGuirkisms”, the nuggets of advice and sayings that come from this character are well-meaning yet horrible in the best way.

3. Casey Wilson

Casey Wilson’s new show Marry Me just aired their Thanksgiving episode, and it was everything I hoped it would be.

4. Terry Crews

Terry Crews’ comedy powers are finally allowed all the room needed on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Seeing him like this is absolutely marvelous, and is just one of the parts that make the show such a gem.

5. Melinda May

Melinda May is the perfect presence to calm down any craziness that would pop up throughout dinner.

6. Mallory Archer

Every meal would be better and more interesting with Mallory as company.

7. Seth Meyers

I miss Seth on Saturday Night Live, and he seems like the sweetest, most deadpan comedian out there.

8. Olaf

I would love to have Olaf as a sidekick, and he can chill drinks with hugs!

9. Jeff Murdock

Coupling is the British answer to the Friends phenomenon with a bit more maturity, British humour, and a bar instead of a coffee shop. It is available on Hulu, and is another show that I love way too much. Oh, Jeff, you scamp!

10. Henry Higgins

The newly canceled show Selfie was actually a good adaptation of Pygmalion, and I am especially sad to lose John Cho as Henry Higgins! He joins Leslie Howard and Rex Harrison in this role, and damn if he did not inhabit the heck out of that character!

My Favorite Thanksgiving Movies and TV Selections

There are a vast number of Christmas movies out there, but Thanksgiving does not tend to get the same amount of attention. I actually wanted to do a top ten list, but ended up having to change to top five because a top ten would have basically been all of them. This would be more sad if there were no truly awesome Thanksgiving films, but this is not the case. There is an amazing amount of holiday spirit and epic moments in these selections, so let’s give them some love:)

My Favorite Thanksgiving Movies:

It is my opinion that grumpy old men are the cutest things in this world, so I can not help but adore this movie the most. I mean, Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau in a battle of wits lasting decades which finally blows up past the point of no return when Ann Margret moves into the neighborhood and bewitches them both? So cute!
Everyone knows this one, and with good reason. Steve Martin and John Candy, an accidental road trip, setbacks around every turn, and of course reluctant friendship. All that ’tis the season.
This is one not very well known, but that does not stop it from being a Thanksgiving classic! A young Robert Downey Jr. joins Holly Hunter, Anne Bancroft, and Claire Danes as members of a refreshingly real family dealing with the struggle of enduring a happy turkey day.
Wednesday Addams was totally my spirit animal as I was growing up. The scene where she takes down the Thanksgiving play just puts me in the holiday mood.
Yes, it is a Pauly Shore movie, but one that is actually good and incredibly sweet.

My Favorite Thanksgiving Television:

3rd Rock From the Sun
Bob’s Burgers
Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Mike & Molly
Parks and Recreation
Saturday Night Live
South Park