Saturday Night Live – Dream Host List

One of my favorite things to nerd out about is comedy. From Stand Ups to Saturday Night Live, there is something elemental about a good joke. It is something that has the ability to touch our humanity. The deeper the touch, the deeper they can make us laugh. Even something that seems like an immature skit can resonate with us, because most people possess at least a slightly sick sense of humor. Thank goodness, since if we did not, there would be no shows like Archer, South Park, or SNL to enjoy.

Saturday Night Live has always gotten flack from various sources over the years, and a lot of it is understandable. There are bad skits, clunky chemistry, and just far far out misses. Some seasons have this problem more than others, but they all have at least a bit of it. So why do I keep watching it, even after it sometimes falls flat? Because of the brilliant potential! Because of the skits that come together with gleeful perfect ridiculousness. Because there is nothing else out there that gives up live comedy on a weekly basis hosted by celebs that have no idea what they are doing. At least until they come host some more. (Unless you are Melissa McCarthy, then you host even the first time like a damn boss!) Because out of this recipe for disaster comes some seriously hilarious beauty. Example: This Chris Hemsworth skit where he has a chicken as a spaceship captain. There have been more awesome stuff since then, I’m just crazy obsessed with it right now:

So as tribute to this strange love of mine, I challenged myself to make a fantasy fulfilling schedule for a year of SNL. This was more difficult than expected, and I had to leave a lot of people out. For the sake of sneaking in some extra spaces I expanded the slots by choosing three hosts for every month SNL tends to air. Usually they do not put out a show every single Saturday, but I figured I may as well tweak that in my version. I also did not include the ususal SNL alumni that regularly come back to host like Tina Fey and Amy Poehler since they are such a proven success and a given. Their Christmas episode was funny as hell ya’ll!


Melissa McCarthy


She is one of my all-time favorite hosts, and she lands my sense of humor. It’s nice to feel understood while laughing my ass off.

Bill Murray


The man. He killed in the 40th anniversary special and his Bill Murray Christmas Special was amazing. Although, George Clooney was almost funnier with his peeking out from the Christmas tree while singing bit he did.

Krysten Ritter


Jessica Jones has shown that this woman can do drama, but she is also hella funny. Don’t Trust the B@#$ in Apt 23 has pretty much achieved cult status.


Jason Statham


Did you see Spy? Cause you might need to to understand this choice. If you did, you would want to see him in more comedies immediately!

Peter Dinklage


Yes. This one I just need.

Jamie Lee Curtis


Jamie Lee was perfection in Scream Queens, and she would make a killer Halloween episode host.


Hayley Atwell


Her Twitter has shown off her funny side, and I would like to see that showcased on SNL. Plus, Agent Carter is a fab show, and it needs as much press as it can get so that it never leaves us.

Nick Offerman / Megan Mulally


At first I just had Offerman listed, but then I remembered he is married to Megan. And then I was ashamed of myself for even momentarily forgetting that, especially since Megan has actual ties to SNL. She is the one that put Bill Hader on Lorne’s radar and got him hired. She is a goddess is so many ways.

John Mulaney


Mulaney was a writer for SNL, and even did some pop ins on the Weekend Update desk during Seth’s tenure. Then he left to do his own show, which was partially charming, yet failed to keep the soul of his work alive in the land of Fox. At least, that is how I see it. Recently he released a new stand up special on Netflix, The Comeback Kid. It’s the funniest thing he’s ever done, and a pleasure to see him back to his old form!


Emma Stone


Emma has done the hosting gig thrice, and she gets better at it every time. My favorite is the bridal shower bit where she plays Wallace, the work friend of the bride who has never been to a bridal shower before. Between the misunderstandings and her characterizations she made it a classic that will forever make me happy.

Nathan Fillion


This is another that I just need. I need to throw Fillion at SNL and then watch what happens with my opera glasses cause that shit is going to be epic.

Kevin Hart


Hart is a brilliant host, and I would love to see him do the Christmas episode. Jimmy Fallon has been a fabulous fairly-regular Christmas ep standby, but lets change things up a bit more guys.


Billy Eichner


Difficult People has been one of my favorite tv shows this season, which also stars Julie Klausner and is produced by Amy Poehler. Between that, Billy on the Street, and his role as Craig in Parks and Recreation, Eichner is killing it.

Richard Ayoade


Maurice Moss from The IT Crowd has grown into many other roles, including as a writer, but he will always be Moss to me. Super sexy man.

Michael Ian Black / David Wain / Michael Showalter


This trio have already had sketch shows of their own, as well as movies, but I guess I’m just greedy. More please.


Rose Byrne


Rose has proven herself as a comic force, especially in Spy. We are moving forward to the point that more ladies are able to showcase their funny, and actually achieve great success!

Jon Hamm


Bring the Hammer down to SNL again! Also, please make Michael Buble his musical guest because they are a solid as heck duo.

Kerry Washington


Kerry is a classy lady that can do impressions, sing, and basically become a seamless part of the regular cast. To the point that Lorne would hire her in a second if she ever needs the job.


Jon Favreau


Favreau is a geektastic writer, director, and actor. Can you imagine how excited Bobby Moynihan would get to write skits with him?

Brendan Gleeson


Lets do a St. Patrick’s Day episode and bring in the Gleeson. Yes.

Elizabeth Banks


Damn, Banks, you rock. You are more than a triple threat, you are the everything that makes a perfect host.


Patton Oswalt


Stand-ups like Louie C.K. have had great success as hosts, so lets add Patton on that pile.

Mindy Kaling


She has this manic girly honest energy that would bring something special and different to the SNL stage.

Aisha Tyler


She’s a stand-up, voices Lana Kane on Archer, and is a writer; how has she not hosted yet?!


Jane Curtin


Seeing her in the 40th anniversary made me long for more Jane. Hosting the Mother’s Day episode just seems right, since that is considered to be an honor. (Especially since Betty White did it.)

Kevin Kline


Dear Mr. Kline,

You have not hosted since the eighties, and those episodes are not available on Hulu. Please come host again so that I can watch your magnificence, which has not faded, but has only grown over the years.

P.S. See what you can do to bring your mustache with you.

Emma Thompson


As a graduate of the Cambridge Footlights, Emma has always been in esteemed comic company. Yet she is the queen of all. She can end the season with such badassness that everyone will cry that there shall be no more til next year.


Hosts that I really wanted to include, in no particular order:

John Boyega

Clark Gregg

Bill Hader

Idris Elba

Simon Pegg

Stephen Colbert

Bridget Everett

Mila Kunis

Colin Firth

Salma Hayek

Donald Glover

Carrie Fisher

Garret Dillahunt

Damien Lewis

Dave Foley

Leiv Schriber

Russell Crowe


Exploring My Feelings About Cecily Stong Leaving Weekend Update as Co-Anchor

The 40th season of Saturday Night Live has had some changes, and I am trying to resolve my conflicting emotions about some of them. After half of the last season had Colin Jost and Cecily Strong manning Weekend Update, Cecily has been replaced by Michael Che. I might need to Pro and Con list my way through this.

Pros –

  • I believe that improvised and live comedy has a well earned place on television.
  • SNL was the springboard for Tina Fey, Rachel Dratch, Amy Poehler, Jane Curtain, and many other women comedians.
  • Even after the mass cast change over the past couple of years, Cecily Strong, Aidy Bryant, and Kate McKinnon have quickly shown that SNL is still a place where the ladies can bring it. It was not just an era of lightning in a bottle that ended with Kristen Wiig.
  • When Cecily Strong first joined Seth Meyers on the Weekend Update desk, they bounced chemistry and wit off each other with ease, and it made them oh so obviously a perfect team.
  • Michael Che is definitely not new to SNL, and was a writer up to very recently, when he went over to The Daily Show. He is a wonderful talent, I am glad he has come back, and look forward to seeing him more. His Daily Show send off was pretty epic:)
  • John Mulaney is getting his own show, and I can not wait, cause he is so freaking funny! One of my favorite stand-ups and I love every single thing he did while at SNL. ( This is more of an general SNL Pro rather than one about the particular issue I am having )
  • Che is the first minority since Horatio Sands to feature as anchor.
  • Cecily has made it fairly clear that she is on board with the change up and is looking forward to having more time for her other characters.

Cons –

  • Seth Meyers left to host Late Night, and was replaced as head writer and Weekend Update chair with Colin Jost. This con, to be clear, is about losing Seth cause I miss him so much! Colin is perfectly lovely, so he is not the con, I just love Seth. Sethily!
  • Cecily Strong is longer an Update anchor.
  • I can’t help but wonder how Cecily and Michael Che would have worked together, and I hope that she will be featured as a walk on to Update often to make that feel less like an opportunity missed.
  • Why did Seth and John Mulaney never co-anchor? I kept waiting for that to happen, and then Mulaney left. And then Seth left. And now I really need to let that go. Le sigh.
  • There is no lady energy at the Update desk. Again.
  • Jost and Strong did not spark off each other but this may have improved given more time.
  • Cecily was not the weak link, it was Jost. However, since he is the head writer, I agree that it is important for him to remain on the Update desk. I am sure that he will improve with time, and I guess he needed a partner to better connect with.

What this all boils down to is that ultimately, I understand why they have switched out Cecily Strong for Michael Che. It was a matter of making Weekend Update flow and better serve its’ purpose as the core of the show. As the rapport between the head writer and featured players improves at this core, so does the show as a whole. I am just not going to feel right about it until I see how it is handled throughout this season.

Now that I have written down my more civilized reasoning, I feel that I should include some honest truths about the other side of my reasoning. My, shall we say, lady brain reaction to this development. It went as follows:

  •  They took her off what?! But she was the best part of Weekend Update!
  • Oh, really, so it’s going to be another guy now? Yes, replace the talented female with another dude cause I guess Colin is just not old enough to feel comfortable working that closely with a lady.
  • I mean, whenever I see them together, Colin looks at Cecily with a mix of terror and trying not to picture her naked.
  • He’s like a grown up version of Jacob, the bar mitzvah boy.
Cecily and Jacob
  • No, stop, I am sure he is not that bad, he just looks awkward and stiff because he is new to this.
  • But then why not give it more time, at least let him adjust until they decide to switch her out?
  • I miss Seth Meyers. That was a guy that could really work with the ladies. You know what it was? He saw them as people. Go back and watch Seth co-anchor with Amy Poehler or Cecily Strong. He looks like he is in heaven! Not because he is next to a pretty lady, but because he truly enjoyed working with them. He has a great back and forth with them, and when a joke they say lands with him, he throws it right back.
  • Okay, apparently Cecily is fine with all of this. Such a classy lady.
  • Well, if this ends up with her happy, I can’t be too mad about it.
  • But we shall she, shan’t we?
  • If this ends up with less skits with the girls because Saturday Night Live does not want to deal with women, then I will be very upset.
  • Amy Poehler and Tina Fey won’t let that happen. I mean, they’re busy, but I feel like if they needed to intervene they would make it happen.
  • Watch out Colin Jost, go too far with the exclusive man love as head writer, and you may wake up in the middle of the night with Amy and Tina standing next to your bed in the dark. Just staring at you. Seth Meyers will be out in the hall with your mother, and they will all be judging you.
  • Or more likely, they will smack you upside the head and put Cecily back on Update. By herself!
  • Okay, I’m fine now.

Lady Cosplay – Aidy Bryant from Saturday Night Live

Hair Claws, Lisa Frank Stickers, Dress, Cardigan

Aidy Bryant is one of the best parts of SNL since the rearranging and influx of new cast members. Her part in The Girlfriend Talk Show as a confidant, unique, and intelligent teenager is quite refreshing and welcome. “I’m dating the woman I’m becoming and I love every moment with her!” A bonus costume idea would be her Broadway aficionado who wanders into the cold open for last seasons’ Melissa McCarthy episode:
“Oh My!”

Or as ‘Lil Baby Aidy in the “Do it On My Twin Bed” music video:

Or as the poor lady with two broken arms who consequently relies on her husband to act as her hands. This would be a cute couple costume:

Or really any number of skits featuring her brand of sparkle magic.