Lady Cosplay – Louise Belcher from Bob’s Burgers

Louise Hat, Dress, Shoes, Kuchi Kopi Necklace

At this moment in history, Louise bunny hats are becoming gosh darn popular! This particular one was my favorite choice because it is the only one not sold out at the moment or of horrible quality. The dress is character correct yet feels like a more age appropriate option for me compared to the long Louise style t-shirts I have seen. Frankly, I would not really feel comfortable going out in a long shirt, no matter the occasion, but that is me. One of my top favorite episodes of Bob’s Burgers is “Crawl Space” with Kuchi Kopi. Most adorable evil nightlight ever:)

Lady Cosplay – Charlie Bradbury from Supernatural

Headphones, Lanyard, Blazer, Hoodie, Pants, Queen of Moons ShirtBoots

Charlie Bradbury entered into Supernatural and basically took over during every episode in which she appears. Except maybe the last Wizard of Oz one. It wasn’t a totally bad episode, just not Charlie quality. In her second episode, where Felicia Day is the Queen of Moons and Dean is her handmaiden as part of a LARPing storyline, that raised the Charlie bar pretty high.

Lady Cosplay – Eliza Dooley from Selfie

Cardigan, Scarf, Shirt, Belt, Skort, Tights, Boots

Everything that Eliza wears in the Selfie pilot is amazing and so much more put together than what I wear on a day to day basis. Or really even special occasions. The brick tights in this ensemble obsess me with their adorableness, and the rest looks comfy and stylish in the perfect amounts.