Obsessions of the Week

1. Arthur from Difficult People

Ever since this show debuted last season, I have been obsessed. The humor is killer and the relationships are much more grown up than the ones I am used to seeing on television. However, the bond that draws me deeper and deeper into the show is the one between Arthur and Julie. As the romantic partner of the female lead, working for PBS, and gourmet cook, they could have easily made him the stereotypical pansy professor type. That Arthur is such a well rounded character who loses his temper sometimes and is quite a sensual man is beyond exceptional. So, so, sexily exceptional.

2. Stranger Things

This show is so chocked full of eighties goodness that it is basically a view-port back in time. With better special effects. Of all of the nostalgic characters, my fav is Dustin. He’s the most adorable muffin and loyal friend.

3. Pete Davidson and Cary David

These two:) Pete Davidson has been brilliant his first seasons on Saturday Night Live. His smile is very infectious and he has one of the best line deliveries in the business. Lately he has been dating the lovely daughter of Larry David. That’s right! Larry David, also from Saturday Night Live may one day be Pete’s father in law. I can’t even with how much this makes me happy. So. Damn. Cute.

I follow Pete on Instagram and the pics he shares of their relationship are the absolute best. The feeling of this is meant to be is the same one I get with Nancy and Jonathan from Stranger Things. I ship them! Dang Steve swooping in and deciding to be a decent human being to get Nancy again. Nancy and Jonathan belong together, gosh darn it:

Such Pete and Cary style mooning:)

4. What’s Up with Last Ship?

Really, what’s up with the show this season? I mean, obviously Tex being gone has left a significant hole of charisma and stylish swashbuckling, but it’s more than that. They cast Dichen Lachman perfectly to combat that very absence, and then failed to use her. She’s in one episode to great effect, bringing with her all of the chemistry and vitality that had been missing, and then is regulated to the background ever after. What up with that? It’s weird. I do hope she gets a larger role as the season goes on at least.

5. Felicia Day and We Bare Bears

We Bare Bears has the first season available on Hulu now, which is wonderful. Bobby Moynihan, Patton Oswalt, Demetri Martin, and now Felica Day have done voices for this series about three bear brothers living together. Patton as an evil Koala named Nom Nom doing whatever possible to maintain internet fame is epic.


Obsessions of the Week

There are so many things that have caught my eye this week, but I am in a humorous mood. Here are five things that currently make me smile every time I think about them:

1. Miranda : Just Act Normal

I finally started watching Miranda on Hulu, and it is one hell of a British Comedy. Miranda Hart leads us through the realistic life-crash of growing into yourself as a woman in this day and age. The episode Just Act Normal especially is the most perfect half hour of comedy that I have experienced in a while.

2. Love and Friendship

This movie is everything that calls to my satire ridden soul. Kate Beckinsale and Stephen Fry team up again decades after the fabulous Cold Comfort Farm, and this produces comedy aged just right. I really wish someone would do a double feature of these two films in the theater; they belong together.

3. Maya and Marty : The War in Words

The new variety show with Maya Rudolf and Martin Short is very charming, and I am looking forward to seeing how it develops. The Carol Burnett influence is most felt in the War in Words Civil War Letters sketch, and it has not let go of me since.

4. Alden Ehrenreich as Han Solo

Perfection. Alden was such a standout in Hail Caesar, and no one else would have made me so satisfied as the choice for young Han Solo. I mean, I still would have given any other actor the chance to win me over by watching the film, but Alden already has me on his side. Anyone who can draw so much interest out of a cowboy hat while stealing every damn scene in a star studded Coen Brothers picture can do any thing he wants.

5. Murder She Baked Hallmark Series

I adore this wonderfully corny romantic movie series based on the novels of the same name. Hallmark is airing the forth movie on June 19th, and I am so excited! Alison Sweeney is adorable and I love me some mystery. They are so re-watchable, and the mother / daughter / sister relationship throughout is so sweet and real. I do wonder if her cop suitor will start to think she’s a killer again since Hannah (Alison) keeps finding dead bodies. Nothing like suspicion to kill romantic feelings, so don’t do that Mike the cop. I mean, the dentist suitor is nice and all, but he’s also kinda boring and I’ve thought he was a killer since the first movie. Mike better get wise gosh darn it, or I’ll be all for Hannah cutting both of them loose.



Obsession of the Week – Musical Comedy

There is something about Musical Comedy which enables it to shove social commentary, satire, ridiculousness, and pure joy into a concentrated dose of hilarious wonderment. Musical Comedy is a crazy man jumping around and wiggling his butt at people while singing a perfectly crafted song about loving a panther at the zoo named Phil. It is that warm feeling of absolute glee in your chest fully realized. It is intelligent, silly, sometimes a bit mournful, and has the dirtiest mind ever encountered. It is that which fuels a need to dance in a pink tutu, unselfconscious and completely free in the moment.

1203098442613b9bc12a97842a653ea9There are different types and degrees of Musical Comedy, each with their own tutu worthiness. Those done on television tend to be featured in a clip on a sketch show. Movies can have some scattered numbers, or keep it going the entire run-time. Some songs from a Musical Comedy entry are not very funny seen separate from the whole. Others are just as perfect without any added context as they are originally. As the number of Musical Comedy movies has dwindled down to a depressing lack of releases, the genre has grown more and more on television. This relieves me greatly, for this is a genre that is so obviously the best one.

To start us out on this curated journey, here is Neil Patrick Harris, Anna Kendrick, and Jack Black in the Oscars opening number written by Frozen songwriters Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez. It is an example of the craftsmanship that goes into making a number work on stage, and is a moving and funny tribute to movies. Full on tear-stained tutus for this!

Now let us venture into the land of television and movies, full of musically talented comedians and the overflowing vaults of Saturday Night Live. ‘Tis a rich land that hopefully shall become ever expanding until encompassing as much programming as possible while maintaining a quality standard.

Saturday Night Live:


This. Is. The. Best. So, for the 40th anniversary special of SNL Bill Murray brought back his Frank Ocean character to sing a love song from Jaws. Yes, that’s right. Love song. Jaws. Bill Murray. Winner of all and everything!

Dongs all Over the World

Anna Kendrick, please become a regular SNL host. This “nasty girl” satire song brought it hard.

What Does My Girl Say?

Kerry Washington is a host who fit so well into the skits that she felt like another cast member. I adore seeing this side of her talent after becoming so famous for the drama Scandal.

Garfunkel and Oates:

Weed Card ( Web Version )

The lovely and talented Garfunkel and Oates sing about the process of getting a weed prescription, and all of the wondrous benefits that pot can bring.

Fade Away ( Web Version )

There are surely mature ways to break up with someone, but all of those are still embarrassing and horrible. Let’s just ignore these soon to be exes until they fade away!

29/31 (Web Version )

Riki and Kate play the same woman at the ages of 29 and 31, and it is glorious. Sing the truth ladies, you kill me with your pointed melodies:)

Key & Peele:

Just Stay for the Night

Key and Peele felt ( like many other people ) that the song “Baby it’s Cold Outside” can sound a bit rapey. In reaction to this realization, they made a parody song and sang it beautifully. Such style, class, and sense of justice.

Les Mis

This is the ultimate in Les Miserables parody done with obvious love of the source material. Love these guys!


Wendell just wanted to make a fantasy themed music video, but a realistic budget keeps getting in the way.


The Muppet Movie – Man or Muppet

Jason Segel’s Muppet Movie is one of the best musical comedy movies in years. It was freaking beautiful, bright, and real. Gorgeously done, Jason.

Into the Woods – Agony

Stephen Sondheim’s Into the Woods finally gets the feature treatment, and Chris Pine goes full-on Shatner in this piece!

Life of Brian – Bright Side of Life

Oh, nothing, just Eric Idle singing a happy tune on a crucifix. Life of Brian is the best Monty Python movie, although Holy Grail was the most laugh-out-loud funny. If that makes sense?

South Park Bigger Longer and Uncut – La Resistance

This song from the South Park movie feels so Les Mis that I am obsessed with it!

Forgetting Sarah Marshall – A Taste For Love

Jason Segel is a man who works quite well with puppets. This number added even more awesome to one of the most refreshing romantic comedies ever. As another bonus, Bill Hader puppeteers Van Helsing!

My Fair Lady – Why Can’t a Woman Be More Like a Man?

I had to include a selection featuring the masterful Rex Harrison as Henry Higgins. Pure bliss.

Pirates of the Penzance – Is There not One Maiden Breast?

Have I watched the 1983 film version of Pirates of Penzance on a regular basis my entire life? Yes, indeed. This is one of the main reasons that I am who I am. Pirates is pure musical comedy theater, and Kevin Kline is the pirate king!

Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog – Everyone’s a Hero

Nathan Fillon has one of them elastic faces like Bruce Campbell. It is one of the traits required for an actor to ham it up to eleven!

The Producers – Springtime for Hitler

A fitting endcap to our journey. Watch John Barrowman as a blonde join the heck out of the Nazi party! Yes, that John Barrowman, he can sing!


Obsessions of the Week – Installment Four

1. Adult Swim on Hulu

UntitledHulu has acquired all seasons of the Adult Swim shows to view at leisure! What?! Yes!! This is enough to keep me quite busy for a while, well played Hulu. First I shall watch some Sealab 2021 followed by the Sea Tunt two-parter from Archer. Why? Because I can.

2. Agent Carter Renewed!

54d3ffa16113aThis was delightfully unexpected, especially since they waited so long to announce the renewal and Dominic Cooper got attached to another series. Not that Hayley Atwell really needs him, she can carry the show on her incredibly competent and well padded shoulders. The ratings were a bit disappointing as well, even though the critics and audiences who actually saw it loved the absolute pants off of it! Normally that would spell doom even for this brilliantly done series, but thank heavens the cancellation axe has been stayed for the moment. In a perfect world they would renew Agent Carter for at least five seasons in respect for its potential plot-lines and mass amounts of talent who have all come together so perfectly that it has formed a nexus of perfect chemistry, but I will take what I can get in this instance. Thank you, thank you, thank you ABC for not killing one of my favorite things, you rock!

3. Cal / Hyde from Agents of Shield

calagentsofshield-124691Cal is so the ultimate papa bear on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. From the moment Kyle Maclachlan first benevolently gave of his presence I have been ruing the day when he would inevitably leave or ( unforgivably ) be killed off. Every episode has made me a mess of worry and not caring what happens to any other character, as long as Cal was alright. Coulson, why did you take papa bears’ kill away from him? How dare you, you made him upset! You bring Whitehall back to life right now so that Cal can kill him, mister! Fortunately his exit in the finale was lovingly done, and well worthy of the work Kyle has been putting into the character this season. It also was done in such a way that an eventual return is not completely out of the realm of possibility, especially since the series writers love him as well:)

4. Black Widow SNL Skit

Scarlett Johansson hosted Saturday Night live for the forth time a couple of weeks ago, for which she deserves serious props! They usually have her do a lot of New York accents, and Scarlett completely commits to everything written for her. The lady lets loose and allows the crazy to take over not caring if something might make her look silly. Respect. One of my favorites is when she does Millionaire Matchmaker, her Patti is spot on:


Her most recent host work produced a fabulous take down of the perceptions of what a female-starring Black Widow film would look like, if it were even lucky enough to happen at all. The SNL team added every chick flick cliche from wearing cardigans and the gay best friend ( Taran Killam as Thor here was hilarious ) to being so absentminded the female lead does things like put ketchup on her cereal. I loved everything about this skit, including Bobby Moynihan showing up at the end as the Hulk. That man loves being Hulk, it’s adorable.

I feel like I need to talk about Black Widow in Avengers: Age of Ultron for a moment. So, I went to see this film in theaters, and it was everything I was hoping it would be. Joss Whedon put so much of the comics into this film that it was fairly bursting with it, but in a good way. To my surprise, not everyone seems to have had the same viewing experience that I did, and have been so upset that it produced this massive hate-spew monster that has set out to destroy everything Joss. I have to say that I am baffled by this. Not that there is no reason in where this monster has come from, I absolutely understand how certain scenes could be taken a certain way. It is the level of vitriol caused by this one take on these scenes that I can not get behind. Disagreements are simply different points of view from different perspectives, and these are to be listened to and respected. Wanting to destroy and lay something and someone to waste because of a different point of view is not a disagreement, however. That is standing next to a Rorschach painting and screaming at anyone who sees something other than an octopus with a frilly umbrella.

5. Grace and Frankie

grace-and-frankieDarlings. Lily Tomlin, Jane Fonda, Sam Waterston, and Martin Sheen have given us a gift. A gift of dealing with the messiness of life in inelegant yet loving ways. A gift of burning herbs and drinking peyote on the beach. A gift of Sam and Martin being so gosh darn adorable as a couple! A gift of healing because of these crazy people that make up your family. They may not always do the exact right things, but neither do you. So get off your high horse and jump them in the mud. Shit happens, and the ability to make fun out of nothing and laugh at the ridiculousness is the best way to hold on to any kind of long term sanity.


Obsessions of the Week – Installment Three

1. Butlers

There is nothing better than a proper butler. The closest I will ever get to having one in my home is when they feature on my television, which is still enough to make me very happy. After watching Michael Ian Black pop up as Peepers the Butler in a promo for Another Period I got a fever. And the only prescription is more butler!

Here are some of my favorites:

b1Jarvis, Peepers, Godfrey, Ruggles, Agador Spartacus, Alfred, Geoffrey, Manuelb2Wadsworth, Lurch, Jeeves, Woodhouse, Hilary, Lug, Riff Raff, Coleman

Okay, I think I have purged my fever now. Just one more!


Cato is the best

2. Geek Girl Clothes

We are absolutely living in the golden age of female geek apparel. The options for lady wear went from men’s shirt only to ladies shirt to here are some wearable awesome butt kicking ensembles inspired from the things you love. If they had this level of options before now, I would have been much happier in high school. I mean, I am indecently happy that this has become the state of things, but it does make me rather mourn my high school wardrobe’s lack of selections.

To the wonderful and ever expanding world of Lady Geek Fashion:

Hot Topic

be4c757f8dad68bf1b3ffd2303a91a55For a while now, Hot Topic has been adding more and more fandom merchandise until officially evolving into one of the best places for a lady to procure items of a geeky nature. Their lines of Orphan Black, Avengers, and Penny Dreadful fashions slated for release this year are truly impressive.

Her Universe

053f8906967c201b852e6516a809cb96I am not too big on jewelry or dresses, but they have plenty of other things to pick from:)

Pinup Girl

9f437f409fa8550be72b2223f5aa5ff3This site has been known for their retro styled apparel, but they also have a section for all that is geek chic.

Think Geek

c8052e4f3da35901f852445f15e49accMostly T-Shirts that are a bit blah ( I prefer TeeFury finds ), but there are also a lovely range of accessories and leggings.

Disney Online

7505055889991Yea, Disney nerds! Between Hot Topic and the online Disney store, you guys are covered.


IMG_0365So expensive, but you get what you pay for. I love that the designs reference geek culture using quality materials and flattering cuts.

Jinx Clothing

2815p_175c_1mThis is another t-shirt and accessories store in line with a smaller Think Geek. Jinx beats Think Geek in the area of gamer-wear however.

We Love Fine

b196f17379c2619ce942e4293eca0997The idea of everyday casual cosplay has been lovingly catered to here. Their Ghostbusters jumpsuits are sooo perfect!

Gold Bubble

1a979d05fae7de04a61bbd31a59e6243Similar to Black Milk, but the dresses look more comfortable. Plus any business willing to sell me Sherlock themed fashion pieces is a winner.

Black Milk

1e861780d9aa7fc15a4dec528c49a68fThere are legging and dresses here for every fandom occasion. Well, every fandom eventually, they switch out in merch waves.

3. Scarlet Witch

Yeessssssssssssssssssss! In a few more days my childhood wish of seeing Scarlet Witch represented on the big screen will finally be realized. Will Magneto be her father? Nah. Will she be more of an enhanced being or maybe even an inhuman instead of a mutant? Yup. Does that bother me? Not really. It might not make much sense that Fox’s exclusive rights on the X-Men property does not include Scarlet and Quicksilver, but that is very much beside the point. Back in the day when the comic book titles were being sold off, it was done in a very piecemeal way. Each studio sliced out the bits that they deemed interesting or useful and left the rest for the next one to pick up or leave at their will. There was no Kevin Feige run Marvel Studios quite yet with a more long term vision and understanding of the massive inter-connectivity of all the titles and characters. When Marvel Studios did solidify, the property rights jumble and damage done was already set in stone. It absolutely makes sense that the resulting world of the Marvel Film Franchise may need to tweak things a bit as a we-don’t-have-the-rights-for-that workaround. If there is anyone that can handle a workaround, it is Joss Whedon. He is like a Timelord that way: a madman, but I absolutely trust him. It also makes sense to start building Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver as film characters since The Inhumans will be here in a few years. Working on the foundations now will make for a much more seamless storytelling experience when Quicksilver ( especially ) becomes involved with them. I can not wait to ship Pietro ( Quicksilver ) and Crystal! I have been avoiding any and all talk and promos for Age of Ultron, but I still already ship Wanda ( Scarlet Witch ) and Vision. All that it took was looking at the IMDB page when the cast was finalized and realizing both characters feature in the film. Please, yes, but stopping short of a thank you in advance. Let’s see what the Whedon does first. Do what you must, and bring on the scary power moments:

tumblr_nek98zQdbM1r7gbeko2_r3_500Damn right, girl.

4. Bloody Bear PJs

GloomyBear_Kigurumi_Onesie_largeJust look at it! So beautiful and perfect. This says, ” I may be an adorable pink bear, but I shall not hesitate to rip into those who threaten me! “

5. Art Prints from Gallery 1988

One day I shall have all of them and use their power to rule the land. Until then, I acquire each print one at a time with saintly patience.

My current wishlist:

Sam Gilbey “The End Of Vulcan”


Clinton Reno “Now is ze time on Sprockets vhen ve dance”


Jim Ferguson “I’m Bored”


Daniel Nyari “Gummies Caught Feeding”


Justin White “I can’t believe I’m gonna miss this”


Obsessions of the Week – Installment Two

Another week has passed in this age of Geektopia. All of the stuff and things available for good little geek girls and boys ( or just those with cash in hand ) has grown plentiful. Aye, for we have planted many seedlings in this land. Seeds of Comic Books, Games of Various Kinds, and all that has been mined from the brain of Joss Whedon. These seeds did grow and spread their nourishment, ever changing and feeding on our geek appetite until spreading into the massive and infinitely branched land laid out currently before us. No longer do the women have to order a shirt proclaiming love of The Tick in man sizes only. Ladies have their own merchandise now, which actually fits! “Unisex” is only a legitimate size category for Footie Pajamas. Otherwise, it is utter bullcrap. Moving on… Geektopia is rightly inhabited by all of the many fandoms and the people who love them. This includes Disney and Hunger Games nerds ( for example ). It is the love to the point of obsession which should define whether something is a fandom, not how close to the original geek DNA something is. Being focused on the perceived purity of a thing can get a bit Nazi. Let’s not be Nazis, there is room for everyone in this land we have all made together:)

Here are my loves for the week:

1. Karen Page’s Wardrobe

Karen Page has better style than Gwen Stacy. Yeah, I said it! Gwen’s headband hides from the rays of class which emanate from Karen’s outfit, lest it get disintegrated, leaving behind only the musk of polyester and fear.

Karen Page from Daredevil

2. The End of The Thrilling Adventure Hour Podcast

Of course I discover something this amazing at the end of its’ run. For ten years this podcast has put out a number of supernaturally hilarious shows that have not faded in quality one jot. The cast and crew have done tours across the world, as well as a number of comic conventions. I have to live with the notion that I could have listened sooner to Chris Hardwick over the last few years as he waxed poetical about it. My obsession would have started at a more opportune time, opening up the possibility of seeing a performance in person. Damn you Hardwick! Fist shake!

Every single episode of The Thrilling Adventure Hour is available for free on iTunes, Podbay, and The Nerdist. Here are some of the Twitter reactions from their classy and wonderful fandom to the end of the show:

Farewell, but not goodbye. You leave us with over 200 episodes to listen to at will, and sometimes on repeat.

3. James Spader’s Voice

James-Spader-UltronSo creepy and James Spadery is Ultron’s voice. Hello, perfection of role and actor meeting with obvious spectacular results. Be afraid, Avengers, for he is the Spadey. He could kill all of you and still have the audience on his side. I do wonder if Joss Whedon is going to make Ultron in Danger from his Astonishing Xmen runs’ image. Or perhaps not. Avengers: Age of Ultron is something I wish to see with absolutely no spoilers, including the newer trailers. I wish to know nothing! A something can always take away a piece of possible enjoyment on the actual movie day.

4. Posters Made from Anna Kendrick’s Tweets

enhanced-2568-1429111441-23 enhanced-14368-1429217623-16 enhanced-15393-1429278870-15You are my kind of lady, Kendrick.

5. Orphan Black

728965The sestras are back! Here’s hoping that nothing will happen to Alison, Cosima, or Helena this season. Well, mostly Alison and Helena. Okay, if only one can live, I’m pulling for Alison. The other clones are there just to make her shine that much more in comparison anyway. She could rule the world with a toothpick. Her cardigans are armor, and her taser is always charged. If there is to be a chosen one, it is her. Not Sarah.


Obsessions of the Week – Installment One

I am a lady who tends to get carried away with immediate love when seeing something which resonates with me. Some are loves which last forever, and some just end up being disappointing. This does not stop me from getting excited about a potential amazing thing, and I hope it never will. Here are my obsessions of the week:

1. Another Period


During a commercial break for the Justin Bieber Roast on Comedy Central, they ran the first look at Another Period. It stars Natasha Leggaro and Riki Lindhome, fresh from the brilliant yet cancelled Garfunkel and Oates Season One. Here they play the spoiled Bellacourt sisters in 20th century Newport, Rhode Island. This show will be a spoof of reality shows like Keeping Up with the Kardashians, just set in a time where becoming famous was a bit more difficult. I am so happy that these ladies already have this new show, which will also feature Michael Ian Black and Padget Brewster!

2. The Justin Bieber Roast

This. was. hilarious. I have not seen a lot of the Comedy Central Roasts, but this one was just too tempting to resist. Plus it had Pete Davidson and Natasha Leggaro as roasters, so that put me totally on board. Kevin Hart was the perfect host ( as always ), and there were some truly brilliant bits of comedy throughout. I have to say this was even better than the Charlie Sheen Roast, which was my favorite before this. It was nice seeing Kate Walsh in the audience at least because she absolutely killed it when roasting Charlie a few years ago. This year I have to say Natasha was the Roast Queen! Just check her out:

3. Geek Chic Cosmetics

logoSo these crazy lovely people have made cosmetics inspired by the vast world of Geek Culture. There are Firefly, Supernatural, Sailor Moon, Marvel, Sherlock, Doctor Who, and Harry Potter palettes, among others! I ordered some samples of colors that looked nice online since I have not gotten any products from this company before. They ended up being very generous sample sizes, and most importantly, looked even better in person. The Sam from Supernatural inspired “Born Under a Bad Sign”, for example, really had those flecks of color in the brown, and every other color lived up to the expectations so I could not be happier. The colors are beautiful, wearable, and blend perfectly. Now I am more than ready to purchase some full sizes when these run out:) Here is their Lord of the Rings Palette:


4. iZombie

izombie pilot brains 2As of now, this show can do no wrong! The cast, the story, the being based on a graphic novel, I love all of it. The bad guy of iZombie is even irresistible and charming. No matter what he does, I just cannot stay mad at Blaine. Thank you Rob Thomas, you brilliant man. The leading zombie, Liv, is a lady I can absolutely get behind. It is not her fault that she was turned into the living kinda dead, and she is doing the best she can with it. I adore the added touches and rounding out of the whole Zombie cannon here, and in ways which make sense! Her taste buds are mostly dead, so she puts hot hot sauce on everything ( usually brains ) just to get some flavor. Yup, that checks out, I buy that.

P. S. There is a cute entry by the blogger Geek with Curves where she writes up some iZombie inspired recipes, no brains required.

5. Pioneer Woman Dishes

PWPot2I need all of these! The Pioneer Woman dishes will be released later this year, I just have to remain patient and wait…………………….

As a bonus, here is one of my favorite scenes from the movie Broadcast News to clarify a bit about the whole “obsession” term:

fullYep. Obsession is the right word for my feels.