Halloween Cosplay: Taylor Sloane from Ingrid Goes West


Cognac Boots, Blush Boots, Dress, Top, Shorts


There is nothing better than this new wave of Neon Noir hitting movie and tv screens. I feel spoiled, and my appetite for this genre is only growing. We saw this brand of film show up in the 80s of course, but it has evolved into a fresh kind of techno/millennial commentary that is messed up and gorgeous.

List of What I Consider New Neon Noir:

Ingrid Goes West, Claws, Riverdale, Search Party, Baby Driver


Halloween Cosplay- Kate McKinnon as Ms. Rafferty on SNL


Shirt, Jeans, Scottie Iron On Patch, Fake Cigarette, Shoes

So I tried to find something close to the pastel 80s perfection of Kate’s blouse, but nothing was quite right. Then I came across a pastel adorable shirt with UFOs on it. This is perfect since Ms. Rafferty was abducted with Ryan Gosling before she was mostly dead with Brie Larsen. You stick the iron-on Scottie dog to your right knocker area on this shirt to represent the dog soul stuck there after Keith the Angel totally botched it, and you are super good to go.


Lady Halloween Cosplay – Melinda May from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Shirt, Iron-on Patches, Pants, Vest, Boots

Hello, October! Since this is the first of the month, and official start of the countdown to Halloween, I am going to share a cosplay/costume a day.

Melinda May is the enforcer, babysitter, and overall trouble take downer for the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. This is an around the clock position which requires an incredible amount of patience, skill, and an unshakeable instinct to protect. She is simply the most badass saint ever.