Halloween Cosplay: Snow White The Fairest of Them All

Red Cardigan, Satin Tank, Satin Skirt (Size 0-14) (Size XS-3X), Star Head Chain, Apple Ring, Shoes, Bear Snow Globe

I saw this movie as a young teen and it always stuck with me. It is not available anywhere except a region 2 DVD from Amazon, but I got it anyway. And then got the region free DVD player so I could watch it. Sigh. It was worth it, but this film really should be more available in this age.

Snow White: The Fairest of Them All is a spooky as heck take on the fairy tale that also has a bright sweetness added. It’s weird. The prince gets turned into a bear. Clancy Brown is a dark kind of wizard man. It’s perfect and strange and I love it.

Head Crown Alternate (Photo is in black and white, but this is available in Gold)

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