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Fictional 5: Favorite Hotels

Thanks to the Geeky Tourist for coming up with new Fictional Five prompts, and giving me a little bit of blogging push.

Here are my favorite fictional hotels:

The Raven Hotel

Altered Carbon is a fairly interesting Netflix series that is very pretty. So, so pretty. The best thing about it is the AI angel that runs the AI Raven Hotel. He is an amalgamation of what the Hotel programmers thought Edgar Allen Poe was like, and the most adorable creature in this world. In fact my main complaint about the show so far is that it has been a couple of episodes since I have seen him.

The Grand Budapest Hotel

Gods do I want to live in a Wes Anderson film. The colors, fun characters, and impeccable service at this fictional take on a real hotel make me envious for the lucky people inside them.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall’s Turtle Bay Resort

Again, a sort of fictional take on a real resort. The movie brought in some nice Hollywood extras and of course Mila Kunis will not be there as a most helpful check-in desk person.

Bertram’s Hotel

This selection is more about wanting to solve a mystery with Miss Marple. Bertram’s is a corrupt murder and nazi ridden place, so it’s not very restful.

Fawlty Towers

Sybil is dazzling and Basil does not deserve her. Her nightie game is complicated and infinitely varied. She knows how to talk to people and do things like actually run the hotel. I love her. She is my hero.


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