Casting a Remake: The Miracle of Morgan’s Creek

This movie storyline would definitely not work in modern times. Maybe. Kinda. We still seem to be a bit behind when it comes to unplanned pregnancies as a culture. The idea of recasting this classic, and finding current actors to play in this Preston Sturges made world is at first impossible. That is, until you realize how many dorkfish are still out there, that can still do a pratfall and nail 1930s fast-talk humor. Bless you, you amazing weirdos.

Norval Jones: John Gallagher Jr

John is a master of all comic acting, and he can sing like an angel. The role of a sweet and nervous late bloomer would be easy for him to get into.

Trudy Kockenlocker: Krysten Ritter

Trudy talks like a bullet train without breathing, and is sweet as she is weird.

Emmy Kockenlocker: Kiernan Shipka

Emmy is my favorite part. She is the little sister, but is the wisest of the bunch. And damn, can she deliver a put down. After watching her grow up in Mad Men, and seeing her in Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Kiernan’s got this.

Constable Edmund Kockenlocker: John Pyper-Ferguson

The father of the girls has been raising them on his own for an undetermined period of time. He’s a former soldier, current constable. He is gruff, ornery, and washes the dishes in a frilly apron. Most of all, he loves and protects his daughters.

Mr. Rafferty : Bill Irwin

Rafferty has some great lines, and is a loyal sweetie. After watching Legion, I had to add in Irwin, he belongs.

Mr. Tuerck: Jason Segel

Is Norval’s boss an asshole? Yes.

Mr. Johnson: Jemaine Clement

The lawyer that rents a room to Norval is sharp as a tack and wry as hell.

“Psychology” Military Police Sergeant:  Jaime Camil

This precious darling of an actor is perfect for disciplining soldiers with kindness and “psychology”.

Justice of the Peace: David Cross

Could he be considered the evil villain of this tale? Yes. Mind your business, Mr. Nosy.

Governor McGinty : Melissa McCarthy

Brian Donlevy is one of the more underrated comic actors, mostly stereotyped into gangster roles because of his tough exterior. And he has mad dimples. Melissa is perfect for modern McGinty.

The Boss: Leslie Jones

The McGinty puppet master turned co-pilot, Leslie is perfect for The Boss.


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