5 Fandom Friday: Shows I Love, But….

This weeks topic ” Season/Episode I would delete from a show ” submitted to Female Geek Bloggers by Epicfied, is something that I have given so many fangirl hours to over the years. We all have shows that are deeply loved, but which contain episodes and even seasons that make us crazy. There are such things as shows that I would not change one single thing about, and those are easy to love. The harder, deeper love can however be given to the imperfect show. The show that can be so good, and get us perfectly, only to make us furious later. It can be a complicated relationship with my top 5 Problematic Shows, but I love them despite their faults.

(I chose to not list the eps I would take out, cause that would be an all over the place list, sniping episodes all over the seasons etc. Basically, too complicated to do, and I’m lazy. Lazy, and doing this my way would mean re-watching everything and making sure I still feel the same way about the picks. Yeah, I may be the one that makes these things too complicated.)

Here are five episodes from each pick that I believe can suck in a new fan, and give them the best that these sometimes troubled shows have to offer:

1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Buffy will always be a favorite, even with all of the soap opera drama, Zanderness, and Giles leaving like a British betrayer. Why? Because no matter how upset a storyline can make me in the moment, all it takes is a brilliantly funny/tragic episode for me to fall in love all over again.

Episode that’ll make you addicted: Beer Bad

This selection has everything that makes Buffyverse the best. It’s unique as heck; takes a trope (Buff sleeps with seemingly sweet guy, guy ignores her after and becomes a total skeez) and upends it beautifully. It’s human, relateable, and funny. Plus, cavegirl Buff is fabulous.

2. Supernatural

Ugh, the ways in which this show has broken my heart are countless. But, then I come across one of the many episodes that make me bliss out, and I forget my anger. If there is one strength that this show has, it is making love to it’s fans through the power of meta.

Ep to Convert a Newbie: The Real Ghostbusters

It has the meta. It has the parody of a fan convention, but in a sweet way. It has well written human people. It has a “murder mystery” turned real. Love. This. So. Much.

3. Battlestar Galactica

I’ll say it: Gaius Baltar makes me crazy. Over the course of the seasons, I so wanted one of the other characters to just throw him out an airlock already. And, the Apollo/Starbuck stuff. I ship them super hard, and they kept keeping them apart, and adding soap opera drama. Booo. Sigh. But, this series is so well done. It’s just pure sci-fi, and the writers are some talented SOBs.

Episode that Flies Pure and True: 33

So good. So real. So perfectly crafted.

4. The Mindy Project

Again, the drama bits can get on my nerves. I’m glad a number of the relationship issues have been resolved so that the show can concentrate more on the power of Mindy being Mindy. Cause when that is the focus, it shines.

Episode to Cry Laugh To: Mindy Lahiri is a White Man

Let me just say, Ryan Hansen is seemless as the white man version of Mindy. I mean, I want him to have a spinoff or something, because it is too perfect.

5. Scream Queens

Okay, I have spoken so many times of my love for this show that I even annoy myself. But, there are some problems. Such as continuity issues, certain Chanels not growing a backbone already, and not giving Taylor Lautner near enough to do. Do most of my issues with this series serve to add to it’s cheesy nature though? Yup. It’s a trainwreck sometimes, but it sure is a fun one:)

 Ep That Fully Seizes Power: Beware of Young Girls

God, the vicious awesome of this episode. It lines up everything, and then has the time of it’s life raining it all down. Jaime Lee is life, and the magic of sparkly horror cheese becomes completely realized.


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