5 Fandom Friday: TV Shows I Would Un-Cancel

Yea, let’s get right back into this Fandom 5 goodness! I can’t wait to see the picks the other ladies in this group have chosen:)

1. Pushing Daisies

Chuck and Ned Foreva and always. Brian Fuller gave us this magic mix of bright color, comedy, and mystery that has been gone for too many years.

2. Agent Carter

Hayley Atwell is Agent Carter. Just completely embodies this character, and no other role can utilize all that is Hayley so perfectly. There are so many stories for this Marvel character to get up to, and this show was at just the beginning of handling them.

3. Dollhouse

Dollhouse is near and dear to me, and I still miss it. Alan Tudyk had so much more to do as alpha, and the show was at once rawly human and a bit hilarious. So, so, beautifully felt and realized through one of the best casts ever.

4. Selfie

Karen Gillan was fresh from Doctor Who when she landed a spot on the Emily Kapnek (Suburgatory) My Fair Lady update with John Cho. This turned out to be an amazing combination which has become a cult classic with new people regularly discovering it on Hulu and loving it.

5. Quick Draw

One of the first Hulu produced shows, Quick Draw went largely unnoticed until being cancelled after the second season. It is an outline only script show riffed off of by a team of comedic improvisers set in an Old West town. There has never been anything else like it, and I adore it with every fiber of my being.


8 thoughts on “5 Fandom Friday: TV Shows I Would Un-Cancel

  1. Pushing Daisies was amazing, I was actually going to put it on my list but I decided on Hannibal instead it’s the curse of Bryan Fuller! You know I’ve never actually seen Dollhouse it’s one of those that’s been on my list to watch for the longest time but I’ve never got round to it haha


    1. I love everything Brian Fuller does:) I can’t wait to see Star Trek Discovery, even though he is too busy to now be showrunner, he put a lot of work into it. That dark and twinkly mix, need it!


  2. I really miss Pushing Daisies, it now belongs with my Sunday afternoon murder mystery collection. I wish Dollhouse was never cancelled and Agent Carter should have had a better season two…..not given a chance. Never heard of the last one (but you explain why) and Selfie…..saw the trailer and thats it….

    Oh how I miss Ned, Chuck, Emerson and Olive…


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