Top 10: Crazy Ex Girlfriend Songs

As a new to Netflix show, I binged my heart out on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Rachel Bloom is a ridiculous talent, with the singing, dancing, writing, etc.

1. This was a Shit Show

The Greg farewell is my number one favorite in the show so far. West Covina was nice, but he knew it was time to move on. It was heartbreaking, funny, and perfect.

2. Sexy Getting Ready Song

From the very first episode, and into every viewers obsession bank. This ranks among the best lady songs of all time.

3. After Everything I Have Done for You

Paula gets to belt out her frustrations, and it is as impressive as it is terrifying.

4. Love Kernels

Josh’s love is what Rebecca wants most in the world, and watching her try to force it is sad yet relatable.

5. Sex with a Stranger

Anyone can be a murderer these days, but the Becks is especially worried about her Tinder date.

6. The Villain in my Own Story

Self-reflection can be a bitch sometimes, and Rebecca does it full on Musical Theater. Glorious.

7. Research Me Obsessively

So. Real. Facebook etc stalking of an ex’s new flame can be addictive ya’ll.

8. Wheres the Bathroom?

The most amazing character entrance, and lays out how her mother might be behind a lot of her issues.

9. Sexy French Depression

There’s nothing like a black and white depression fantasy parody sequence.

10. Ping Pong Girl

This was super 90s pop rock nostalgia, and lovingly “sporty”.


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