Saturday Night Live Dream Host List 2017

It was fun coming up with another bunch of suggestions for Lorne Michaels to hopefully take into consideration. Again, for the sake of simplification, I chose three hosts for every month that SNL tends to air.

New rule this time: There is no one on this list that has hosted before. For a few, it was very surprising, but here are my picks for crazy talented people and first time Saturday Night Live Hosts:


Rachel Bloom


Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is amazing, and this girl even auditioned for SNL. Rachel can sing, dance, and write some funny truths, making her the perfect premiere host.

John Boyega


How has this sweet baby angel of a man not hosted yet? Is his glee not infectious? Is he not of the Star Wars clan? And British?! Do it.

Chelsea Peretti


Chelsea has worked with Andy Sandberg on Brooklyn Nine Nine for four years, and in doing so, built her character Gina into the Goddess of all. Gina is the MVP glue of the magic that is the Nine Nine.




Donna from Parks and Recreation is my everything. That Woman can get it. I saw Retta on a recent Late Night with Seth Meyers episode and it reminded me how damn hilarious she is.

John Slattery


This man is a hot mess. After seeing him in different states of ruffled, I wish to see him take on SNL. Badly.

John Mulaney


Oh, the bridesmaid that was never a bride. Mulaney was a writer on SNL for years until he moved on, never making it to featured player. This was a shame, and I would like to see it rectified.


Miranda Hart


The BBC series Miranda is the perfect showcase for her awkward brilliance, and she killed it as Melissa McCarthys backup in Spy.

Keanu Reeves


Can you believe he’s never hosted? After the John Wick movies, you know you want this.

Terry Crews


The talented papa bear that is Terry Crews hosting the Thanksgiving episode? Yes.


Clark Gregg


Clark is one of those improv and classically trained actors. So strange, and so good at delivering.

Tituss Burgess


If you do not see why he belongs here, out with you!

Rachel Dratch


Dratch Christmas? You’re welcome.


Michaela Coel


After Hulu’s The Aliens and Netflix’s Chewing Gum, I am so onboard with more Michaela.

Krysten Ritter


She is lit with some serious fire, and so knows how to aim it.

Liev Schreiber


Liev is the personification of naughty humor wearing a monocle.


John Cho


I could list Star Trek, but the main reason Cho earned his place on my list is Selfie. It was a show that died too young, and it made me fall so in love with him.

Christina Hendricks


Valentines Day episode? Bring in the badass redhead.

Rashida Jones


Need. This.


Donald Glover


I mean, right?

Allison Dunbar


Allison is very intimidating. She is a Groundlings trained improv that also Burlesque dances. The awesome of that baffles and amazes me.

Dev Patel


Again, I am curious as to how Dev would play with the SNL crew. I feel that they would gel together beautifully.


Andre Braugher


How has this man not won an Emmy for his Brooklyn Nine Nine role?!

Ruth Negga


I’m just plain obsessed with Ruth:)

Glen Powell


My sugar angel sunshine. Everybody Wants Some and Scream Queens are full of funny actors, but Glen stands out. So much, it’s almost creepy.


Katy Mixon


So perfect for the Mothers Day episode. Katy was boss in Mike and Molly, and she rules in American Housewife.

Vanessa Hudgens


Fresh off playing Gigi on broadway, this girl is taking her role in Powerless and having so much fun with it.

Larry Wilmore


Larry so deserves the finale spot after his Nightly show got cancelled. This man can write a skit like nobodys business and deliver the hell out of it.

Bonus Want:

Please just make Leslie Jones and Cecily Strong the co-hosts of Weekend Update already.



One thought on “Saturday Night Live Dream Host List 2017

  1. This is an amazing list! I can’t believe some of these people haven’t been on already like Rachel Bloom and Rashida Jones. Rachel Dratch not having hosted when Tina and Amy have returned quite a few times is crazy too.

    Liked by 1 person

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