5 Fandom Friday- Galentines Gifts

Happy almost Galentines Day, my ladies of fandom! I love that this weeks prompt celebrates the fact that Parks and Recreation made a legitimately awesome new holiday for us to enjoy.

1. Bling Sting Alarm

Super cute and loud as hell if need be, this is perfect to clip on a purse or belt loop.

2. Hark A Vagrant Print

For $16, you can get a print of any Hark a Vagrant comic. Kate Beaton is hilarious and I can find a print for any of my friends here.

3. My Favorite Murder Pillow

Yes, I am obsessed with this podcast. Yes, I have been drawing as many other people into it with me as possible. Why? Because I must. Karen Killgariff and Georgia Hardstark talk about murders and whatever else catches their fancy. And they happen to be funny as hell, just a couple of straight talking ladies trying as best they can to avoid being killed. “Stay sexy, and Don’t Get Murdered” is their tagline after all. Their merch is adorable, and all profits go to charity.

4. Bee and Puppycat Sword

This totally looks like it belongs in a She-Ra cartoon, and I love it. Puppycat power!

5. Lisa Frank Stationery Set

I know, I’m in a very pink friendly place in my head right now, and it seems I’m not the only one with the Frank resurgence and all. It’s funny because I grew up when Lisa Frank was first popular, and I had zero interest. Now I see it and go “Ohhh the colors and the prettty, give it.”


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