Casting a Remake: Taming of the Shrew

This time I can not resist one of the most classic of the classics to dreamcast. The dream director would be Joss Whedon since his version of Much Ado About Nothing was so fabulous.

Katherine Minola- Ruth Negga


Ruth is the most luminous talent that I have seen in a while. My love of her take on Tulip in AMC’s Preacher is well documented, and I look forward to her movie Loving as well as anything else she appears in.

Petruchio-  Jason Statham


Jason is the perfect match for Ruth. He has a brilliance with comedy and a very Petruchio earthiness. It would be an intense connection, and I love it.

Bianca Minola- Imogen Poots


Imogen and Ruth would play off each other so well, I can’t even. Plus, Boyega and her would be a very interesting pair.

Lucentio-  John Boyega


Another actor I want to see in everything, including hosting Saturday Night Live. Still hopeful that they add him this season:) Boyega is so the man to play a gallant romantic lead in the Shakespeare universe.

Tranio- Ray Santiago


Ray has been killing it in Ash vs Evil Dead, and he has proven to be the best back up that you can have.

Baptisa Minola- John Hannah


Hilarious, Scotsman, and actor of Badassness. The father of Kate and Bianca is sometimes the ineffective ringleader, and sometimes a part of the chaos.

Hortensio– Paul Rudd


Because why not?

Gremio- Dylan Moran


Because I want him to play and plot with Paul Rudd. I want it bad.


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