Casting a Remake: Arsenic and Old Lace

One of my all time Halloween favorites is Arsenic and Old Lace, so let us do a re-imagining shall we? The dearer to my heart a classic is, the more difficult it is to find a new cast suited to portray it. This one had me going back and forth, but I think I settled on a good mix.

Mortimer: Jude Law

The modern day Cary Grant is so Jude Law. He can do hilarious leading man losing it so sweetly.

Elaine: Anna Camp

I would love to see Anna and Jude play off each other with all the Brewster craziness swirling around them.

Jonathan: Kyle MacLachlan

Yes. Just yes.

Dr. Einstein: Aubrey Plaza

Aubrey as Peter Lorre? Hell yes, she is the ultimate Halloween kitty spirit.

Aunt Abby: Stockard Channing

Aunt Martha: Dianne Wiest

Stockard and Dianne were a bomb duo in Practical Magic, and they would be perfect as the Aunts de Brewster.

Teddy: John Hodgman

The Hodge is totally up for believing that he is Teddy Roosevelt and romping around the Brewster house.

New Neighborhood Cop: Hayes MacArthur

Angie Tribeca has given some quality comedy to this world, and Hayes does clueless the absolute best.


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