5 Fandom Friday: Characters I Want to Dress Up as for Halloween

This year has added so many characters to Costume Lists everywhere. I went through the possibilities, and came up with five characters that would be a total blast to channel on Halloween:

1. Ms. Rafferty from SNL

Kate McKinnon is a goddess in all that she does, however my absolute favorite skits are the Ms. Rafferty gets abducted/dead ones. They not only fill my heart with bliss, but getting into the Ms. Rafferty mindset is fun as hell.

2. Tulip from Preacher

It took me a bit to sit down and watch Preacher, and damn did it blow my expectations. It’s that rare kind of comic book inspired dark, clever, and funny entity. The cast really brings it, but Ruth Negga as Tulip is the no nonsense heart of this piece.

3. Hank Venture from Venture Bros

I have dressed up as Hank before, and it always makes me happy. Over the years, The Venture Brothers has remained dear to me, and Hank is so my kind of weirdo. The only thing I would add is after wearing the Hank by Day costume to get some Aquaman underoos to sleep in.

4. Ghostbuster

Who doesn’t want to be a Ghostbuster? I ship Holtzmann and Erin so hard, and hanging out with these ladies would be the best!

5. Elizabeth Bennet from Pride Prejudice and Zombies

Surprisingly, this was a legitimate Jane Austen adaptation even with the zombie additions. I very much enjoyed this film, and Matt Smith as Mr. Collins is bliss. The idea of dressing up as a “dainty” Austen character armed with a sword and dagger while taking out any zombies I happen upon is very appealing to me.


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