Top 10: Shows I Wish Were Streaming

So, the entire premise of this blog entry is super whiny, but I am going to go there anyway. In this day and age where every show seemingly possible is available at our fingertips, there are still a few choice entries that for whatever reason have remained in the desolate wasteland beyond the reach of Netflix and Hulu. As time goes on, the distance between these shows and my fingertips becomes more and more an exercise of “but why??!!” Here are my top 10 shows that I wish were streaming already:

1. Boston Legal

If I were to count up all the ways in which I love James Spader, it would be really embarrassing because a good portion of my Spader feels are super inappropriate.

2. Murphy Brown

Candace Bergen as Murphy was the perfect lady role model in a show I deeply miss. Am I the only one that misses having this in their Hulu repertoire in a lady power binge along with Cybil, Another Period, Difficult People, Parks and Rec and homemade margaritas?

3. The Adventures of Brisco County Jr

One of those rare shows that are so good that their one and only season is more than enough to fuel cult status and forever love. As a western/sci-fi/comedy series with Bruce Campbell, there are few shows that offer a more satisfying binge.

4. Pushing Daises

I do remember when this was available on Netflix, but it has been a very long dry spell ever since. People need to be able to watch this show at will, it is a basic human right.

5. Roseanne

Granted, there are some episodes available on Netflix in a kind of “collection”, but Roseanne is something that deserves to be watched in it’s entirety. It’s super weird that it is not.

6. Looney Tunes

Yeah, I want to watch the full episodes of Looney Tunes, not just the YouTube clips. Chuck Jones created something of crazy hilarious beauty, and I wish to have access to all of it.

7. Golden Girls

Even though I barely remember this show, I still love it. As someone who does not have cable/access to TV Land, I look forward to watching this from the beginning some day.

8. Designing Women

Another awesome eighties show centered around strong women, with a badass sense of humor. Again, I remember a bit and have watched YouTube clips, but I really want to delve in completely.

9. Will and Grace

My first experience with Megan Mullally, and it has remained a favorite. The amount of quotes and moments in this series make Friends look like so much useless garbage in comparison, and I can never have too much Karen and Jack.

10. Hogans Heroes

 I used to watch this every day after school after Power Rangers and Animaniacs. It is absolutely a nostalgic staple, and I needs it.

P.S. I was going to add Taxi to this list, but found that they have it on Hulu now:) Oh, and Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman is on Amazon Prime.


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