Casting a Remake: Young Frankenstein

With the passing of the great Gene Wilder, everyone has been rightly paying tribute to his work. Willy Wonka, Blazing Saddles, and Young Frankenstein have been particular favorites. This has gotten me to thinking that surely the studios will start work on a remake soon. Honestly, this is most likely not going to happen, but I instinctually see any resurgence in a films popularity as the chum to which producers are drawn to. Since the possibility has occurred to me, my curiosity as to who could even pull this off has driven me to come up with a cast list. My compulsive nature takes lists very seriously, so even though my vision of what could be will never come to pass, I believe that they could pull it off with gusto. Oh, and it has to be shot in black and white (in my imagination), that’s non negotiable.

Igor : Rachel Dratch

The thought about who in this modern era could possibly be on par with Marty Feldman is a difficult one. The physicality, humor, wicked glee, and comic delivery found in Marty are not easy qualities to live up to. In fact, there is only one person who could possibly compare – The Dratch. The Dratch is of the same magical evil fairy dust as Marty, and the more I think about it, the more it becomes obvious.

Dr. Frederick Frankenstein : Adam Driver

My Adam Driver experience has been watching The Force Awakens and his SNL hosting gig. Damn is he good. The guy has scads of chemistry, natural acting ability, and can make a skit about a cat clip show hilarious. I can picture him in the role of Frederick perfectly, and he even has the hair requirement.

The Monster : Mark Ruffalo

Mark has those amazingly emotive eyes, and we all know he can do green characters:)

Elizabeth : Leslie Mann

I almost chose Megan Hilty, but I feel that Leslie Mann could nail all that is Elizabeth while having naughty chemistry with Mark Ruffalo. It just feels right.

Inga : Briga Heelan

Briga is not only incredibly gorgeous, but has a way with comedy. Her work on Ground Floor, Cougar Town, and soon the new Tina Fey show illustrates she is more than capable.

The Inspector : Andre Braugher

Andre is the secret weapon of Brooklyn 99. Heavens, that man can do deadpan comedy so well that he deserves all of the awards.

Frau Blucher : Jessica Walter

Yes. Mallory Archer and Lucille Bluth is the right fit for Blucher. I had Alex Kingston as a possibility, but she is just too sexy. Frau B needs to be wanting the sex yet make it feel awkward.

Blind Man : Clark Gregg

Can’t you just see Clark Gregg with a long beard and cane unknowingly tormenting Mark Ruffalo?

Husband on the Train : Glen Powell

You know that run of various married couples on the train having the same conversation in different languages about their sons masturbation habit? Glen Powell needs to be the husband. I just need it.


2 thoughts on “Casting a Remake: Young Frankenstein

    1. Exactly:) If they did do another Young Frankenstein, it should be the musical Broadway version, the original is so perfect that remaking it is impossible. Which is the very thought that made my brain go ” but who could even possibly play the parts?” It’s a surprisingly fun difficult puzzle.


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