Obsessions of the Week

1. Arthur from Difficult People

Ever since this show debuted last season, I have been obsessed. The humor is killer and the relationships are much more grown up than the ones I am used to seeing on television. However, the bond that draws me deeper and deeper into the show is the one between Arthur and Julie. As the romantic partner of the female lead, working for PBS, and gourmet cook, they could have easily made him the stereotypical pansy professor type. That Arthur is such a well rounded character who loses his temper sometimes and is quite a sensual man is beyond exceptional. So, so, sexily exceptional.

2. Stranger Things

This show is so chocked full of eighties goodness that it is basically a view-port back in time. With better special effects. Of all of the nostalgic characters, my fav is Dustin. He’s the most adorable muffin and loyal friend.

3. Pete Davidson and Cary David

These two:) Pete Davidson has been brilliant his first seasons on Saturday Night Live. His smile is very infectious and he has one of the best line deliveries in the business. Lately he has been dating the lovely daughter of Larry David. That’s right! Larry David, also from Saturday Night Live may one day be Pete’s father in law. I can’t even with how much this makes me happy. So. Damn. Cute.

I follow Pete on Instagram and the pics he shares of their relationship are the absolute best. The feeling of this is meant to be is the same one I get with Nancy and Jonathan from Stranger Things. I ship them! Dang Steve swooping in and deciding to be a decent human being to get Nancy again. Nancy and Jonathan belong together, gosh darn it:

Such Pete and Cary style mooning:)

4. What’s Up with Last Ship?

Really, what’s up with the show this season? I mean, obviously Tex being gone has left a significant hole of charisma and stylish swashbuckling, but it’s more than that. They cast Dichen Lachman perfectly to combat that very absence, and then failed to use her. She’s in one episode to great effect, bringing with her all of the chemistry and vitality that had been missing, and then is regulated to the background ever after. What up with that? It’s weird. I do hope she gets a larger role as the season goes on at least.

5. Felicia Day and We Bare Bears

We Bare Bears has the first season available on Hulu now, which is wonderful. Bobby Moynihan, Patton Oswalt, Demetri Martin, and now Felica Day have done voices for this series about three bear brothers living together. Patton as an evil Koala named Nom Nom doing whatever possible to maintain internet fame is epic.


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