Top 20 Eighties Comedies

The Eighties were a time of strange mixes in the land of movies. Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Romance, Action, Horror, and Comedy were being smashed together in new and psychedelic ways. Everything felt like it was being reinvented, and there were a shit ton of talented writers and directors to amp it all up to the level that this era so deserved.

1. Working Girl

Mike Nichols does my favorite 80s smartly bawdy adult comedy. I love Working Girl more and more as I get older, especially the concept of fake it til you make it.

2. Broadcast News

God, the writing here is freaking gorgeous, and the romance is so beside the point of this film. Holly Hunter rules.

3. Big Trouble in Little China

Balls to the wall crazy 80s energy with this one, and I love it. John Carpenter really knew how to embrace the era.

4. The Burbs

This was a recent watch on Netflix, and I have viewed it so many times over to make up for lost time. How did I go so long without you, you perfect horror comedy?

5. Clue

As ensemble comedy casts go, you can not beat this one. Tim Curry buttles his glorious heart out.

6. Victor Victoria

I have always wondered what an alternate reality version with Leslie Ann Warren and Robert Preston teaming up for a while would have been like.

7. The Lost Boys

A creepy new town complete with  Dianne Wiest, taxidermy loving grandpa, comic book shop, and a never ending carnival. Love it.

8. Trading Places

Here’s the thing: I have seen this movie soooo many times on so many channels through the years, and I am still not sick of it.

9. Romancing the Stone

They really don’t make movies like this anymore, such a classic romance adventure. Does anyone else see a resemblance between Kathleen Turner here and Amy Schumer? Cause I’m not huge on advocating for more re-makes (even though a number of them are awesome), but I’d love to see Schumer and Paul Rudd do one.

10. The Sure Thing

This is It Happened One Night eighties style with John Cusack, and it is one of the best things ever.

11. A Fish Called Wanda

John Cleese is so adorably polite and British, even when in his altogether. Madcap caper brilliance with a well paired cast, and they meet up again in the nineties with Fierce Creatures.

12. When Harry Met Sally

My favorite Nora Ephron, Meg Ryan, and Billy Crystal film. Ephron can really write a great rant, and Billy can deliver the hell out of them.

13. Raising Arizona

The Coen brothers sweetness with a dash of sweet sad. Just cause some people are a little crazy does not mean that they would not be great parents.

14. Evil Dead II

What is needed for comedy magic? Bruce Campbell’s face.

15. Three Amigos

I have so much nostalgic love wrapped up in this film. The corn is at a lovely level, and this trio just makes me happy.

16. Troop Beverly Hills

Craig T. Nelson stupidly divorces Shelly Long, which makes her find new purpose teaching young girls life lessons that are actually useful.

17. My Favorite Year

Satire, Peter O’Toole, and a hearkening to the glory days of cinema.

18. This is Spinal Tap

Arguably Christopher Guest’s greatest creation, and what will forever be a King of the Cult Classics.

19. After Hours

So, Martin Scorsese did this weird comedy about a guy whose money literally flew out of a window of a cab and has to find his own trek home. It’s full of what they used to term “adult humour” and it pairs well with An American Werewolf in London.

20. Honey I Shrunk the Kids

 Why can’t we have this sort of family sci-fi comedy any more? I really miss this kind of movie; time to check Netflix. What? They have Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves but for some reason not the original? But I needs to start at the beginning ya’ll. This is the “we only have Escape from LA” fiasco all over again!


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