Obsessions of the Week

There are so many things that have caught my eye this week, but I am in a humorous mood. Here are five things that currently make me smile every time I think about them:

1. Miranda : Just Act Normal

I finally started watching Miranda on Hulu, and it is one hell of a British Comedy. Miranda Hart leads us through the realistic life-crash of growing into yourself as a woman in this day and age. The episode Just Act Normal especially is the most perfect half hour of comedy that I have experienced in a while.

2. Love and Friendship

This movie is everything that calls to my satire ridden soul. Kate Beckinsale and Stephen Fry team up again decades after the fabulous Cold Comfort Farm, and this produces comedy aged just right. I really wish someone would do a double feature of these two films in the theater; they belong together.

3. Maya and Marty : The War in Words

The new variety show with Maya Rudolf and Martin Short is very charming, and I am looking forward to seeing how it develops. The Carol Burnett influence is most felt in the War in Words Civil War Letters sketch, and it has not let go of me since.

4. Alden Ehrenreich as Han Solo

Perfection. Alden was such a standout in Hail Caesar, and no one else would have made me so satisfied as the choice for young Han Solo. I mean, I still would have given any other actor the chance to win me over by watching the film, but Alden already has me on his side. Anyone who can draw so much interest out of a cowboy hat while stealing every damn scene in a star studded Coen Brothers picture can do any thing he wants.

5. Murder She Baked Hallmark Series

I adore this wonderfully corny romantic movie series based on the novels of the same name. Hallmark is airing the forth movie on June 19th, and I am so excited! Alison Sweeney is adorable and I love me some mystery. They are so re-watchable, and the mother / daughter / sister relationship throughout is so sweet and real. I do wonder if her cop suitor will start to think she’s a killer again since Hannah (Alison) keeps finding dead bodies. Nothing like suspicion to kill romantic feelings, so don’t do that Mike the cop. I mean, the dentist suitor is nice and all, but he’s also kinda boring and I’ve thought he was a killer since the first movie. Mike better get wise gosh darn it, or I’ll be all for Hannah cutting both of them loose.



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