5 Fandom Friday : Favorite Fictional Teachers

Catching up on some 5 Fandom Friday, and this one has been in my drafts folder forever. To get on my favorite teachers list, you really have to have some special character components. Such as : an almost too honest nature, sometimes helped by booze; an aura that says you used to be one of these hopeful idiots that are your students so you will do your best to cram them full of stuff that they actually need to survive; magic helps; or even just having a wicked sense of humor.

1. Coach McGuirk


I’d classify McGuirk as a common sense teacher. After years of having him as a kind of life coach, you will be prepared for all of the crappy things in life. Mostly from just watching him and finding out what not to do, but hey that works.

2. Ms.Norbury


Tina Fey teaches us how to be more awesome with everything she does. Ms. Norbury is one of the most real portrayals of a teacher out there, and she will be as plain as she can with you so that her lessons soak into your head.

3. Indiana Jones


Indy is more a character that makes you want to become a professor growing up. Bad. Like, no matter how old I get, no matter how much I know no teaching job is really like that. I will never outgrow wanting to be Indiana Jones.

4. Merlin


This guy knows how to dazzle and motivate his students. Plus Archimedes is the cutest teachers aide in existence!

5. Splinter


This character has the most patience for sure. He does the best he can to guide mutant turtles through puberty, and that has to be the ultimate teaching challenge.


4 thoughts on “5 Fandom Friday : Favorite Fictional Teachers

  1. I would love to have Mrs. Norbury as a Math teacher, which I totally suck at, BTW. Having Merlin as one would be cool – you’d get to explore things up close and personal and spend time with the cutest teacher’s assistant ever. As for Splinter…I’d have trouble getting over the fact that he’s a giant walking, talking RAT! *shudders*

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      1. Agreed – I think that’s the sign of a good math teacher…having the ability to explain it in terms that more people can understand.


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