5 Fandom Friday : Lesser Known Fandoms of my Heart

1. Buckaroo Banzai

Buckaroo represents all of the cult classics over the years that have earned hard core loyalty with their fans. It is a top tier favorite with me for many reasons. For starters, I grew up with it, it is the first movie I watched with my husband, and the cast is bananas amounts of badass. Jeff Goldblum outfitted as a cowboy, John Lithgow as the head crazy alien, and Peter Weller being all that is Buckaroo. And the music! So lovingly and beautifully 80s.

2. Beyond Belief – Thrilling Adventure Hour Podcast

Beyond Belief is a fandom that I just can’t put down. Ever. What if it gets lost? What if a special episode pops up? What if I lived my life without the banter and adventures of Frank and Sadie Doyle? Never. It will forever live in an app on my phone, for those occasions when I need a dose of classy and hilarious to clink to.

3. Hark a Vagrant


Kate Beaton runs her strip Hark a Vagrant as a mix of history, superheroes, literature, and the perfectly drawn expressions to convey the wonderful resulting silliness. She’s so cool.

4. Stella

David Wain, Michael Showalter, and Michael Ian Black make up the perfect team. I adore them separately as well of course, but together they are amplified. I very much look forward to Wet Hot American Summer : 10 Years Later.

5. Home Movies

Loren Bouchard is a full on weakness for me. The man makes shows with such flair for music and humour. Before Bob’s Burgers there was Home Movies, and the wonder that is Coach McGuirk.


3 thoughts on “5 Fandom Friday : Lesser Known Fandoms of my Heart

    1. Yes! I’m trying to hold off too much excitement because they’ve been trying to do a series many times over the years. If he pulls this off however, Kevin will be my hero!


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