My Finally Determined Top 10 Favorite Films

I was thinking about it recently, and I came to the realization that I had no idea what my favorite movie was. This was disturbing. There were some go-to choices to say, but it was nothing that had been actually thought about by determining which of the many, many films I had seen was my definite favorite. So off I went, combing through my library and searching my memory, which turned up far too many choices. Whittling them down and putting them in a top ten order was a freaking battle strewn with tears and the preferences of younger versions of myself. Was it all worth it? Yes, because I am a grown lady and at the very least I need to feel confidant when answering the question, “What’s your favorite movie?” The world is now slightly more solid under my feet.

1. The Miracle of Morgan’s Creek

miracle-of-morgans-creek-01Preston Sturges writes and directs this film about a young woman married to and knocked up by an unremembered soldier (somebody spiked the punch at the dance she met him at) during World War II in middle America and has to find a way to get a hold of a marriage certificate so she is not ruined. Somehow this is fodder for the funniest, truest, most ahead of it’s time movie ever.

2. Spy

tumblr_nvxfj3Looq1twa8dfo1_500.gifThis. Movie. Almost. Literally. Kills Me. Every gosh darn time, it brings me to the brink of suffocation by laughter, and it is oh so worth it! How many hilarious lines can be packed into one film? I mean, talk about the skillful tight writing of story and jokes as dialogue so smooth and beautifully done that it could be it’s own darn class at University.

3. Django Unchained

tumblr_nq0t35uOwu1uosck5o1_500My favorite Tarantino, and that is saying a lot. There has not been another of his that I have re-watched so many times, and that fills me with so many kinds of glee.

4. The Lady Eve

tumblr_ldnjaxN8oW1qbz270o1_500Oh, Sturges, you are a sly devil. Barbara Stanwyck is a con lady in love with a sweetly dopey Henry Fonda. He finds out about her past and judges her harshly for it, making her need to crush him in order to feel more like herself again. Madcap comedy of the highest brow ensues.

5. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

tumblr_lp2dzuoBtU1qkr66no1_500Such a classic horror comedy, and my first exposure to Joss Whedon. Who has the perfect level of cheese and wit? You do, yes you do! To me this is the prime example of a nostalgia film that actually holds up, and that is a treasure.

6. Jaws

tumblr_inline_o1bcfhYrTY1qgp297_500Simple, brutal, and somehow twinkly. That mix completely enchants me, and it is a shameful rarity.

7. Wall-E

tumblr_nwn5hpmt2Z1s3ulybo5_r1_500Silent comedy in Pixar form! This movie encompasses a whole puzzle piece in what makes up my taste in film.

8. Brick

anigif_enhanced-16813-1403555795-6The first pairing of Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Rian Johnson is a true noir set in a high school. This is a love story to the detective and dame dynamic of the golden age, and it lands. It lands hard.

9. The Birdcage

tumblr_nbtbtjtSBS1r0jkkko3_r1_500At the core of all the color and silliness, love is the major player here. How the family in this selection are together has been a beautiful example for me to strive for.

10. The Major and the Minor


This is a more recent discovery from the works of Billy Wilder; add Ginger Rogers and it’s just plain irresistible. All she wants to do is get home after having enough of the big city. Problem? The tickets have gone up in price so she has to dress up as a child to get half off and outsneak the system. Of course, the system then tries to trip her up time after time, but Ginger will have none of it.


2 thoughts on “My Finally Determined Top 10 Favorite Films

  1. Spy was so damn hilarious – I genuinely think it may just be the funniest film I’ve even seen (next to Hot Rod) I was constantly in stitches


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