Lady Cosplay – Vanessa from Deadpool


Did anyone else fall in love with all the 90s style in Deadpool? Cause I sure did! The entire film is a thowback to a naughtier, more velvety time. A time where music was felt in the bones, plaid was everywhere, and even little old ladies cussed with nonchalance. Oh, the nostalgia was rampant and glorious, and it was the perfect fit for a character like Deadpool. The 90s feel fit him like a freakin glove, and I can not wait for a sequel.

I tried to find a Bernadette Peters coin purse for the outfit (loved that touch in the film) but there is none to be had. Even Etsy let me down, however I would not be surprised if they started selling them soon. I can’t be the only person yearning for one now. As a consolation prize, here is a musical number with Bernadette and Steve Martin. It feels like something Vanessa and Wade would watch together in between holiday sex sessions:


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