5 Fandom Friday: Things in My Purse at All Times

It was very difficult to narrow down the census of my purse to five things. I like to be prepared, so there are oh so many occupants of use.

1. Sunglasses


These are an absolute must, especially since I prefer to see when driving down Texas roads:)

2. Phone Charger


This is a newer addition to my purse, and has proved incredibly handy. My phone gets about four solid recharges out of this block and it does a fab job topping up my tablet as well.

3. Oil Blotting Papers


I would like to blame Texas weather for these being a necessity, but my skin is just straight up oily.

4. Pill Box


I found this adorable pill box on Etsy and keep a variety of Excedrin, Claritin and Midol inside.

 5. Tinted Chapstick


This lip balm lasts forever, does what it’s supposed to, and is a universally flattering pink that goes with everything.

Honorable Mention: Swiss Army Knife


I may not use it every day like the other items, but I do truly love my Swiss Army Knife.


3 thoughts on “5 Fandom Friday: Things in My Purse at All Times

  1. The phone charger is a life saver, since I have an iPhone 4 and its battery is now super old. I use it also to recharge my tablet when I’m taking notes at classes.


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