5 Fandom Friday: People You Want on Your Side During an Apocalypse

Catching up on some 5 Fandom Friday today; prompt by Kendall Ashley.

1. Alpha – Dollhouse

dollhouse208-1Alan Tudyk as Alpha rules any Apocalypse situation with his many abilities.

2. Peggy Carter – Agent Carter

agent-carter-season-finale-hayley-atwellAt the end of the world, we need to find out what the heck happened and why so as to reverse that crap. Peggy can have that mess fixed better than anyone. She also has a lovely moral compass.

3. Tex – The Last Ship

The_Last_Ship_S02_Mitra_TVGMTex is a strange and wonderful mix of a man. He’s a deep cover combat veteran with a hippy nature and a heck of a romantic streak. He’s also always right, and can wear the hell out of a man bun.

4. Shadowcat – X-men

2287711-shadowcat40The Astonishing X-men series brought me to love the character Kitty Pryde/Shadowcat. It also made me appreciate how powerful and useful she can be, even with a technically defensive ability. Plus she can ghost through everything from zombies to tight security.

5. Ron Swanson – Parks and Recreation

Z9XNYW8This is more of a curiosity to watch all the awesome and hilarious ways that Ron would deal with the Apocalypse. I need to see that.


Honorable Mentions:

Henry Standing Bear – Longmire

Abraham – The Strain


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