5 Fandom Friday: Favorite Lady BFFs

Valentines Day is almost here, which means we can officially start celebrating Galentines Day! For me, any day or number of days in February is an appropriate time to honor this holiday really. Amy Poehler, you sweet starfish of gifts to the world like Galentines Day and Ron Swanson. How many ways has Parks and Recreation enriched our day to day life? Countless.

Here are my favorite Womances:

1. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler


These ladies have known each other forever, and even share a gynecologist! #squadgoals Seriously, they did a song on SNL about their friendship a couple months ago and their gyno was in it. They also made the absolutely fabulous movie Sisters. That jam had a movie theater full of ladies (and some guys) crying they were laughing so hard. I almost spilled some of my margarita ya’ll. Epic.

2. Stacey and Nessa


Gavin and Stacey is one of my favorite cute with a bite romantic comedy tv series. The main reason for this is the friendship between Stacey and Nessa (often shortened to Ness). They know each other so well they have the ability to basically read each others mind. They are so comfortable with each other, even with the hard stuff in life.

3. Jessica and Trish


I love that the Jessica Jones first season included the backstory of how these two became best friends. It’s heartbreaking at times, but all that bad they went through together just made them stronger.

4. Vastra and Jenny


I know this is a romantic relationship but they are so gosh darn perfect together. The scene in Deep Breath where Jenny is posing for what she thinks is a painting, but Vastra just likes the scenery cemented them as one of my favorite couples. So cute, and their relationship is a definite Womance as well.

5. Agent Carter and Angie


As much as I adore Jarvis, I have been seriously missing Angie this season. She is one of those people that make for a staunch lifetime friend who will punch or trick with fake tears anyone who messes with her Peggy.


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