5 Fandom Friday: One True Pairings

It’s time to share my favorite fictional couples and their strange and wonderful brand of love. Thanks as always to the Female Geek Bloggers who run this 5 Fandom Friday joint:)

1. Bob and Linda


These two give me hope that marriage can be a meeting of the minds and a partnership of compatible crazies.

2. Leslie and Ben

So much love for this couple. Nerdy, bright, brilliant love.

3. Frank and Sadie Doyle


These guys rule as the best couple in fictional supernatural comedy mystery Podcastdom. Beyond Belief from Thrilling Adventure Hour is my happy tipsy place.

4. Megamind and Roxanne


They’re just so perfect together! Tina Fey gives Roxie perfect smart sass mouth, and the hero is just too boring for her. She deserves to be with the awesome villain.

5. Madalena and Gareth


Has anyone else been watching the second season of Galavant?! Omg, I loooove it, I need it to be renewed again please. These two are the best couple, so weirdly cute and sweet.


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