5 Fandom Friday: Favorite Late To The Game TV Discoveries

Finding a show later in it’s lifetime is fairly common these days. There is really a massive amount of amazing content being put out there, so even keeping up with being aware of it all is a wonderful challenge. I still have a very long “need to check this out someday” list, but I try to make a regular dent in it. Because of things being as they are, it is difficult to define “late to the game”. I could give a bit more leeway to everyone including myself if I defined that as like five years into a showspan, but for the purposes of this topic I’ll refine that to after the first season.

1. Parks and Recreation


I think I saw a couple of random episodes from the first couple of seasons, but I don’t think I was ready/in the right mood to become intimate with all that is Parks and Rec. Plus, this was before Netflix streaming was really a big thing. At about the forth season mark, it hooked me in and I devoured it whole. Over and over, and I will never stop!

2. Bob’s Burgers


This one sneaked past me for about two seasons before I even knew it existed. Then I had the impression it was yet another cartoon family thing, trying to be The Simpsons, just ignore it til it goes away. However, while taking a bath and listening to The Nerdist podcast (like ‘ya do) I found out that the amazing Loren Bouchard was the creator of Bob’s Burgers. He also did Home Movies, and his rock opera ambitions are the stuff of legend, so needless to say I needed to catch up on this show immediately. Thank goodness, cause it has become a staple of my Netflix watching, and has opened my world to so many wonders. Like Eugene Mirman’s standup, finding a soulmate in Linda, and the majesty that is Gene’s songwriting.

3. Doctor Who


I found Doctor Who during the Tennant era, so I was hella late. Like decades late, but I’m American so I guess I get a pass on that one:) Capaldi, you are my dark angel, please do not leave the Whoverse!

4. Fixer Upper


Chip and Joanna Gaines are the cutest freaking couple. Like to the point where it should make me sick, but instead I love them. Not sure how they pull their dark magic on me, but it definitely comes from the same place as their diamond in the rough home finding and fixing up abilities. I’ve been to their store, Magnolia, in Waco about a month ago and it was amazing. It was also super crazy packed even though it was a weekday, so happy for their success! Note: As you are winding your way through the crush of bodies oohing and aaaahing over the fab home decor, you may eventually need to use the ladies room. Do not wait for the long ass line for the inside one, there is a separate much larger one out of the store around the right side. And they have food trucks and the most adorable garden a bit right of that too, cause Joanna is brilliant and amazing. They are even unveiling a B&B soon in the area, and I can’t even deal with how much I want to live in it. Soooo pretty.

5. Key and Peele


This was a Hulu find like a couple seasons in. I like to find a funny show to watch as I cook dinner, and I had just finished Quick Draw (love that one so much!). Key and Peele popped up on my recommended feed, so I gave it a shot, and omg. So much amazeballs, and the perfect thing to get me happy in the transition from work to family time. My favorite skit is still their beautiful Les Mis parody, these guys really need to do a musical at some point.


8 thoughts on “5 Fandom Friday: Favorite Late To The Game TV Discoveries

  1. I’m with you on Parks and Rec! Such a fantastic show.

    And I’ll watch Fixer Upper whenever I get the chance. I didn’t know they had a store … I live in Austin, and occasionally go through Waco on trips north, so I’ll definitely have to do a pit stop some time.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ooh, I recommend it, and the show helps give a good idea about what value you can get for the Waco area housing prices, which really extends to alot of Texas. I was born in Austin, just moved to Georgetown cause Austin is crazy expensive for houses! I love it though, we have an Alamo Drafthouse close by thank goodness.


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