5 Fandom Friday: Favorite Ways to Netflix and Chill

My personal version of Netflix and Chill is more literal and less sexy. Netflix is my tool for everything from zoning out to holiday motivation, just not sexy-time. The chill out time before possible sexy-time maybe, but only as far as drinking a glass of wine and relaxing goes.

I have given some thought to how I Netflix and literally Chill, and here is the breakdown:

1. When working on some inane stuff from home and I need something on in the background to keep me sane. (Usually Parks and Recreation, Bob’s Burgers, or Supernatural)

I’m a multi-tasker.

2. When it’s any holiday and I need to put on all of the whatever that holiday is stuff I can find.

Why are there only Leap Year and The Quiet Man for St. Paddy’s Day, Netflix? Up your game!

3. A new stand up special or original show comes out and I needs to watch that! (John Mulaney’s The Comeback Kid, Jessica Jones, etc.)


And that’s about it actually.

4. I tend to use Hulu more for cooking accompaniment (Coupling, Difficult People, or Key and Peele).


5. My Amazon Instant Video library is for amping up my cleaning time (Spy, Legally Blonde, Despicable Me 2).

Best room cleaning scene ever:) #Sisters

I do want to learn to Netflix more efficiently, especially since their library is vast and their recommendations tend to miss the mark for me. So to address this, I have been combing through the list of secret codes for genres like Horror Comedy. Here is the link, scroll down to the Netflix Streaming by Type to get the really comprehensive code list.

Also, is it just me that wants to make a playlist of episodes not necessarily from the same show to play one after the other in seamless juxtaposition?

Example Play List:

  1. Purple Rain-Union : Bob’s Burgers
  2. Moody Foodie : Bob’s Burgers
  3. Dopplegangers : Parks and Rec
  4. Leslie and Ron : Parks and Rec
  5. The Kids Rob a Train : Bob’s Burgers
  6. Bed and Breakfast : Bob’s Burgers
  7. Flu Season 2 : Parks and Rec
  8. The Master Plan : Parks and Rec

Another thing that I really wish for is to be able to order pizza using Netflix. I believe that one day this will become a reality, because it just has to. Did anyone see the movie The Net back in the 90s, where she ordered pizza on her computer and it was the most incredible thing?!

I freaked out so hard when she picked all her toppings and crust for her pizza, and then paid for it online. This was obviously before becoming such an everyday normal thing to do, and to be honest we haven’t come much farther since. Why has our pizza ordering technology stalled? Why isn’t there a genre of pizza places, and then we click on the pizza we want, be it pepperoni or veggie light on the sauce, our Netflix account is charged and we get a pizza delivered? And Cheesy bread. And maybe some Diet Coke if we’re out. Ohhh, wine ordering added would be so fabulous, as long as I’m wishing.



4 thoughts on “5 Fandom Friday: Favorite Ways to Netflix and Chill

  1. I use Netflix for laundry day, or when there’s just nothing on teevee. Mean Girls was in my queue for the longest time, just for those occasions.

    If we could start ordering food from our Netflix accounts, that would be interesting. Especially if it recommended things for you, and you just ordered that way. Although, they never get my movie preferences correct, so I wonder what types of food they would pick for me……

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