Movie Marathon : New Years Eve

I have technically already started this marathon, but I needed to take the time to find the perfect gifs!

12:30 pm – Bridget Jones’ Diary ( Netflix )

anigif_enhanced-buzz-26783-1366016224-11Perfect timing Netflix, Renee Zellweger as Bridget is so very many of us this New Years.

2:30 pm – After the Thin Man ( Amazon, iTunes )


Nick and Nora Charles take on evil Jimmy Stewart as they celebrate the New Year.

4:30 pm – My Man Godfrey ( Amazon, iTunes )


Classic New Years comedy that is perfectly accompanied by champagne.

6:30 pm – When Harry Met Sally ( iTunes )


Getting closer to the countdown, time for the most magical of them all, and goes well with any kind of dinner or even just all of the cheese and crackers!

8:10 pm – The Apartment ( Amazon, iTunes )


Billy Wilder is at his sweetest here; one of the best romance flicks of all time.

10:30 pm – Bachelor Mother ( YouTube )


Saving my absolute favorite for last, you do not see a movie like this much anymore. Ginger Rogers and David Niven know how to bring in the New Year with class and a touch of slapstick comedy.



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