Lady Halloween Cosplay – Chanel Oberlin from Scream Queens

066f83f0863643120d806eb8cc7fa00fEarrings, Necklace, Purse, Shoes, Top, Shorts, Coat, Stockings

Chanel Oberlin is the lead Chanel and general queen of everything on Scream Queens. Is she scary, evil, and horrible in every way? Yes, certainly. Yet, there are some qualities about her than I can not help but admire. She is a freaking mastermind for one thing. For another, she seems to have certain codes of conduct that she does not pass. Are there many of those? No, but it still counts for something in this crazy world. I believe that she could be a very effective world leader one day, and she may even do more good than bad as such. Until the day where we all bask in the glory/bloodbath of her reign of this world, we can all find a slight amount of that joy in dressing up for Halloween as this most magnificent and stylish monster:)

161735c0-e09c-0132-464e-0ebc4eccb42f sign

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