5 Fandom Friday: Broadway Roles I’d Love To Play

Broadway meets 5 Fandom Friday this week in a topic via @n_williams316. Who does not love Broadway and or Musicals?! No one! They are flat out crazy expressions of love and loss through the magic of song and dance. Even creepy monsters get down with that jam.

1. Elizabeth – Young Frankenstein

Megan Mullally is a powerhouse and her role in Young Frankenstein is just one more way she is totally Madeline Kahn reincarnated. I do not care that Megan was born before Madeline passed, they are the spit and spirit of each other!

2. Victoria – Victor/Victoria

Julie Andrews is the bomb in Victor/Victoria, yo. She is the magic word.

3. Eponine – Les Miserables

As much as I feel for every single character in Les Mis, Eponine steals my heart.

4. Moritz Stiefel – Spring Awakening

When Moritz sings “Bitch of a Living” at the beginning of this fine piece of musical, I just completely connect with him.

5. Lorelei Lee – Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

I love that Megan Hilty is reprising this role on Broadway! For a great deal of my life ( adolescence went long for me ) I had the wrong idea about Lorelei Lee. I saw her as a gold digging bimbo and the classic movie her piece ‘de fluff. So wrong. Lorelei is sharp as a freaking shark made of blades, and her heart is fierce.


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