5 Fandom Friday: Crossovers That Would Cause My Heart to Explode

For this entry of 5 Fandom Friday, I have assembled some team-ups that would be interesting to see. Matches made from the strange instincts found deep in me bones.


anotherprideI have been watching the show Another Period with the intensity of a sense of humor starved. It is a beautiful, messed up satire with admittedly “no line”. In the eighth episode, there is a scene where the valet prepares to hang and kill a basket-full of puppies for a coat at the request of Lillian Bellacourt, a rich lady of the house. They are fluffy and adorable, and the tiny them sized nooses are equally cute somehow. Nothing horrid is shown, however later Lillian’s pampered dog is shown wearing the furs as a testament to crazy rich people. It is my favorite scene, and I have never laughed harder in my life. I share this example to make clear the kind of people the Bellacourt family is so that you have it firmly fixed in your mind when imagining them intermingling with Jane Austin characters. Do you have that picture in your mind? Isn’t it crazy beautiful?


nathbruceHello, you darling man creatures. By all means, continue to star in movies and tv shows as long as you possibly can. Just one request: Do one together! Please?


bobmitchSo, this summer Netflix released the prequel Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp. In the original H. Jon Benjamin voiced a can of vegetables. In the prequel, they amped that up to include his origin story as a man named Mitch and how he is not just a voice in the cooks’ head. It was fabulous, and a wondrous use of Benjamin’s talent. You know what is the next logical step for the Mitch storyline? Moving him into the Bob’s Burgers kitchen. Do it. Make Benjamin voiced characters talk to each other in ways which suggest going a bit batty. Bob has proven he is adorable in this state in an episode where he develops an interesting relationship with Louise’s nightlight Kuchi Kopi. Plus, I cannot imagine Archer interacting with a can of vegetables under any circumstances. It has to be Bob.


csherThree things made this melding a must for me:

  1. The Cluedo board stabbed to Sherlock’s wall.
  2. Picturing Benedict Cumberbatch and Tim Curry playing off each other.
  3. The look of Benedict in the Wedding episode when saying “Let’s play murder.”

sherYes, by all means, let’s play murder!


carterbillyPatton Oswalt and Hayley Atwell could make some beautiful episodes together. And why not? Just because their respective shows within the same universe are decades apart? Pish posh, I say! Sprinkle some storydust on Koenig, and suddenly his origin story is being told as a contemporary of Agent Carter.


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