5 Fandom Friday: Characters With My Favorite Fictional Fashion

For this 5 Fandom Friday, I am pulling an older topic that I did not have a chance to cover. There are so many shows out there with fashion and style which makes me want to live in their beautifully tricked out world. Give to me all of the wardrobes on this list, and I shall never have to brave the horrors of shopping ever again! Fun prompt from @1CuriousWriter:)

1. Peggy Carter from Agent Carter


Peggy wears her classic style like a boss!


2. Karen Page from Daredevil


Karen is a character in an incredible yet dark Marvel Comics adaptation who happens to dress like Grace Kelly. This makes me happy.


3. The Kingsmen from Kingsman: Secret Service


Kingsman is filled with old school charm and style! So gorgeous and well turned out.


4. Liv Moore from iZombie

Liv has the wardrobe that I most wish to steal! Everything looks so comfortable and at the same time perfectly pulled together.


5. Donna Meagle from Parks and Recreation


Donna is a goddess! She is Cleopatra come back to life, so bow to her!


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