5 Fandom Friday : Five Fictional Pets I’d Like To Adopt

This was an excellent topic for 5 Fandom Friday Via Sara Richey! As always, there were so many adorable fictional pets to choose from. Lookin at me with their sweet faces, makin me feel horrible when I inevitably can not pick them all. I’m sorry! I love you all so much, don’t look at me like that!

1. Gromit – Wallace and Gromit

tumblr_lotsqoPEg51qk4w17o1_500Gromit not only has more common sense than his owner, but the patience of a saint. Even when Wallace rents his room to an evil gem stealing penguin sometimes disguised as a chicken, Gromit will still save the day.


2. Archimedes – The Sword in the Stone

ArchimedesTwistHe’s so cranky and cute! And when he has a fit and flies into his birdhouse, ranting all the while, I just want to squeeze him!

3. The Cat – Red Dwarf

tumblr_n5r5rt7dtW1qh9bvro4_400Cat is a descendant of Lister’s cat Frankenstein. So he is more of a pet many times removed, however I am still counting him as one! He is such a sophisticated kitty cat.

4. Private – The Penguins of Madagascar

tumblr_ncvsq2gd1E1tylbsmo1_500Fear Private; he is the weapon of ultimate cuteness!

5. Dug – Up

UP-squirrel-dog-animated-gifDug is such a puddin! When will someone get around to inventing the Bark to English translator collar already?!


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