5 Fandom Friday – Five Spinoffs I’d Like To See Get Made

As always, the 5 Fandom prompt has made my Friday quite enjoyable. Well, it was more like the entire week to process the possibilities a bit at a time until coming to the final list. I really thought that it would be a simple thing to think of excellent spinoff ideas, but that was very misleading. There are untold amounts of shows out there to pull from, however most either have played out the interesting narratives already or are ones where I would rather they have a full on reboot. Here are my ideal spinoffs!

1. Madame Vastra, Jenny, and Strax from Doctor Who

doctor-who-deep-breath-strax-fallingThese three will never ever get old! They need their own show so everyone can finally get the amount of Vastra, Jenny, and Strax that they crave.

2. Malory Archer Prequel from Archer

maloryIt would be so fabulous to see a show centered on Malory in the actual Mad Men era, bringing her brand of lady power down like a Mjölnir hammer onto that time.

3. Felicity Smoak from Arrow

tumblr_inline_n8egpfaACf1ropjemFelicity needs her own show. I’m getting tired of what they are doing with her character on Arrow and she deserves much more room to fully develop.

4. Alpha from Dollhouse

c97eb3d195d76528bbefb03978e0c46bAlan Tudyk as Alpha was freaking amazing! I love every aspect of his character and a show based on the years skipped throughout Dollhouse and focused on what he was up to would be bitchin.

5. Castiel and Charlie from Supernatural

charlie-and-castiel-supernatural-season-10-episode-21These two are simply my favorites, and I would so watch a show about them. Really anything with these two actors together as well; I could eat them up they are so unbearably adorable!


15 thoughts on “5 Fandom Friday – Five Spinoffs I’d Like To See Get Made

  1. Love your Vastra/Jenny/Strax idea–Strax is probably my favorite thing to come out of the post-Tennant seasons (I miss Ten! :-P). That would definitely be fun to watch! 🙂

    I love your “Dollhouse” idea! That was SUCH a good show, and Alan Tudyk was AMAZING in it!! I definitely considered putting a “Dollhouse” spin-off (maybe from the perspective of another Dollhouse) on my list, but I must wasn’t as thrilled with the idea as I was some others–but one from Alpha’s perspective never occurred to me! I would definitely enjoy that series! 🙂

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